iTalkBB Flushing Flagship Store in Flushing

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Phone: +1 718-888-0068
Opening hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–7:30PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–7:30PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–7:30PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–7:30PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday:8:30AM–7:30PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

27 Reviews for iTalkBB Flushing Flagship Store 2023:

Review №1


I have been using their mobile service for over 6 months. So far, it saves me a lot. The monthly plan is very cheap, good data plan, and stable signal. Especially impressed by their customer service. I got a lot of questions at first before making a purchase, but the staff in the store were very friendly, and tried their best to solve my problems. Nice experience!

Review №2


I love my iTalkBB Phone and TV combo... It was so easy to setup. Plug and Play.I got this deal on the urging of Abbey. Totally satisfied. Tried it and Loved it. Clear long distance call to France. Clear and seamless video.I am sold. Will definitely consider other iTalkBB specials!!PeterBayside, NYC

Review №3


I am so glad to use italkbb mobile phone service.I often call my family in China, and their monthly service is affordable, which can save me a lot of money.

Review №4


Italk provides really nice service. I have used their TV service for a long time. Now I can enjoy Chinese movies and shows easily.

Review №5


Staff was extremely nice and helpful. My mom was having issue with her phone and the staff helped her with settings and provided a easier solution.

Review №6


Scammer! ! A lot of hiding fee! ! Terrible services! Terrible products! A lot of channel u cant watch! ! Not good as advertising! ! Be Ware! ! Everyone! ! !

Review №7


This place is a scam. The phone service is bad and their customer services are so rude. You will end up with a lot of hidden as well as bad service.

Review №8


Low monthly charge with high service quality.

Review №9


Got looked after in minutes.. customer service was at its best..

Review №10


Good service.