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Phone: +1 833-790-6746
Site: https://www.heatherwoodhouseatoa...
Opening hours
  • Monday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4

17 Reviews for Heatherwood House at Oakdale 2023:

Review №1


I have lived in Heatherwood House in oakdale with my kids for several years. The Super (John) is a valuable asset to this community, he is knowledgable, efficient, and very helpful. I am so appreciative for all his help The Maintainance staff Dave, Ray, Santo they are all efficient and helpful and i deeply appreciate their help too. The corporate Staff, Zenia, are all very efficient and helpful. She really knows how to get things accomplished. Danny the leasing agent is very helpful and approachable, he answers my emails and addresses my questions. When i was very sick, the entire staff was very supportive during that difficult time. When i was injured the entire staff here at Heatherwood was very helpful and supportive during that difficult time. I cannot think of a better place to live. I do not think in any other apartment complex would there be such efficiency. The grounds here are kept very well and when it snows the plows are there to remove the snow immediately. never did i have a hazard of falling in the snow here. I am very happy here and reccommend that people do come here to rent. I have checked other apartment complexes and none really compare to how it is here, either the leasing agent was unavailable or the staff was scarce, or i heard tenants say good luck trying to get someone here to fix things here at heatherwood rentals there is NONE of that here, everything is handled efficiently by the entire maintainance staff, the leasing agent is accessible to contact. it is just overall so efficient! I am very appreciative of all that was done for me here and how helpful everyone is here.and i still am impressed and grateful for how efficient management is!!

Review №2


What a nightmare.Management outright refuses to take action against tenants that pollute the property with second-hand smoke, which is a violation of the rental agreement as well as New York Realty and Suffolk County law. I have tried to reason with them, but I have failed. When pressed for details of promised corrective action(s), Management has provided none. Furthermore, they have blame-shifted the responsibility to me, a new tenant that has lived at this property for less than a month, to investigate this matter, as if I was in any way responsible. Now, all of my belongings smell like I smoke 2-3 packs/day (I dont smoke), and Im starting to lose my sense of taste and smell to say nothing of my nauseating headaches. This location has been marketed as a luxury apartment complex but smells like my dads 20 year-old plastic ashtray.I am embarrassed to say that this is the most I have ever paid in monthly rent in my entire life, and I have lived in New York City and abroad.

Review №3


We moved here in November & i absolutely love it here! Its a small, quiet community & i couldnt be more grateful to have such wonderful neighbors. Staff is efficient, fast & keeps us safe! Grounds are always clean & we enjoy bringing the kiddo to play at the playground or play ball on the field next to it. We most definitely plan to stay a while 😊 thank you Heatherwood!!

Review №4


The maintenance staff is amazing, John and Raymond are both very friendly and go above and beyond. All jobs are completed quickly.The neighbors are great and all of the common areas are very well kept and clean.Why not 5 stars? For a one bedroom apartment paying just under $1,800 per month in rent...have tried to talk to the leasing office on the last few renewals to see what can be done and get the same response each time, to write a letter to the board and they will review. I’ve written the board on two different renewal terms and they don’t respond directly but rather the leasing office called me back and says the board says nothing can be done. I’ve asked for a response in writing from the board or to talk to them directly and was advised that is not their process.

Review №5


Excellent customer service. I spoke with Ryann. She was courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable. It was a very pleasant experience.

Review №6


When I have issues with the apartment, it is addressed immediately. The super, John, is absolutely the best.

Review №7


The staff here at Heatherwood in Oakdale is excellent. The grounds are clean, the crew is very quick to resolve any issues that may arise, and they are very easy to contact when needed.I am so thankful to be in such a well maintained community with an amazing staff!

