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Phone: +1 718-235-3818
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for JCPenney 2023:

Review №1


Buyer bewareWhen you get to the register the prices that are displaying atThe register does not match with the tag/ advertised price. Make sure to check the price on every item. Very strange shopping experience all the sale items did not ring up at the advertised price and the cashier keep insisting that I had to pay the higher price and at th end of my transaction she told me my bill was 187.64 instantly I knew I did not have $187 worth merchandise and insisted that she ring my items over and low and behold my bill came up to $123.21 ….Very odd experience. Buyer beware!!

Review №2


Well organized, efficiently run store with friendly knowledgeable staff. Timely processing and shipping of online orders with easy exchange/return procedures. Great sales on clothing and underwear for the whole family. The rewards program is good as well.

Review №3


It’s in a new walk-through shopping center prices was pretty good we needed a couple of winter clothes for the visit in New York.

Review №4


I guess my statement didnt take when I sent it. What I said more or less was the customer service people on the floor were very courteous and helpful in assisting me in finding dress blouses. The Customer Service person at the cash register was equally courteous.

Review №5


Seems like its the same clothes. No change to style, no one to help. And why does the store smell like mildew? Use to enjoy shopping there. I understand now why so many are closing

Review №6


Went in about 1 1/2 before closing for a suit that my son needed last minute. There was an employee in the mens section and so I asked for a price check on an item with no tag. To which she said” I don’t have a scanner. Walk around and find someone who does or go to the register”. I said ok and decided to take a similar item to help at the time of paying as it was late and was not going to run around looking for additional help. I also needed a mens shirt. I found one out of the package and held it against my son as one would do in a department store. This same employee approached me and asked if I needed help only to ruin the offer with, “ cause you’re tearing up my shirts”I decided to drop the shirt. . I understand retail is not the funnest, especially when your job is to keep things neat and tidy. I’ve worked retail before and so I am mindful and respectful. Went to the register only to be received by the rudest cashier ever. Is there something in the air at this center? It is conveniently located and been there quite a few times. Never disappointed with the highly expected rude attitude and lack of attention. As mentioned by another reviewer, ghetto indeed. This time I had to leave a review.

Review №7


I had such a terrible experience at this location. I didnt like what I saw of customer service. I think that they still have a lot to learn as a company of how to treat all guests equal.I spent over an hour picking out my items and then waited in probably a 15 minute check out line. they dont have a separate section for returns and exchanges. Why as a huge name company you wouldnt have a separate section for those issues, I dont understandIn that time, I saw a huge difference in how they treated Caucasian customers to black and brown customers and I was of no exception to the kind of prejudice I saw. But there were definitely Caucasian ladies whom didnt even have the receipts for returns that were being catered to and such a way that was amazing to me. They were helping them price check, they were going above and beyond for them. AI thought thats how I would be treated. That every other person could expect that A1 customer service....However that amazement was shattered when I noticed how black and brown people were treated which was not even a greeting - pretty much ignored until time for payment. And it really made me feel a little sick inside. And my experience was no better.When I stepped up the man barely acknowledged me he basically just took my items didnt say anything to me he started to fold them up and scan them ask me if I wanted a bag. I said yes but noted the price was different then what I saw advertised he said that those items were new I told him they were under the sign that says that those dresses for $24. I dont think he really was listening to me.He then started showing me how much it would be if I applied for a JCP card which was frustrating. This had nothing to do with applying for a credit card. He didnt investigate the dress at all. I told him I had a JCP card already and I wasnt going to pay that price. He said you want them? I said not for that price, I told him I didnt want them, he seemed annoyed but its not my was advertised one way and ended up being completely different. He said was a new item, how would I know that when the sign said all Arizona dressed were that price?I was also buying a ring. I said that I would just take the ring. As he rang it up, I told him I didnt want the box. All I asked of this man is if he could take the ring from the box because I wanted to wear it out. And again I dont even think he heard me...cuz he was saying show it to the security guard-you have to show the guard the box because it has the security tag. So I told him again I dont want the Box I just want the ring so if you could please just take the ring out of this box so I can wear it out the store. He looked at me like I asked him to complete quantum physics and said he couldnt do that because it was too difficult. He said he would need a scissor to cut it. And we both just stared at each other for a moment and I looked down at the machine and I hit that I dont accept the charge or price. I said to just to keep everything that I dont want anything after all -to have a good day.What I took away from this experience was that, had I been a Caucasian woman, heaven and earth would be moved around for me to make sure I felt supported and good in my purchases. But since I wasnt...I wasnt even worth a friendly greeting.Im planning to email JCP directly also because that kind awkward racial stuff cant go on.

Review №8


I shop at JCPenney a lot. I know that most items dont ring up at the price thats on them or you could apply discount codes. I was purchasing three items today and had a 15% off discount code. The discount applied to two items but not to the Levis capris. The cashier then tried to get me to get the JCPenney card and it would come down more. I declined getting the card and got the capris anyway at $59. When I got to my car I put the same item in JCPenney cart. They came up at $24.48 with a discount code. So I would have been able to buy two of them for the price of one that I purchased in the store. Thats outrageous! Discounts should apply to all items. I wasnt expecting the discount to be as much as the online discount, but I should have at least received the 15% I provided. Im very disappointed but I dont know if I want to waste my time returning the item and ordering it online.

Review №9


Great sale prices today. Ive gotten so used to shopping online it felt good to be in store. Only bad thing was the lines to check out were crazy

Review №10


The store was very busy and its had alot of sales items. The lines was very long and the associates did there best. I was very disappointed with the store a large part of it was shambles and there was no price checker you had to ask an associate if you wanted to check the price.

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