H&M Art Gallery and Framing in New York

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Phone: +1 212-831-9176
Site: https://hmartandhomedecor.busine...
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–5PM
  • Thursday:11AM–5PM
  • Friday:11AM–5PM
  • Saturday:11AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.6

38 Reviews for H&M Art Gallery and Framing 2023:

Review №1


The work is impeccable and professional, his work is worth every penny.My husband and myself have been doing business here for over 10 years hopefully for another 10 years and beyond, we love you Mr. Muhammad, thank you for everything youve done for us. From David and Devin! Keep on doing your thing.

Review №2


Went in only for an estimate and was so impressed by the service and pricing, I immediately left my print. Got it back the next day! Beautifully done and Mohammad’s recommendations were perfect for my 44” size print. Great family business will definitely be bringing them my next piece to frame.

Review №3


Mahmoud, the owner, is a professional! And friendly and fun at the same time. He made very good artistic design suggestions to our framing ideas, and was spot on with the frame and mat picks. We ended up raising the painting to create a shadow and giving a floating impression. Very high quality framing and well worth it for a Damien Hirst original. Highly recommend

Review №4


Got my first custom frame here for a map in 2015. The frame still looks beautiful to this day and is obvious it was handled by experts in the craft. The staff are knowledgeable and help you make the right choices in personalizing your frame. I am a return customer for custom frames which I intend to value and keep for a long time to come as the quality of work is superb and absolutely worth every penny, no doubt about it.

Review №5


Great Selection. Great Customer service. Very Warm Welcome from the Owner. Highly Recommend the Business to others.

Review №6


I had a very unpleasant experience at H&M recently. Upon picking up some frames and looking over what had been done with the owner, I pointed out some discrepancies between what was agreed upon and what had been done. Rather than talking it over in a civil way, the owner grew extremely agitated, started unpacking what had been framed, and insisted on returning the contents in a forceful manner. He actually started hollering at me in the store, with his face getting all red. So, yeah, not going back to that framer any time soon...I appreciate that this is a family-run business. They do a decent job. But their service is average, at best. The fact that they are the only framer in Harlem and East Harlem, as far as I can tell, certainly plays into their cards. Clearly, there is no real necessity to treat all customers with respect when there are enough others around.By the way, in case you are looking to receive an email or text when your job is done, think again. The centerpiece of this business is a binder full of paper invoices. Every time you pick something up, you must present your invoice number so they can flip, flip, flip through their big binder and to search for the appropriate invoice. Seriously? How is this the only framer in Harlem??

Review №7


The final product was beyond what I thought I would receive. Absolutely AWESOME!!! I would recommend H&M Art Gallery & Framing to anyone who wants high quality framing work which increases the value of your art piece. Magnifique!!!

Review №8


This is art gallery/store has exquisite pieces reasonably priced. The owner is professional and a man of integrity. Jobs are completed on time and done superbly with excellence. Finished projects are superior and second to none! I will definitely return and spread the good word that I would recommend without reservation or hesitation H & M Art and Home Decorations.

Review №9


Amazing quality for the lowest price I have been able to locate anywhere in the country. Very friendly and accommodating staff.Beside selling art, they make frames and sell furniture for great prices from the catalog.They have their own workshop in their 3000 Sq Ft basement where they make the frames. They use state of the art equipment. Their computerized mat cutting machine enables them to cut any shape mat you may need.They do wholesale and retail both in art and framing.I personally witnessed them receiving one truckload of Michelangelo picture frame mouldings to be custom cut and joined to the liking of their clients.Clients are treated like family in this place.I highly recommend this place to both retail and wholesale customers!

Review №10


Great experience getting a painting framed! Great price and quick, quality work.