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38 Reviews for Magic Van Lines Inc. 2023:

Review №1


NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!! I’m writing as much details and possible in hopes that others will never go through the same. I would give them negative stars if possible.Magic Van lines Inc, located at 11832 Queens Blvd Suite 400 gave me an estimate for $4220. When they loaded the things on the truck they said it took twice the space they had originally quoted me and wanted to charge double. Having the pressure of my house closing on the next day I was obligated to pay more.The property arrived 5 days after the scheduled delivery date, there were several boxes missing and they damage my properly extensively. When they were unloading the truck they kept bringing me boxes that did not belong to me. No wonder they loose your stuff! I knew my items were not the only thing that was going to be on the truck but I assumed they separate them somehow, not that they threw everything together.They dragged my leather couches and ripped them completely and they also lost the legs for my couch. they did not put any protection on the dining room table and it was scratched and chipped beyond repair, same thing happened to my dresser, dining room chairs and side table.I paid extra for them to package my lamps and they lost one and broke the other one, which arrived without a box or protection.I sent them an email (as instructed) to put in a claim and they have not responded. Not to mention they horrible customer service. Don’t be deceived by their good customer service at the beginning. Once they have your money they treat their customers like garbage. Monica in specific was extremely rude, she will cut you off repeatedly and not let you speak and she will hang up on you. Max was never rude but he was very deceiving. He made me feel extremely comfortable on his estimate, said he had been doing this for many years and guaranteed me it won’t cost me more and at the end the movers took double the space they had originally quoted me.

Review №2


DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY!!!! First their estimate was way off and I was charged more than quoted. Furniture arrived broken and many items that were packed in layers of bubble wrap were also broken including many collectible plates, dishes, and glassware etc. several items were not delivered including all the glass shelves for my hutch and glass doors. I was told they were searching the warehouse for these items and I could submit a claim to their insurance company. But I sent the claim to Magic Van Lines and was never given the name of their insurance agent. After making several phone calls I was told not to call any more and the insurance company would be in touch. OF COURSE THAT NEVER HAPPENED. And then I tried calling and emailing and noone every answered or responded to my requests for answers

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BEWARE OF SCAMMERS AND EXTORTION!!!If I could give them NEGATIVE 100 stars, I would. Magic Van Lines contacted me on 7/12/19 to my items from NJ to TX. The Representative Chris, offered a discounted rate of $1495 for my move. When I asked why it was low, he stated that he had a truck already going from NJ to TX. That if I had a small move and could have my things packed for a pickup window of 7/25-7/27. If I wasn’t able to meet these condition that he could not offer this discount and need the deposit today.I gave him a $200 on my Amex card. Amex blocked the transaction and have me contacted the company to ensure to was Magic Van Lines because the name wasn’t originally listed on the transaction. They were blocked from Amex as potential fraud, but they reassured me that it was the credit card processing company. After clarifying the $200 deposit, it was charged to my card 7/19/19.I contacted Magic Van Lines on 7/24 because I had not heard from them. I spoke with Max. I wanted the picked date and exact balance due to the fact that I was emailed a different quote later. I was told it was tax. I was told the balance was $1264.80. I obtained a money order for the balance and that it would be picked up ‪at 9am‬ the next morning.I arranged for my friend to be at my apartment. I was unable to take off work due to the less than 24 hrs notice. They picked up my pre-packed items and collect payment and change the price to $5340.00, claiming it was a much larger volume.  When I arrived home to receive to paperwork, I called very upset to inquire about the increase, I was told the paperwork was unavailable. I also inquired where my belongings were. I told told they were taken to one of there many warehouses, but they were unsure which one. I spoke with Monica, and Max several times daily. On 7/28 I received an anonymous phone call. She stated that she was calling from the company, and that they scam people all the time. She instructed me to contact the DOT immediately. She called blocked and did not identify herself because she stated she did not want to lose her job.I contacted a customer who’s paperwork was left mixed in with my paperwork. She experienced similar issues. I have contacted an attorney and it seems like they have very shady practices. I have notified them that I do not want my items delivered due to they’re practices. They would not tell me where my belongings where.I contacted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. They initiated an investigation concerning the ongoing uncertainty of the location of my belongings, and now lack of clarity of the cost of the move.Upon visiting there published location the office manager, Mr. Cruz, stated that they only receive mail there. Magic Van Lines meets by appointment only and they utilize the conference space. We observed no vehicles, moving facility, or staff. This is against the Dept. of Transportation regulations, which requires a physical address.The company is registered under an Alexander Soto. However, Monica and Max are always answer the phone. Monica is beyond rude. Max pretends to be nice but is also a scammer. He even went as far as trying to get me to wire money to a TD Bank account in his wife’s name.I finally received my belongings 8/12/19 from a third-party shipper. During the delivery Monica called to harass me and leave nasty voicemails. Threatening to have my things locked on the truck and taken to storage for additional money. She called so much I had to block her. The third-party movers were pleasant and respectful, but several items did arrive damaged, including my kitchen table and bookcases are not repairable.Please do not use Magic Van Lines. They’re good reviews are fake!!! They are scammers and should really be ashamed what they do to people. STEER CLEAR !!!

Review №4


Monica was very unprofessional with telephone etiquette. She does not have the skills to manage customer service. I gave a specific time for my delivery before arriving to my new location. The driver Andre arrived a week earlier and demanded payment prior to unloading my belongings. Very, very, very unprofessional service. You would do better driving items your items on your own. This is absolutely sad! The charges quoted were way more than what was stated. Go to another location by all means! Save yourself time and money!

