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Total reviews rating 4.2

40 Reviews for Hermes International Movers 2023:

Review №1


This company is the best. Great people, made everything easy and fast for me i was in and out in less then 5 mins and all my stuff got to Greece without a problem. just as they told me i didnt have to pay anything when my family got the package which was what i was most worried about.So far i have used there service twice both times everything went great and i will be using them again when i need to send some stuff.

Review №2


I am very disappointed in this business. My grandfather shipped me olive oil from Greece. It came in during the pandemic to the warehouse. I live in CT and was not going to travel to New York to pick it up. I was asked to pick it up and if not then I would’ve charged a storage fee. I was upset bc I was not purposely leaving it there. I just couldn’t travel to New York with the current pandemic. They charged me 150.00 to ship my olive oil. They used UPS to ship it. There was a big problem with the order and the tracking. I called several times and they couldn’t give me any answers. Every time I called they told me someone would call me back. And no one ever did. They only returned my call back once. Now UPS has lost my package. And Hermes did not answer the questions UPS wanted answered. So they closed the investigation for my package. I am extremely upset bc I wanted my olive oil and now it is gone. And I still have not been reimbursed for my shipping nor had anyone contacted me about what will happen. I am so disappointed. I rushed to have my package shipped bc they said they were going to start charging me the storage fee. And being out of work I couldn’t afford it.

Review №3


I was concerned that my stuff would never make it from Brooklyn to Athens. But it did! There was about a week delay from when I was told it would arrive, but it was my household, so I figured all that stuff does take a minute to get shipped; it didnt bother me so much.The pick up on the Brooklyn end was smooth, and the Athens end, just as. Really, I was surprised by how easy this all was. Eddie Perez, my contact, was absolutely amazing and helpful in so many ways. Plus hes learned Greek! Not sure how the pricing compares with other companies. I did a bit of research and it seemed all the same. It was pricey for me (Im poor), but it was great to get my stuff.

Review №4


This company is the best i wouldnt ship my valuables with any one else. they took great care of my stuff, let me know everything i needed to know and told me how i can safe money on my move. the best thing is that everything went just how they told me it was going to be. Peace of mind is priceless, they really went the extra mile for me. keep up the good work.

Review №5


Love this company!!! Definitely will ship again. The person I spoke with took their time with me in understanding exactly what I wanted and where I needed to ship. I gladly can say nothing was broken, everything was wrapped tightly and I got my things on time. Thank you Hermes.

Review №6


I like this company they make it easy for me to ship my stuff. there was no problems when i went to pick up my stuff. And i didnt have to pay anything to pick up just like they said. Thank you again Hermes see you next year.

Review №7


I have to say this is a very good company. i been moving my stuff back and forth from Greece to the US for years with this company. Never no problems and always get everything i shipped. they have really good rates too.

Review №8


Stay Away. These people lack basic skills of social conduct. Being rude is a nice way of putting it. They DO NOT care about their customers and that is obvious with their we dont see you in the system, must be someone else reply. zero accountability even for their own mistakes. You have been warned

Review №9


I got a letter from this company stating my things have arrived (sent in early Feb 2018 from Greece) one can. I got their mail in June 2018. On the paper it CLEARLY stated $0.00 COD Total Cost: $0.00. Then Door to door fees: $0.00, then charges to pickup it/them up from our warehouse are: $0.00 and includes: Terminal Handling Charges, Inspection Fees, Transportation From the Port to our Warehouse, Container Unloading And & Free Storage For Up To 4 Weeks For Olive Oil, 2 Weeks for Personal Effects and Household Goods and 1 Week for Automobiles; After Which Period Storage Charges Will Incur. (then their address/telephone/website...) So I called to verify, told same (nothing to pickup. I called the local office (*to make sure they were open) and then took the 2hr drive to get there. I get there and Gary Boston was pleasant, yet determined to charge me $25.00 to pickup. I go fetch their paper (he didnt believe me), show him, He calls his boss who backs him up. I tell him Inform him Ill pay to not create problems, but that is unethical, bad business, and very terrible to charge when you dont inform someone of your charges and let them know! On my long drive home, I called the main office, spoke to another nice person named Tiffany, gave her the scoop, and she tried reaching out to the boss with no avail. I not only expect a refund, but Im mad at the bait-switch tactic this company used on me (and must be many others) and confused how they are still in business. I read another comment of how they operate like they are in Greece 50 years ago and I chuckled, but somehow agree on many levels. I will include their form for people to check out and be aware of. NO EXCUSES FOR THIS NONSENSE>>> The reason I was soo mad myself was I had 50 bucks on me put 25 in gas and saved 25 for some food on the trip back which I couldnt have due to this event that makes me even more mad. Also NOBODY called me back to address my concerns. (Bet you didnt guess that) :) Id recommend Mikes Movers, they are reputable and I use them for outgoing shipments. I had no choice here for incoming shipment.

Review №10


Hermès moved us to Greece back in 2009! Our whole household in a 12 feet container! And our car separately! This is a great company! We received the container in less than 2 months in Thessaloniki, Greece! No damages at all ! The container came at our new home and we were able to unload it with no problems! Our car came to Athens in 3 weeks! Not even a scratch! I will suggest Hermès moving company to anyone that is looking for a professional, trustworthy and reliable company!Thank you for an excellent experience!

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