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Total reviews rating 4.7

86 Reviews for Lunar Toy Store 2023:

Review №1


Great selection (not as much as Gundam Planet in New Jersey, but still pretty great), friendly and knowledgeable staff, decent prices, and cool displays. Youre mostly going to be finding newer items, especially newer Gundam kits here rather than older items.

Review №2


Compared to their online store, this location had model kits on one side and figurines on the other, with display shelves in the middle. The selection of model kits is great but skews to limited-print and exclusive kits, so many of the kits are expensive (think RG Force Impulse Gundam Titanium Finish for $180, or RG Phenex for $300). Its always fun to see what they have in stock each time, and the staff are friendly and will answer any questions you have about the stores contents.

Review №3


Super helpful store. I love this place for all my figures. They even have accessibility for you to see their next shipment online for the month so you can be first to grab the figure in store or online. Staff is really sweet and the place is super clean. So far I bought 5 figures from them and will get more in the future

Review №4


Definitely a fantastic store for Gundam model kits. I purchased a MG model that was unavailable online, but happened to be in stock at the store. That being said, I do wish there was more MG model kits. Some of the items you view on the online store will most likely not be available at the in-person store. The store is relatively small, so it explains the limited stock. Also, the cashier (I didnt catch his name) was super helpful. I wish the variety was better, but still a great store.

Review №5


First time purchasing from this store. Im from Ontario, Canada :) I bought Deidara nendoroid and shipping was fast even with FedEx ground. Customer service also answers within 24-48 hours. Thank you so much for your service! Hope to make business with you again in the future!

Review №6


Best store Ive been to. I travel from the bronx to buy from there. The store clerk interact with the customer and is knowledgeable in gundam kits and model stuff. He gave me good tips on building kits

Review №7


Love this place. Home of my custom diorama. This hobby shop has paints, kits and then some. Worth traveling to just to take a look around. Youre sure to find something youll love.

Review №8


A social media post of a Gundam kit I wanted showed up on my feed. Signed up easily and the shipping was so much better I cancelled a pre-order from another store.It shipped safe and even faster than Predicted.

Review №9


Bought digital. Truly an incredible experience and my figure came to my house in excellent condition! c:

Review №10


The store is a big small but it’s packed with so much stuff! I was in awe. My only complaint was that they didn’t have a bag (not sure if they don’t provide bags in general) for the figure I bought. It’s a bit annoying to walk around with a big box especially when it’s raining. It’s just scary to walk around with something that could potentially get water damage