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Total reviews rating 3.8

14 Reviews for Institute of Audio Research 2023:

Review №1


The building no longer exists!! They tore it down brick by brick! I walked past it today and it’s gone!

Review №2


Honestly wish I could give this place zero stars, they feed you lies so that youll sign up they target poor people who need to used the financial backing from student loans. They do not offer any type of re enrollment seriously ruined my life. I was technically kicked out because I was late to classes because I live in south Brooklyn and trains would be jammed up during rush hour. Staff is a joke a whole bunch of washed up individuals who are seriously on the same path you are attending that school. The best bet for you is to just move to New York if you are not from here. Get a decent job at any food establishment or bar make some friends and keep working on your musical career you have a better chance of making connections that way. And you wont have to get jerked over thousands of dollars to attend some fake school

Review №3


Changed my life schedule to attend this school, come to find out they are closing. Now researching another school is in effect a long with changing my life schedule again. Waited 2 years to attend IAR because life throws you lemons, now to make juice... wish this school can stay open!

Review №4


I went to IAR awhile back. Had to Google for address for background check n saw 1st review was negative. Idk whats going on there now, but this school changed my life. Changed me. My teachers? Phenomenal. True life stories that had the whole class completely engaged...learning to solder? I was one of FOUR girls in my class n graduated top 5 out of all boys...I was really proud of myself, my fam n friends too. I wish it was longer. I didnt want it to end. Im quite positive our graduation party at a bar near alphabet city went down in the record books....the teachers even showed up. Mario, Dan....those guys were legendary! I am a singer and an actress....who wanted to learn how it all went down on the other side of the booth...and I came out a recording who this day, from memory, can still tell you that a COMB harmonically related cancelations and reductions in short delay combinations ;-)

Review №5


I attended the Audio Recording Program at IAR in 2015 and absolutely loved my time here! It’s an understatement when I say I came here with zero experience as the students next to me had to teach me how to turn on a MAC first day of class (Im in my 20s, not a senior). The school offers three different schedules to choose from at the beginning of the program which is great for people who work full-time. With IAR you are getting a ton of experience, information, and skills in a SHORT period of time. This is a blessing if you’re itching to jump into the work field as soon as possible. As a proud computer illiterate, I quickly learned how to multitask with using quick key commands, learned how to professionally operate a studio, record, mix, and master songs, and build audio cables. In the beginning, I was a bit intimidated knowing I may not be on the same level as other students but the teachers were all amazing and didn’t mind spending extra time helping out in the labs or giving advice on the audio world overall. Thanks to career services, I jumped on the first opportunity that was available and in just a few months my internship turned into a paying job in live sound at an incredible venue. I got to work on stage and behind a console with amazing bands and artists such as Los Lobos, Vanessa Carlton, Sara Bareilles, Lucinda Williams, John Mayall, The Animals, and many, many more. Attending IAR honestly changed my life in more ways than expected.

Review №6


I give professors a 5 star rating, graduated about 2 years ago. The reason why i give 3 stars is because the lack of knowledge an the actual practical part of using equipment was very poor. Never showed us how to actually hook up equipment for example, a patchbay yes they showed us how to use a patchbay but they did not show us how to hook one up. Many things like, In the control room we learned a lot but we didn’t really learned anything in depth of how things really are hooked up they showed us how to use a mixing board but not how to hook it up. If you graduate from school you expect to know how to hook an equipment up not just how to use it. Also speakers we didn’t really dive into them and how to hook them up at all. The school needs more equipment and more room to be able to demonstrate the students how the equipments are hooked up. The teachers were amazing and were the only real source of knowledge from this school point blank period.

Review №7


I am a graduate and having a diploma from IAR helped me get lots of great gigs in film, television and music production. IAR is very highly respected in these industries. I LOVE NYC !!!

Review №8


The school is good but you can learn everything i learn at home since i knew most of the stuff i learned in this school by just reading manuals i actually wanted the certificates to hang on the wall

Review №9


Very disappointed with my experience. Very unreliable documented experiences with clerical staff, very delayed with handling of important paperwork. In retrospect Wish I used thousands of dollars to attend a different school.

Review №10


Love the school.....learned a lot from the music business

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