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Phone: +1 631-267-3088
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9AM–5PM
  • Friday:9AM–5PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.6

9 Reviews for Madison IT Group 2023:

Review №1


Absolutely horrible customer service. The older man who helped me out was beyond rude and wasted my time. If I had not needed a computer charger so desperately I would have walked out. I would recommend going elsewhere if possible. Also, even for the hamptons this store is incredibly overpriced.P.S. The response you gave must of been an experience with a different customer. I did not bring in any charger. I simply just bought one from you. You can go ahead and release whatever footage you please, but it is not of me.Will provide receipt of my purchase to anyone who requests it.

Review №2


My PC locked me out after I changed my email address. After several frustrating hours I dropped it off here at the Computer Store and they got me back in within a hour or so. Well worth the money

Review №3


Do not trust this computer repair shop is not a customer service based at all, nor was the task completed that we needed. All we were requesting was to have them upload and transfer all of the information onto the newest version of Quickbooks. This as they said was a simple task, and did not think it would take more than 15min of their time. I called letting him know the password that I knew was correct, but was told that it was not working and we did not know why. After they told me to bring it home so he could logging our computers and transfer information via files, when he did this it came up with an error and did not work. We were very frustrated at this point with no results and spending 1 hour not 15min of his time trying unsuccessful solutions at $130 an hour. I then used my time and energy calling Quickbooks directly and they successfully walked me through the transferring of information. I requested a refund for my service at “The Computer Shop” but was denied because we “pay for time not results” …. to me this does not seem like a positive customer service policy.

Review №4


Last weekend I jumped into the pool with my iPhone. It worked for a few days after that and then it just wouldnt turn on. So I went to an Apple store in Sag Harbor. OMG the lady was condescending and extremely rude. After getting somewhat yelled at, I thoroughly understood that if I didnt back my pictures up to iCloud which means my pictures were lost forever. My wife’s office uses The Computer Shop in Amagansett and swears by them. I reluctantly walked in and explained my iPhone problem. The guy said its not a fast process and he couldnt guarantee the data would be recoverable but he guaranteed theyd try. I was still emotionally destroyed from the geek place in Sag Harbor so nothing was really registering. At the end of my rope, I said sure - whatever. They called with updates every step of the way and they were able to get everything!!! All of my daughters baby pictures, the last pictures of my father and everything else - they got them all!!!! These guys are the best! So happy - worth the trip - thanks guys - Peter

Review №5


What a phony place. I brought my computer in because I could not open any word processing file, and he said he would fix it. But he did not fix it, its the same problem. He told me the problem was fixed but actually he did not work on the problem.He tries to dance around the fact that he cannot fix simple problems, and I have a solid, excellent, current computer with all the right software. He makes excuses. The first time I tried to deliver the computer he left the store, even though I said I was coming right over. Since I had to go there four times because of his erratic schedule, I had a chance to see what he says to people. To most, who complain to him that they just paid him $150 or $250 and their computer is still non-functional, he tells them to buy a new computer and also he is paid for his time - not results. He says it with a practiced, poker face. I was not told to buy a new computer; I was told it would be fixed in fifteen minutes. Instead, I am $142 dollars poorer. The atmosphere, as a woman going into the shop, is creepy and sleazy.

Review №6


These guys have been very helpful over the years. Recently had an OS issue that they helped me resolve. Fairly priced and courteous to customers. Highly recommend the shop.

Review №7


This place is terrible. Price-gouging and dishonest. Go anywhere but here.

Review №8


Love it

Review №9


Great service

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