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Phone: +1 518-786-3350
Site: https://www.lowes.com/store/NY-L...
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for Lowes Home Improvement 2023:

Review №1


Another testament to a criminal neighborhood and clientele. Everything locked up with security tags. Locks on peg board hooks. Not enough employees to access products that are locked. Must be a high crime area. BTW more credibility to my point. They have cameras on the building and 2 trailer mounted camera stations in the parking lot that have been there well over a year. Go elswhere.

Review №2


Do not buy blinds here! We spent over $2000 on blinds and have been waiting to get them installed. Go in person and you get the run around of theyll get back to you, call them and you get the same thing, they also dont return the call of the installer. All we need is the correct brackets and have been trying to get help for 2 months. Got an email the other day saying congratulations on your new installation on blinds and I have a 1 year warranty on them. I want to collect on that warranty because it was such a bad installation it was like they were never installed!

Review №3


If you go here stay clear of the supervisor Bill. He talks to his employees and customers with disrespect as if he is superior to everyone especially woman.I’m not sure how anyone thought this type of human is qualified to be in a customer service management role but you would think upper management would address it but they care about as much as Bill does. Which says a lot about the structure within this company.

Review №4


AVOID! Installed a dishwasher that does not work beginning of January. Trying to get a replacement through them and their third party installer has been nothing short of a nightmare. Excuses from them every time we go into the store or call. Go to Home Depot instead.

Review №5


Friendly helpful staff. They will definitely have what you need for your home improvements. If its not on their shelves they can most likely get it for you pretty quickly through their catalogs.

Review №6


Great store for home improvements. Great staff give you advice every step of the way. Get the Lowes card and save 5%.

Review №7


Be wary of online stock availability. I was looking for a filter at my nearby Lowes store but had none available. Looking at other stores, it reported that Latham had 12 in stock for pickup today. After writing down the location of the item in the store, I drove to the store and found there was none in stock. I went to the Returns area since I didnt see a Customer Service area at this store, to ask about the discrepancy. While waiting, I looked up the item on my phone and it showed that 12 will be available TOMORROW for pickup. I left. Back home I verified on my computer that it reported 12 in stock TODAY. I refreshed the page and now it showed that 12 will be available tomorrow. I gave the store 2 stars because I could not find an associate to help and their inventory is not correct. Added note, this store was 7 miles further out than the store I usually patronize.

Review №8


What dont they have? Its a wondrous place for everybody..builders, craftspeople, kids find treasures and dads and moms work with them on school projects. Love their gardening merchandise and plantings.

Review №9


Found two of the three things I was looking for! Staff in each department was really helpful. At checkout the employee was fantastic. Gave us tremendous advice. Thank you!

Review №10


Dishwasher shopping. They held a Consumer Reports top choice in stock. Knowledgeable person at the appliance center in Latham, NY.Several big ticket items purchased at Lowes. Never a bad experience.

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