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Phone: +1 212-860-2543
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–7PM
  • Thursday:9AM–7PM
  • Friday:9AM–7PM
  • Saturday:9AM–7PM
  • Sunday:11AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4

89 Reviews for Ideal Pet Warehouse Ltd 2023:

Review №1


This is a family owned business that has been around for many years in this neighborhood and for most part definitely remember their customers it’s my favorite pet shop as I got many variety of animals myself from snakes,dogs ,fish,cats,turtles and beardiesThis shop has many options on pets and their needs. From wee wee pads to live animals and all food that your cats ,dog,fish or reptiles may need. If your not sure just ask and they definitely do their best to make sure you leave with a smile. Thanks again Brianna and junior you were awesome. Your customer service skills was on point just like the rest of your family.

Review №2


GREAT PET STORE!! They have tons of options and the staff is always super friendly and helpful. They know my pets names and know my order. Theyhave great bulk discounts that rival some of the bigger online retailers. The space might be small but they make great use of every inch of space and offer a TON of products (both name Brands and some specialty products for anything yourpet may need). I would definitely recommend this place if you love your pet and are always looking for good products for them!

Review №3


They always have what we are looking for. We ask questions and the owner has a wealth of info for all our pets from the dog to the turtle and the lizards.

Review №4


This Doctor is always so detailed about how he handles and care for my animals he thoroughly checks them and listens to me describe what is going on with my pets and based on what he see and and test results hes always dont his best to get my little ones back to health I thank God for this kind and Gentle Doctor.. Thanks Doc.

Review №5


Very good quality of animals, Im here every week for mice and lizard food

Review №6


Ideal Pet Warehouse is a neighborhood treasure. They have everything a pet store would have, plus a good selection of odds and ends that a pet owner occasionally needs and you cant find elsewhere. The staff is friendly and helpful. The prices are just right for a neighborhood store.

Review №7


Great location I was going all the way to Brooklyn couldnt find a pet store nowhere now I found a convenient one right there on 116th Street. Has a very good supply of everything and the owners are very nice person..😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😁😁😁😁

Review №8


This place is 1 half the price of your average vet and the doctor genuinely knows what hes doing and wont try to take you to the bank. The place has a long wait time but is walk-in without having to make an appointment. Closed on wed and sun. Advice. Arrive 15 min before 5 am to make sure you are one of the first online. Bring any supporting or historical medical records for your pet with you.

Review №9


This location is the worst by far worst place to enter be aware of how you are treated and greeted and dont get upset if I didnt tell you so but the service u will get is really really of the best example I can give u is recent customer purchased pet food item that was sold expired only to be told not to get a refund!! As a witness I went to go buy bait for fishing with a buddy of mines.we asked for fresh bunkers the man returned with frozen bunkers stating it is fresh when it was frozen solid when we refused to buy the purchased item the man in encounter older gentleman started screaming and cursing saying u going to take this item because Im not going back to put this away.we waited in the line with few other people only to be told our money is not going to be refunded because we wasnt vocal about it which was a lie .we never asked for frozen we asked for fresh bunkers.they have only frozen nothing fresh and usually these frozen items are more then 3 months old.Majority of the time they claim it is fresh but the truth is each and everyone that goes to buy the bait states it is decomposed old bait.

Review №10


I love going to ideal pets!!! The Mom and Pop atmosphere!-The knowledge the patience and the willingness to always always listen and give me guidance with my pets its a blessing! I recently traveled with my the turtles and was given directives on how to moisten cardboard or newspaper to transport them. My babies made it on a13 hour journey! Just fine. Im so grateful! Thank You for being a great place to service the pets and pet patents like me in the community!!!

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