HOKA Store Flat Iron, NYC in New York

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Phone: +1 347-983-5020
Site: https://www.hoka.com/en/us
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–7PM
  • Saturday:10AM–7PM
  • Sunday:11AM–6PM
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Total reviews rating 3.7

69 Reviews for HOKA Store Flat Iron, NYC 2023:

Review №1


Great brand horrible customer service, would prefer to purchase online or through another retailer. Seemed like it was painful for the salesperson to help me. I asked for a shoe size it took 15-20 minutes for him to check inventory... meanwhile other customers who asked for assistance after me received their item quicker. Management needs to readjust who they hire!

Review №2


Just opened. Very busy. Team is knowledgeable and want to find you the right option - but not pushy! Associates seem to multi task well. Professional.

Review №3


The initial guy who assisted me wasn’t really that helpful. He gave recommendations but wasn’t really accommodating. I left and checked other stores.I came back to check on the Arahi 6 again, but one of the sales ladies (who was busy with other clients) took initiative to assist me properly. She gave further recommendations and got the sizes I requested. I initially planned on buying one pair but ended buying 2 pairs (Arahi 6 and Gaviota 3) because she and the other guy who helped in assisting were upselling them to me.It is my first time owning Hoka shoes and I am very pleased with their recommendations.P.S. They need to retrain most of the salespersons, though. Some aren’t really good with upselling their items.

Review №4


Loved this store! I went in looking for a new pair of running shoes that were lightweight. I ended up getting two Arahi 5’s one for me and one for my husband! Best shoes ever!

Review №5


The staff werent super friendly or anything but they werent mean neither. No1 asked Id I needed help and when I did I had to address them as they were in middle conversations with one another. I really like the sneakers I purchased. I was first skeptical and wasnt to sure if I would actually like them overall but I do and I plan on buying another pair.

Review №6


Store wasnt staffed enough to handle 4 customers in there at once. Dress very well if you want their attention; I didnt get any. Go to the New Balance store nearby, salesperson there was amazing and got me in some plenty squishy kicks.

Review №7


Husband & son were helped by Layla and another gentleman. Both were patient and helpful. The store was crowded at around 6 pm Monday but everyone seemed to be helped quickly. The inventory was pretty good just couldn’t get a particular color in size 9.5W. Bought 2 pair sneakers and will come back. Hoka’s helped heal both my sister and my plantar fasciitis so I’m a walking advertisement for Hoka’s support and comfort.

Review №8


Nobody helps you. They just stand there and stare at you while you figure out the shoes. Also, whoever designed this store did a terrible job at it! Customers can’t even reach the shoes on the higher shelves (they won’t help you get them down anyway). And they have another shelf with shoes on it that cannot be accessed because a table and seating is placed right in front of it (?!) People were sitting and trying on shoes while I stared at the shelf behind them not being able to access those shoes. Do better!

Review №9


What a sad experience but HOKA dont care!Been wanting to buy a pair of these sneakers for a while. After visiting Hoka website, I felt excited and motivated to go buy my first pair.When entered the Flat Iron store in NYC around 6pm yesterday evening, I was not greeted or offered assistance. Mind you - I do not know anything about this companys shoes but I believe in importance of customer service.I walked up to an employee who SEEMED to work there. He i told him i dont know anything about HOKA shoes and needed assistance. He said anyone there could help me so i asked him. Clearly he was just a salesperson who doesnt know anything about the companys shoeline and is definately not a runner. After he pointed out the shoes I picked up one in general and asked for my two usual sizes and he called someone to retrieve it. The was a color I liked and when i looked at the shoe in the box i asked the retriever what happen to the shoe color I selected he asked the salesperson. The salesperson obviously didnt know the different shoes Hoka sales but replied I thought that was the shoe you asked for I figure Hoka employs salespeople to guess what the customer likes. Then when the retriever returned with the next shoes he brought me a size two sizes bigger. I just laughed and walked out.Nearby Nike and New Balance store offers better customer service. If they dont have your shoe size in-store they will order it and expedite shipping to you. They understand customer service where HOKA Store Flat Iron, NYC does not.My friend so happened to call me and informed to walk a few blocks to JackRabbits/FleetFeet on 14st. The ady who attented me was very courteous and knowledgeable about their stores inventory. She brought me the only HOKA Arahi 6 they had in my size. Although the store didnt have a variety of colors in my shoe size, they were polite and helpful. Retailers understand the importance of customer service where HOKA Store Flat Iron, NYC DOES NOT!

Review №10


What a horrible experience. I wanted to buy myself a couple of running shirts and shorts. Because I was not sure about the size of the shorts I asked for a fitting room. The girl went with me to the employees toilet and told me I could try the stuff there. The toilet was completely filthy and dirty and I was totally shocked. My wife couldn’t believe it either and we left immediately.I still can’t believe what happened…..