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Phone: +1 212-722-8306
Site: https://www.housingworks.org/loc...
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:12–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

47 Reviews for Housing Works Thrift Shop - Yorkville 2023:

Review №1


I had some time to kill before dinner and popped into the shop to browse. There were amazing deals on brand new swimsuits (got a 2 piece bikini for $5!), a really cute french connection dress, and the best purchase: a pair of plain black skinny jeans that fit perfectly for $15. Its a small shop but the selection is quite decent and the merchandise is in excellent condition, if not new. Super friendly staff and happy the purchases go to a good cause. Great random find in UES!

Review №2


Housing Works is a pretty much local and its over here they have a few of them different areas is a thrift store that people donate stuff some stuff they have in the window its a for auction I highly recommend placing a bid take your time and look around and they have a little bit of everything for everyone if youre looking for a deal or something you know whatever just come on and look around you can find everything its its wonderful I mean you can find brand new stuff at times everything from hats to to records I highly recommend you come in and please take your time look around and let them know that Eddie said hello anyway I give it two thumbs up you dont look around look in the window the window has some auctions always wonderful stuff but anyway take your time have a great day please hit that like button and continue to look at my pictures and subscribe and like thank you have a great day bye

Review №3


Sometimes you can find some really great quality furniture and housing decor here for good prices. The clothing seems to be geared towards older people. I found these Ikea bar stools for $30 each.

Review №4


This is a great place to drop off your used items. I always come here and donate as much as I can. The money goes to an amazing cause. Donate here, and shop here!

Review №5


Got a really cool Off White flannel from here. Along with that anytime I have gone in they have a variety of high end designer items and they are always in very good condition. If you are someone like me and love name brand clothing but do not always have the money to spend it, definitely check out this housing works thrift shop on the upper east side to see what they have that is somewhat used but not too badly.

Review №6


Im a big fan of Housing Works and stop by whenever Im in the Upper East Side to see what new items theyve acquired. There are several locations in the city. Its a good spot for seeking out used books. I also like to view their furniture, glassware, and auction windows. Also a good place to donate most items (theyll provide the tax deduction form). All for a good cause.

Review №7


There is not much in this store but what they have is pretty good. There was a nice Asian-style cabinet for $90 and some good clothing items. They are not exactly cheap but theyre reasonable enough. I collect brown transferware and I got three small plates for $2 each. They arent the best but at that price I cant complain. I dont know that Id bother visiting unless I was in the vicinity, but if you are its worth a look. Very clean too.

Review №8


An amazing thrift store. Noticed it in passing and went by the next day. Great selection of fine, great condition items. Helpful staff and well organized. Prices reflect quality of items. Not a cheap thrifting spot, but you’ll find good deals.

Review №9


There is a lot of stuff here. Most clothes are from more expensive brands than other thrift stores in the area. The downside is that this usually leads to higher prices than other thrift stores. That being said, there are tons of steals to be had here. Also, housing works has some of the best furniture!Also, I appreciate their mission.

Review №10


Whoever does these front window displays deserves allllll the praise!!!! They’re so beautiful. Every. Single. Time!!!!

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