Kabirs Kuisine - Halal Cart in New York

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Total reviews rating 4.6

18 Reviews for Kabirs Kuisine - Halal Cart 2023:

Review №1


You gotta try that chicken biryani they got, wowIt fills you up. A full plate for 8 bucks. Add a drink of your choice and youre set.They operate 24/7 afaik.And please, tip them guys good, they work super hard.The only downside of the chicken biryani is that its really greasy, so you know that cholesterol gonna be high lol.I tend to lean the plate one side so all the fat slide to that side of the plate and I dont eat it. It still worth it. Next time Im going to bring a lime to help with that grease.

Review №2


5/5 rice, chicken and lamb. Great flavors and moist. The only thing lacking is the hot sauce is just not that good.

Review №3


Hands down best halal cart I’ve tried so far in the city. Great portions and prices. Chicken over rice with white sauce and spicy sauce is incredible. Extra level of flavor going on. Lamb gyro is also 10/10 - texture, taste, pita all perfect. Will be back next downtown late night

Review №4


Tried it on a whim. Combo over rice was made to order and portions were very generous. The lamb was really tender and the white/hot sauce was just so good. Hit the spot

Review №5


I’ve tried many Halal carts downtown, and this one is the best I’ve had BY FAR. Get the chicken and rice with white sauce and red sauce. The sauces are bespoke and Msr. Hossain slathers them on thickly. The lamb gyro on a pita is top notch as well. They’re open late (even on weeknights) and recently began accepting credit cards.

Review №6


Hes not that famous but food is fire and better than halal guys to me tbh

Review №7


I go there pretty often. One of the few good halal carts in SOHO, the guy over there is very nice...you get a really big serving of food each time, I always fail to finish it! Chicken over rice is the best there, he adds peppers and onions as well.

Review №8


I love Hossain. Lamb over rice is a godsend. I go almost every week and each time it gets better. The serving size is perfect. Each bite feels like a miniature orgasm inside my mouth. Highly recommend.

Review №9


Good hot sauce is runny still no complaints unique char to meat

Review №10


Best halal cart in NYC