Review №5


WARNING DON’T USE. This “company” is a fraud. The two 5 star reviews are from their employees (Monica and Chris). I recently made the mistake of hiring these criminals to move furniture from NJ to FL. After I gave them a deposit and took possession of my belongings they attempted to extort additional funds from me multiple times such as $150 for a COI and $600 for additional boxes didn’t exist. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, an attorney and local police. This is not over yet.Better Business Bureau rating = F

Review №6


If I could give the 0 Stars I would. Complete scam!!!! They told me $4000 and after the truck was loaded and gone, they told me my new price was $7600? When I was quoted, I even gave them exact dimensions on everything going on the truck? Then after Monica closed the deal, she never responded to me and I got the run around from a supervisor.Then the delivery was a week late! They loaded the truck in one truck and it was 3/4 full, took a picture and said I used X cubic feet of space, when the same size truck arrived it was not even half way full. Your a victim of how they decide to load the truck and hold your belongings hostage. I had many broken items and when I told them about it, they didnt even respond. Demanding cash! STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Review №7


This place is the absolute worst. I wish I could give it a zero star. I was quoted one price, paid my deposit and when it was time to deliver my items they refused to deliver them unless I paid an exorbitant amount of money. It fell like extortion! A random employee called to tell me they do this all of the time to people. Magic Van Lines is a total scam of a company. Do not, I repeat do not use this company for any of your moving needs. After weeks and weeks of back and forth communication with this company, I finally received my items. They were terribly damaged. The interaction with the movers was not good and they totally made me feel unsafe. Horrible. Despicable. Ruthless. Do not use this company.

Review №8


THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! Please dont pay attention to the Reviews because they give the customers a $100 discount if they come on here and give them a 5 star review. This is what happened when they I decided to go with this SCAM of a company.I live by myself in a 2 bedroom apt. I needed to move to another state & I put in my information online. Magic Van Lines got in touch with me and told me my quote would be for $945. It seemed reasonable so I decided to use them. They got to my apartment on a Monday afternoon at 3:00PM (before calling me at 4:30AM that morning over and over until I finally answered). When they showed up, they were in this old Enterprise moving truck with a PRINTED OUT PIECE OF PAPER that said Magic Van Lines on the Drivers door. Three guys that were wearing flip flops and crocs start moving my stuff. It started raining midway through & my furniture start getting wet. I asked if they were going to put anything over my furniture & they said they would but they never did so my furniture got soaked. After they moved about 60% of my stuff one guy told me I was going to be charged more because I was going over the cubic feet (Which was complete) I asked him how much over and he said TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS !!!!!! I literally thought he was kidding. I had no other option to pay and tell him to get the heck out. Reminder he only got about 60% of my stuff so I had to RENT a UHUAL and attach it to the back of my car to put all my other belongings in.Also, they tell you it will be 3-5 days. It has been over 12 days and I STILL DONT HAVE SHIPMENT. Please do not go with this COMPLETE SCAM OF A BUSINESS.

Review №9


Worst moving company on Earth!! These people are Scammers and will Rob you blind. Our experience just took place 9/30/19. We were moving from NJ to NC. Max Kramer (older man) bates you in with what seems like a reasonable quote (came to our home, assessed our things and gave me a binding estimate of $3500 with a $400 discount). But when the actual movers arrived Stephan Turner (foreman) and his crew the price shot up to $12,000 for our 3 BR house. We were told they charge $3.14 per Cubic Ft. And that they used a 36ft truck. With our home closing that day we had no time to research and confirm the square footage on the truck not did we have a plan B for another moving option as we thought our quote was less than $4000. Once our items were packed up and gone we felt completely extorted. We knew our items would take some time to arrive because by now weve tried reaching out to Max Kramer (the salesman) who was extremely responsive prior to getting our business but now was full of medical excuses and could barely talk.We talked to Monica Moon from the office who clearly was raised by wolves with how she talks to people. Honestly I wish I lived closer to Queens to have a face to face conversation with her. Monica has no authority and is just a paper pusher and is completely useless and RUDE when it came to helping us sort out the discrepancy in numbers.Our items arrived in NC yesterday (10/7/19) with the same moving crew. Stephan stated he needed payment before the items were taken out of the truck. Thats when my husband and I showed him the discrepancy in numbers. They used a 26ft truck which equals to 1611 Cubic Ft which equals to $5058 not the $12k he said. I called the police because we knew theyd try to leave with our belongings. Cops came and in the State of NC they cannot hold our items hostage. We showed the cops the simple math which they agreed but at this point they had signed docs from us. Stephan was forced to contact the boss a mysterious woman with a deep accent (possible middle Eastern) who refused to drop the cost. After much back and forth and the NC policeman getting involved the remaining balance of almost $6000 was dropped to $3900. Our move cost us $10,000. Once the cops left Stephan told us he can only leave our boxes in one room but will bring the furniture inside. The kicker was they refused to put our furniture back together unless we paid more money. At that point my husband told them to Get the F#ck out of our house and wished them a sarcastic safe ride room.This was a complete scam and we were extorted. I wish I could give them a negative rating but Ill blast them on social media and will be speaking with an attorney. We literally invited these thieves into our home to rob us. I dont know how they sleep at night knowing their stealing from innocent hard working people. Karma is real and you will each get yours served on a silver platter.

Review №10


Magic van lines is probably the most honest company i have ever used. I was so stressed about moving after i hired them chris and his team lifted this huge burden from me . this company was a god send . They were about $1000 cheaper than all the other movers. If you are on a budget for moving and want fair prices definitely give them a call

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