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Phone: +1 855-466-7467
Site: https://www2.hm.com/en_us/index....
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–11PM
  • Thursday:9AM–11PM
  • Friday:9AM–11PM
  • Saturday:10AM–11PM
  • Sunday:9AM–11PM
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Total reviews rating 4.3

199 Reviews for H&M 2023:

Review №1


If you become an h&m member with an email ID in store, you get an extra 10% discount on your first purchase with that email ID.Good number of fashionable options at a great location with 4 floors of clothing and accessories at prices that are very friendly to the pocket.You can also pick up online orders here which is quite convenient if you know your sizes. They also have a 30 day return window.

Review №2


I have always enjoyed coming to this particular H&M store. Its in a fantastic location (right next to the subway entrance and exit). Its a huge space, with lots of open space and great lighting. I shopped at this H&M many times pre-pandemic and it was always well organized clean and very well stocked-- this still seems to be the case now.The only concern Ive had in the past is that the wait for the cashiers and the changing room was rather long--but even then it was a relatively positive be experience.

Review №3


This store has all the nicest clothes, very trendy and organized. The store is very different then any other H&M Ive been to, its very spacious. All of the staff was very friendly and helpful the female cashier were extremely pleasant....

Review №4


Always the best place for inexpensive clothes and great deals!!! This time I checked the maternity department on the third floor and they had so many good items on sale!!! I got 4 pants and 2 sweaters for $60!!! Considering you won’t wear these clothes for long it is really perfect!!!I also stopped by at the kid’s section...omg...just overwhelming with so many cute and super funny outfits! I will definitely come back!!! And I did already lolOnly remark about not having a preferential lane for pregnant women...

Review №5


Assistant were incredibly rude and didn’t let me into the dressing room!Today I went to shopping to this H&M with my friend. When my friend was trying on clothes, I went to her dressing room to fix my outfit.Because I am a foreigner and English is not my first language, I didnt immediately hear that the consultant is asking me to leave the fitting room.As soon as I heard that request, I said I’d come out as soon as I got dressed, which is what I actually did.After that, I was waiting for my friend near her fitting room. As I was helping her to button up her dress, the consultant came to me asking me to leave the dressing room at all and to wait at the entrance. On my why? question, I heard I was violating their company’s policy and she was threatening to get me out of here with security. I got out, but that’s not the end of the story.After a while, when I wanted to try on some things, the consultant who kicked me out of the fitting room said that I cant go into the fitting room because I dont respect the organization’s policy and was rude to employees. She also added that she is not interested in how I will determine the size of the things I choose. I doubt that not letting me into the dressing room was also reasoned by the organization’s rules. Rather, it was a personal wish of this unprofessional assistant.I have been to many H&Ms in European countries and have never seen or heard of such a nuance of the organization’s policy. In none of the German, Austrian, Polish and Ukrainian H&Ms I was never reproached for such. But even if American H&M has another policy and you are so principled about your clients not to be in the dressing room if they have nothing to try on from your product, you can report it more politely, without rudeness or threats.I also find it unacceptable for staff to point out the attitude of their clients. And I find it even more unacceptable not to let customers into the dressing room because of their bad attitude. I’m not sticking to the phrase the client is always right, but I don’t see my fault for not leaving the fitting room 0.000001 seconds after I was first asked and I really cant see any rude attitude to H&M employees in asking assistant to explain why cant I stand near the fitting room to help my friend.This story upset me a lot and spoiled my opinion about H&M.

Review №6


Dressing room staff is incredibly rude and uninterested in help you. But the very second you try to support a partner by coming into the dressing room. (For personal reasons) They are super quick to complain.If that is H&Ms official corporate policy, this will be my last time shopping with H&M.

Review №7


Its H&M. Cheap, fast-fashion goods. The quality of some of their clothes is pretty bad, worse than I remember. This particular H&M location was nice with multiple floors of womens, mens and home goods.

Review №8


Went to this location after work today and had a terrible experience. I could have given 0 star if I could. The sales girl was extremely rude and racist towards me. I couldnt catch her name but she was a short black girl. It was around 3:40pm to be time specific. I had accidentally picked a wrong size pant which I realized it after a while. As soon as I realized it, I hung it on the hanger nicely and placed it close to where I initially took it from. Right after this, I heard a girl behind me yelling. She was a sales girl, she literally made a scene and commanded me to put it where it belongs in a condescending way. She didnt have to yell at me like that, its her job. She gets paid for that. She should not be working as a sales clerk, and she is not going to get anywhere with that attitude.Fix your attitude if you are reading this!!!

Review №9


9.24.17 - Large location with well kept and stocked merchandise. The fitting rooms can get crowded and a line can form, but it generally moves fast.The store is located across the street from Macys in Herald Square. On a Sunday late afternoon it wasnt crowded, but early evening it seemed to get really busy.Customer service is hit or miss, but in generally You should be able to find your size because its well stocked.

Review №10


I had a very bad experience with the manager and the cashier, when I arrived to return one of the shoes that I bought yesterday, she refused because the shoes did not have the tags, although I showed her the receipt that I bought yesterday, she did not want to change them or return the money, because the shoe that I gave her had another size number, they were 39 and I am 38 with reason they did not serve me the shoes because they were not my size and on the receipt they noted that they were 38, incredible I have always bought many stores and that had never happened to me, when I return an item they always take the receipt and sometimes not because the manager knows that they are articles of their company, it is incredible that this happened to me and I did not even wear the shoes I lost my money, for a their mistake with the labels, we all make mistakes we are human but it is incredible that they did not accept a mistake from them

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