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Total reviews rating 4.5

199 Reviews for Micro Center 2023:

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Great shopping center for computer geeks. Just picked up today some items for my brother, who is one of them. :)) He ordered them online. Pick up was a breeze. Well organized store and very helpful associates with a positive attitude. Well be back for sure!

Review β„–2


Awesome store and workers. I had a small issue to resolve regarding a coupon and the manager handled it perfectly. He went out of his way to resolve it quickly and professionally! Thanks againNot to mention they have great prices on PC parts that aren’t counterfeit parts lol. Highly recommended

Review β„–3


Convenient since its close to home. Lots of parking space. Staffs readily available accessible, and very helpful. Prices are reasonable and whatever your looking for you can find it at Microcenter TV πŸ“Ί, computers, monitors, basically anything that you need with computers is there. Well stocked. One stop shopping for all your computer needs plus more.

Review β„–4


Great customer service!! Best place to shop if youre looking to build Pcs or any other tech projects.

Review β„–5


Very nice store! Return policy is phenomenal. Make sure you give email and phone number so all receipts will be sent to you. If an exchange is needed, and you don’t have original receipt, they will have it in the system. A win-win!

Review β„–6


This place has everything! Any type of computer or device electronics in existence. They have a drop off and pick-up service for technicians to fix problems and installations. If you prefer you could build your own computer or device out of all the parts and accessories from that one store. They have a quick checkout. 5 stars!

Review β„–7


The store overall is great but do not buy into their protection plans without them explaining the fine lines for them. Purchased air-pods with a replacement plan through micro-center. Was told the plan covers all damages/breaks/defects and it would be replaced directly through the store. One of the Air-pods got crushed by a weight during a workout. Brought them to see it they would be replaced under the replacement plan I bought and the register employee says that the damage is too extensive and that it would fall under the accidental plan, which was never offered to me. The replacement plan is nothing more than manufacturers warranty except provided by micro-center and can be extended. Even though its miniscule I still feel cheated here. Dont waste your money on their in-house coverages until they explain how each one works. Even then an employee might still give you misinformation regarding them.

Review β„–8


Gave laptop for service, and they didnt even really try to fix it, instead tried to just charge for me for over 1000 dollars worth of repair, when after taking it to the Apple Store, all they had to was replug in a display wire to turn on my monitor again. So they charged me to look into the problems of my laptop without actually discovering the problem with my laptop.Also was terrible with responding when I tried to contact customer service

Review β„–9


This is a nice store, for all those that enjoy gadgets, technology, this is the go to place! If you need Anything asap, you will find it here (technology wise).

Review β„–10


Amazing! Best place to get computer parts and gaming accessories.This place is techy wonderland, everyone on the floor really helpful as well.Prices are slightly more expensive then online. But the shopping experience is unrivaled.Dealing with amazon shipping, returns, damaged boxes can be a hassle. Plus amazon cant help noobies pick the right parts for their computer.Microcenter will do all that and youll actually have a fun time at the store.

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