Jayleens Special Zeytin Mediterranean in New York

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Phone: +1 646-998-5370
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10AM–10PM
  • Friday:10AM–12AM
  • Saturday:10AM–12AM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.4

34 Reviews for Jayleens Special Zeytin Mediterranean 2023:

Review №1


Surprisingly good spot. Food was much more substantial then I expected. I had the lamb and it was great. The sauces added were very very good. One of my fav sauces I’ve had in a gyro.

Review №2


Walking around lower NYC we stumbled on Mediterranean Cuisine. We had a humus platter, chicken gyro and a grilled octopus. Honestly, they were fantastic. The octopus was grilled perfectly. The chicken was moist. Salads were tasty and fresh. As you can see - we ate every bite!

Review №3


I used to come to this place a lot since its close to my office. The food doesnt seem to be as good as it used to, I ordered the beef/lamb gyro platter and couldnt even finish it. The meat is sliced in huge chunks and it taste like its been out there for a while, the sides are not nearly as good as they used to be. The quality has definitely gone down, and its probably because they offer pizza too now.I also saw the person grab the pita bread with her hands without any gloves after she was texting on her phone, she just placed it in the bag without wrapping it.

Review №4


3 stars and thats generous. 3 stars as it cost only $6 for lamb gyro with bread plus soda and the bread was fantastic. .Plate was rather on small side, gyro was under-seasoned and in chunks I have never gotten from any gyro place. There was not a single slice of any veggie ,not a slice of tomato even. Judging from the bread style this is of some Turkish ownership and the bread itself was tasty and good in size. If this is in fact a Turkish owned / operated place then it is a shame, far far away from even the most mediocre Donner I had ever. If you want a good bread then it is a place for you but meat and overall taste i would stay away. Will not go back as not impressed with food but also due to how hot it was inside for the workers, inhumane working conditions in my opinion. Just kept thinking of the girl who worked there and felt so bad. Will not be supporting this business.

Review №5


We stopped in here by chance. Got a gyro platter, falafel and salads. Food was very fresh. Maybe the best Mediterranean I’ve had. Highly recommend it!

Review №6


I dont usually bother doing reviews, but... Wow!First of all, you dont find little hidden gems like this very often, especially in this neighborhood. The most delicious hot bread made from scratch rightn in front of you. He actually debones the whole chicken himself. (Who does that these days?) It has the smoothest and most well-balanced flavor that Ive seen in a while. I thought he marinated it.If you want a homemade Mediterranean meal that is probably too big for most people to finish, and you dont want to spend $10, go here. Be sure to try all the sauces. You cant go wrong with anything from his three menus.Also, I cant understand what some people are talking about in these reviews. They must be confusing this places chicken with somewhere else! 😂 Tho I understand the gripe about rush hour, even Katzs deli gets a bad rap for its hustle and bustle, but its popular for a reason! Go, you wont regret it.PS, I always give him $10 even tho its only 8. I feel its worth it and Im always satisfied.PPS, the owner is really nice and super chill.

Review №7


This is great Mediterranean street food, which we all know is frankly difficult to come by in NYC... lots of love for the halal and biryani carts but those definitely veer towards Indian/Persian style. Very refreshing to eat non-bland falafel with good sauces... the meats are also good and the bread, while still a bit Americanized, is awesome. My only complaint is that the hummus really needs some tahini and lemon squeezed in, maybe some garlic too...enough with the bland hummus, dear Americans. Will be returning!

Review №8


If youve ever tried real marinated turkish/ Mediterranean chicken or beef kebab youll know how much this place sucked, theres zero flavor in the chicken, tomatoes, or anything else. The cucumber salad was cut to the size of my fist... i dont know if ive ever seen less effort put into something so simple. The only good thing was the price, but now i see why. Very disappointing, i was really looking forward to this meal.

Review №9


Wheres my food?Went during lunch. It was chaos which I dont fault them for. Problems I did have were that the guy was cursing up a storm at his employee for being gone for 5 minutes during a rush (sometimes ya gotta go, ya know?) That caused so much distraction that not even I noticed that they didnt give me rice... the base of my meal.... until I got back to the office. Ill tell you.... the rice plate is not very good without rice. Probably wont be back.

Review №10


Owner and staff extremely kind!! Loved the fresh bread, he was taking it out... Falafel platter was good, please reduce the salt on falafel balls.. will go again try something else.