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Phone: +1 718-969-1603
Opening hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
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Total reviews rating 3

39 Reviews for Mobil 2023:

Review №1


BUYER BEWARE -THIEVESI went there for an inspection and they stole the front bright white head lamps. Cost a lot more than the inspection fee to replace. Do not go here.

Review №2


They fixed my wheel hub and axle only to forget putting the axle seal back on! This caused transmission fluid to leak and my transmission to burn out during a drive up to PA the next day. A 1200 dollar job costs me an extra 1800 bucks.The best part is when I talked to the mechanic at the mobile about it he said that the mechanic who fixed my transmission was lying to make extra money, when the mechanic who fixed my transmission didn’t even charge me for a new axle seal (which is cheap). Then he tried to claim that a new axle doesn’t come with an axle seal but a transmission does. This was disgusting “lie to your face” response as I use to work at a shell gas station with a shop and I knew that was a straight up lie. It’s one thing to make a mistake and it’s another thing to lie to customers and call the other guy a liar even though it’s the first thing that the other mechanic pointed out!In short: he costs me 1800 bucks and lied to my face. Will not be doing business with them again.

Review №3


Be careful if you go for oil change. I went there to change my oil and I saw they opened the hood and then did something with the filter of my AC. The opens the filter and did something wrong there. I did not understand that that time. The told me they are going to give me a discount in oil change but I observed they were trying to give me the low price oil. I opposed and then the guy told me sorry that is in our system.The most dangerous part is when everything was the the guy asked me “ is everything ok with your car?”. I said it’s ok because I know my car is brand new. When I was going home and after half mile driving I hear a very big noise from the engine. I was very scared and the stopped my car and then tried to understand what was going on. I turned off my ac. Then I went to a nearby serving center by avoiding them. They found the filter was opened and they did not put the filter cover intentionally so that after getting trouble you will again go to them and make some extra for fixing your ac. So be very careful if you go there for doing something. They can damage your car.

Review №4


Worst service ever .......the people inside are so nasty and rude .if i can give them 0 star i would .i would never go there again also i will tell everyone i know about their attitude they have that no one will spend money there

Review №5


The auto service is horrible and unrespectful. I just left the place and I had very bad experience. The person from the gas shop told me to wait 10 minute. Well, I waited for the mechanic for 30 minutes and the mechanic ( bald guy) came in his car and he was mad or angry. He never asked me what kind of service I wanted , he screamed to me that I shouldnt park my car in front of the service door and park my car to the other side and leave the key. So, I was waiting for him and I never complained about the time and look what I got. I just wanted a oil change and I felt that this mechanic didnt have professional skills for customer service and I left. 100% no recomendable.

Review №6


They will rip you off. They charged me more than 1000 dollars for changing the oil and tires. They charged me 345 for their labor cost. It was the worst mistake we made. The reason why I went for, he mentioned, he will be able to fix it... Latter he did all the other job like oil change and tire change and told us, he wont be able to change it. What a fake hustlers.

Review №7


Had a random oil change done. Happen to be in a neighborhood and decided to stop. They did it in 15 minutes and charged like $20 or so. Good experience, above expectations.

Review №8


Their prices are very expensive and they over charged you also, there employees didnt know anything about the laws for car inspection. Finally they being very rude to their customers. I would not recommend u to go their.

Review №9


Everything I visit this service station they were very professional, knowledgeable , and explained everything thoroughly. These professionals do excellent work.

Review №10


Gad is good but mainly go here for the shop. The guys are nice and quick. The prices are alright, the do a little deal with the Autozone close by. They really just handle incoming issues, havent gotten any preventative or long term advice.

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