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Total reviews rating 2.6

18 Reviews for Lee Auto Services 2023:

Review №1


$80 for an oil change!!!! My car takes little over 5 bottles and he charges me for 6 bottles. If I am paying for 6, he should give me the left over oil. Stay stay stay away from this place if you want to keep your money! Never returning here and will tell everyone to avoid this place.

Review №2


I wnated to get a SIMPLE inspection because I just bought a used car 50k miles 1 owner 2010 honda accord. he was by himself working on another customers car, i told him i need an inspection, he told me theres another car he need to work on after hes fone with that one so I WAITED. Once he was done with the car he was working on, the guy after him pulled in. As he was pulliny in, the mechanic comes out and tells me to come back tomorrow 8am because he needs to work on the guys car that just pulled in, including 3 other cars that happened to come after ME. JUST BECAUSE I NEEDED AN INSPECTION, HE PUSHED ME ALL THE WAY LAST IN THE LINE AND EVEN TOLD ME TO COME BACK TMR 8AM IN THE MORNING. which is absolutely unprofessional. NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS BUSINESS EVER AGAIN, NOT EVEN FOR GAS OR AN AIR PUMP smh

Review №3


Tried to convince me to buy a new transmission for my 07 Altima for three to four thousand dollars. Went to another shop, where they welded the damaged area for $800. Car ran fine and lasted another 5 years and 350,000 miles.

Review №4


Kims is a good shop, with reasonable prices and provides good work with the exception of one mechanic.The one mechanic to avoid at all costs is David. His attitude is awful and his work is shoddy. After having some fluid flushed all the levels were off. After I asked him to correct this, which he did with much displeasure, he paid me back by leaving the cap from my transmission drain loose. Fortunately I check my cars fluids on a regular basis and tightened the cap, otherwise I would have ended up with a burned out transmission costing me a few grand. Avoid David at all costs, otherwise the shop is good.

Review №5


It is not often that I write a review but this one deserves one. I am one of those that actually know a lot about cars so Im particularly picky when it comes to choosing a mechanic. The qualities I look for in a mechanic are experience, service, and most importantly honesty and integrity. There are far too many inept and shady mechanics out there looking for immediate gains and finding them is a breath of fresh air. They are very skilled in their craft and genuinely helpful. Joe and Steve exceeded my expectation and earned my trust. I am one happy customer and I can recommend them without hesitation. Finding shops like this is one of the reasons why I use YELP.

Review №6


Mr Lee fixed my nans 1998 grey honda accords hood that jammed open just before we were hitting the hutch to motor to cathatarianns casa. She needs the maximum performance from her honda as she goes pedal to the metal waving through all the lanes to 684, and if her hood popped open from the wind she should have a first class aneurysm.

Review №7


Never ever dont go this store.They charged $45 + tax when change cabin filter and replace the cheep filter.I was complaint too much. becasue just $10 part and labor $35.But, They dont care.Please, reminder this service center is very very bad.

Review №8


$45 for oil change, $30 for 2 nails removed from tire.STAY away from these crooks

Review №9


I have had several auto repairs and each of the repairs was done promptly with courtesy and professionalism.

Review №10


This place is definitely NO GO.All mr. Lee wants is more money than he deserves.Stay away and save your time and money.