Review №8


**Stay away From this place**This apartment company is a nightmare. I have stayed at multiple apartments but this place is the worst.1. They committed me a place at Ronkonkoma - made me fill out all documents and Fedex overnight (Otherwise they wont give it to me) and all the advance payments. 5 days before my move from Boston, they informed that the apartment is not available anymore as the current resident decided to stay back for few more days. Can you imagine the professionalism here.2. I had to join my new company on a specific date, and had no time to search for a new place - they said theres a 1BHK available at Oakdale. I was trapped and had no other options so took the place.Note: This place has no facilities - no gym no pool no indoor activity area and u have to drive to get access to these facilities. (Except kids park)3. I stayed back 2 years at this place - and finally got out. Cleaned everything to my best abilities. They deducted freaking $900 from the deposit amount. Whats the expectation - you leave no trace of living in the apartment when you move out. I am so so upset.So I would say, save yourself and stay away...

Review №9


I want to personally thank John for being so efficient and professional. He is always so thorough with follow through communication. Santo did an amazing job today. He was very dedicated and did the work very well. He also helped me bring the mail to me which I was so grateful All the Maintainance staff (John, Ray, David and Santo). They are all very good and helpful. Very supportive especially now when I’m recuperating from a very tough injury 5 stars all the way! Thank you from the depth of my heart and soul

Review №10


I have been living here at the Oakdale Bohemia apartment complex for over three years now. They have no patience towards late fees and if you have contacted them that your late on your payment due to a situation that occurred in your family they jump quick to charge you attorney fees, late fees, and court fees. If you request for fee waiver on late fee they say they mailed to the Board of directors and waiting for reply, which means never happening. I guess at work or anywhere if anyone calls for a charge waived we gotta call the CEO to remove it. Ridiculous. Before the month rent is due its already increases and is posted on the account a month early. They say they gave you three day notice. When actually they throw the three notices at one time thru the door, which is funny. Shows sign of laziness but then they quick to charge attorney fees on account when you received no notice from attorney but instead the head of leasing. Before I moved in was told all appliances stainless and its been three years now and I keep seeing my rent go up but no stainless steel appliances, no balcony. I keep my windows closed but see bugs coming thru the AC and the window holes. People smoke infront of the doors not realizing someone next door could be allergic to cigarette smell or asthmatic. The funniest is you call to report cigarettes smoking in public property and they call your neighbors and tell them this apartment complained on you. This place doesn’t realize that someone from the town could be living here and they wouldn’t even know till they got a billion tickets. The owner Donald Patrick doesn’t care how the reviews of his properties are. Look at each Heatherwoods location bad reviews are posting. Your first few months will start of good and after that it’s downhill at their locations. I have kept the place in mint condition and always pay my dues but this place has no lenience towards the fees or anything. I myself do property management on side and know how to deal with tenants and etc and laws associated to rental within New York. Their is a saying if someone is paying their dues and is keeping your place better than how you gave them, their should be some form of courtesy towards them in times of trouble especially if they paying rent and not jipping money from you. I got this place for long term but this is last year will be living here for sure. I even asked that I want to speak to the landlord and was told I cant and landlord said not to come to him with such issues. Then my question is what kind of a landlord are you that you dont have time for the people you rent property out to. I have called so many times about rent increase, bug issue, smoking issue on premises, and about fees being assessed and nothing seems to be ever be done about it and never can speak or get in touch with landlord. All I hear from these people is pay rent that’s it. I guess these people only care about money, which explains why they have over 100 negative reviews on yelp and google. Their responses to people if anyone has ever noticed is a copy paste of the same response on each review. Maybe thats why I have only seen people who are recieving social security, housing money or divorce money stay here for more than a year and others tend to move out after living here for a year for how bad of a service they have and each year rent is increased by $50 or more and they keep changing the rent agreement to put all fingers on tenant so the landlord has no fees or nothing to worry about. Only have 5 laundry machines and 5 dryers, which are occupied 90% of the time. The machines are filled with dog or cat hair. This place does not have any amenities like gym, pool and ietc., as shown on website. It doesnt have stainless steel appliances in any of the apartments. Just a small play ground for kids. As you walk in parking lot, you can smells drugs in the area after sunset and no one does anything about it. Not a place for people that are family orientated or professional.

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