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Phone: +1 716-832-3270
Opening hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

199 Reviews for Moes Southwest Grill 2023:

Review №1


Where do I even begin?We walked into this outhouse masquerading as a restaurant, and not even a murmur of welcome to Moes was uttered by the troupe of teenaged incompetence youve amassed to represent your brand. This would generally be a very slight and petty discrepancy to observe, but it was more of an indication of the experience my wife and I were to have at your establishment.We both ordered our meals and noticed- two of the four employees wore the label shift supervisor. While at the time we found this to be an absurd ratio of supervisors to general workers, perhaps there exists a need for even more manager oversight. Or, at least, a shift supervisor over the age of eighteen with even the slightest understanding of customer service, as this clearly was not the case here.We moved down the line to cash out, and I watched my quesadilla as it continued to sit on the grill for far too long. Surely it isnt standard procedure to neglect a customers order; leaving it alone on the grill, abandoned and deserted.Fortunately, one of the shift supervisors suddenly rushed to remove the item before it ignited.We asked for a tray, only to be told Moes no longer uses trays or baskets. This may be unfortunately true, but I hardly think its an excuse to abusively slam both of our meals into the to-go bag as if its a game winning touchdown. If I wanted my food delivered to me in one pre-smashed conglomeration, I would have ordered one of your grotesque bowl meals.Then, it was time to find a seat. This was a difficult task, seeing as about 60% of the tables were occupied and another 35% looked to have never been cleaned since their installation. This was not the noon lunch rush, where basic housekeeping is foregone- this was 3pm in the afternoon.After finding the least disgusting table, we tried the soda machine. What a surprise- this was neglected by staff, as well. Nearly all beverage choices expelled a foamy mixture of air and syrup. This is not just caused by air bubbles in the soda line, as one of your expert employees attempted to point out. This is a sign of debris accumulation and lack of sanitation.We moved onto the salsa display- a sickening collection of various tomato-based slops. The hardened crust cemented to the sides of the containers and the semi-clear top layer of tomato mucus were enough to steer us completely away.This was inconsequential, however, as the nachos were stale anyways. The usually warm and crispy chips were cold, dull, and lifeless. Were they returned by a previous customer?And then- there were the entrees. Surely these items will eclipse the otherwise horrible experience at Moes thus far, right? Haha. No.My quesadilla was a bit burnt- which I expected. This would have been acceptable, had it not been for the pure chicken gristle of which it seemed to be comprised entirely. The item was labeled White Meat Chicken, but the consistency was tougher than a $0.50 steak. Couple that with the flimsiest fork Ive ever seen, it was a meal not meant for consumption.My wifes meal (a burrito) was barely edible, as well. A haphazardly folded shell paired with 11% lean ground beef that tasted like its been aging since Prohibition is about as appetizing as the paper bag it was thrown into.The bathroom was, of course, an abhorrence. The amount of debris accumulation on the floor drain suggests food is prepared and/or cooked in the same room. Both dispensers were empty. The toilet was filthy. This was sort of comforting, as it was at least consistent with the rest of the experience.When we went to finally leave this nauseating restaurant, we werent even able to discard our trash, as both garbages exceeded maximum capacity (hours beforehand, from the looks of it).What else could there really be? Every aspect of our meal was terrible. The only possible redeeming facet of this restaurant experience is that we found close parking in the lot.Although, why wouldnt we with such poor customer service? One star.

Review №2


This is a weekly favorite of mine for a quick and amazing lunch experience.The workers are friendly, efficient, and always makes sure that you get everything you want in your order. When they are not making your food, they are taking the time to clean the restaurant so it never feels dirty in there despite them being pretty busy.I ordered the stacker with adobo chicken and it comes with your choice of rice, beans, grilled condiments and your cold condiments such as tomatos and salad. Overall, very healthy and tasty options to choose from here. I especially liked this location since they double grilled the stacker wrap which melted everything inside and had an extra crunchy layer on the outside!This is definitely a go-to place for football Sundays and they even offer large party caterings. I highly recommend this place.

Review №3


Really poor service, the workers had attitudes, and they were out of almost everything and scraping the bottom of the pans. The mushrooms they were completely out of and had to grill more, they asked if I wanted to wait, I declined. And then the salsa and drink bar were so disgusting and also out of things. Photo attached

Review №4


We ordered Moes catering for a party and were very happy with all of it! We ordered for 10-15 people and had more than enough! The people who delivered it set it all up and were very friendly and accommodating. The food as delicious, as usual. I would highly recommend this service and will be ordering again!

Review №5


Awesome food. You go through a line like subway does and pick what you want. Meat is good. They also serve a great amount of food. Very filling. Affordable. Their queso I the best and their chips are made in house.

Review №6


I am always leaving here disappointed. SPECIFICALLY this location. Ordered 3 quesadillas each of them were wrong. Tried telling the new guy what goes on each he was not comprehending what I asked to go on them. He put same toppings on 2 out of the 3. Even though the toppings I was asking for was only on 1 of the 3 I was ordering. Made me feel very confused as to what he was doing. Whole experience was chaotic and always rushed! Expensive food at horrible quality.

Review №7


So maybe we caught them at a bad time, but holy mismanaged Batman. I didn’t get a customary “welcome to Moes” and instead Marciana here was just sitting there working on an online order for no joke 4 minutes without saying anything to us. Then I don’t see any manager on duty (maybe something happened idk) but the experience was terrible. Overpriced for what you actually get…HOWEVER. I gave it a two star because the food itself is good! My whole family enjoyed what they ate even though it wasn’t much for the 14$ each we paid for it.Going to give them another chance but was NOT impressed at all.

Review №8


I thought I would go to moes because I didnt feel like cooking. Was tired. I get in line . 8 people in front of me. 30 mins later I finally got my order. I never been to a moes that took that long. Not one time did anyone say welcome to moes. Staff looked like they didnt want to be there. My chicken was dry chips were stale. One couple in front of me left because they couldnt get a meal kit. They got one before no problem. They were told they had to order it online. If you are going to do online orders before the customers standing in line then you should have a station just for online orders. I been a big fan of moes and went to moes all over from ny to fl. Been in lines longer than this one and never waited this long. Never had a bad meal before now. I work for a corporate food chain I dont like to leave a bad review but if the staff might of been friendly it might of been worth the wait.

Review №9


Would rate this place a 0 if i could. worst staff ever my boyfriend and i came here for a date night and we were treated like we weren’t even human and the lady making our food was so disrespectful to us both. asked us if we wanted a combo and we had said no thank you, all we got was rolled eyes from her and had the worst attitude while talking to us. highly don’t recommend this location.

Review №10


Worst Nachos ever + Worst Service = Mone’s Southwest GrillSo I’m visiting from NYC and ask my buddies where I can get Nachos, and google turned up this place. I had strong reservations because of their rating, but we still decided to give them a try! Worst decision! The picture below is what they sold me as “Nachos”! And charged to guacamole! It took every fiber in me not to give them a piece of my mind in that store.I should have declined ordering when the server started asking me “what do you want in hour nachos?”. This is a standard dish with a recipe. I order Nachos all the time on DoorDash and all you are asked to chose is choice of protein.Unless you really don’t know what Nachos is or you have a thing about bad service, this place left a sour taste for me and might for you!

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