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Phone: +1 845-561-4400
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Total reviews rating 2.6

189 Reviews for Montefiore St. Lukes Cornwall 2023:

Review №1


I went to St. Lukes four days ago with severe abdominal pain. The ER doctor decided to admit me. During my time in the ER and my two-day stay on the 5th floor, everyone was very kind to me. I had excellent care and the facility was very clean. My nurses, especially Brittany, were great. I honestly have no complaints at all. -- except, perhaps, for the fact that I couldnt shower, but I understand thats due to COVID protocols. All the reviews about them being too slow seem really unfair to me -- its a hospital! They have other patients! I never felt like I was being ignored.

Review №2


I cant thank the entire staff enough for saving my moms life. From the lovely workers at the front desk to all the nurses and doctors. A wonderful team. The Respiratory team went above and beyond. The ICU nurses were extremely knowledgeable and caring. Every nurse took the time to answer all of my questions. The hospital was very clean and safe. The entire staff put my worries at ease. My mother even said the food was very good. Parking was easy in the garage. Their covid rules for visitors are strick and I appreciate that. Better safe than sorry. Thank you St. Lukes.

Review №3


I came here from hiking the Appalachian Trail with symptoms of a parasite or bacterial infection in my stomach. Right from the reception desk, every staff member was compassionate, professional, and clearly dedicated to me and the other patients. Carrying around my pack with a tent and trekking poles attached to it got some attention, and the staff and ambulance drivers engaged me in great conversations. I felt so welcome and well cared for. Todd, my attending ER nurse just humbled me with how perfectly he balanced all his demands and still made me feel like a priority. So impressed.

Review №4


Incredible patient service from the moment i walked in the new years eve and tonight. I wish I could remember all of their names but tonight the PA Stephanie Lee was on staff and she treated me so good. They gave me a covid test and within an hour and a half she called me. I was so pleased with their staff that I definitely would trust them with my care.

Review №5


My step father had a stroke and was told that they were the closest hospital to handle a stroke. Which is fine. We get to the emergency room and waited an hour for then to even look at him. He could barely talk. And when I tried to get help I got told in a minute. When my mom got there she said he was going to another hospital. Where he was taken care right away. I will never go back to the hospital.

Review №6


Literally the worst hospital ever. Majority of the staff here are disgusting, especially those at the front desk. Luckily, there are a handful of good, caring nurses who actually enjoy their job. The hospital is also extremely understaffed with untrained nurses. My sister went here a few weeks ago and almost died because she was being given the wrong medication. They have no idea what they are doing. In addition to that, several HIPPA violations were presented. One of the nurses told my sister to ‘ shut up’ during one of her pain crisis’. If you are a person of color or a woman, I would not suggest ever coming here!!!

Review №7


I came to the ER around 5:30pm on a Thursday for abdominal pain. Literally no one was in the waiting area. They brought me back to my own room as soon as they took my name. Nurses were very nice. Doctor ordered me an MRI & the tech had me in it within an hour of me being there. Idk why St. Luke’s has a lot of one star reviews but from my personal experience it was amazing for an ER visit. I was out in 2 1/2 hours after being admitted & with a referral to go to a gastroenterologist. Best experience for an ER visit in my opinion. The sole fact that they gave me my own room, & not one with a curtain a literal door, made me so comfortable. I say thank you to the staff at St. Lukes Montefiore.

Review №8


My husband died because of severe neglect at St. Lukes. After being there 3 weeks suffering immensely from bed sores, no help with painful bowl issues, no help for kidney failure, no help for septus, my husband was requested to be moved to Columbia hospital where they said he was extremely sick from lack of care. He died 2 weeks later. Mind you he was recovering and getting rehab in a nursing home when they sent him to St Lukes for something minor. Saint Lukes was a death sentence. Please never let your loved one go there.

Review №9


It is a hard time for medical professionals and I am thankful for any medical professional who still does their job well, including certain members of the ICU team. That said, speaking generally, without constant proactiveness on the part of the patients family and intervention from PCP, St Lukes staff generally fail to communicate important updates regarding loved ones. When my dad went in a while back for non-Covid related illness, the family was NEVER given any information on intubated ICU patient who could not speak for himself (my dad). I had to work from the hospital every day just to get an ounce of information about my fathers condition, and we treated the ICU to catering and gift baskets with regularity just to ensure we were not ignored- it worked but it shouldnt have come to that and not all families can afford to do that. Now, he is in there again and COVID positive and the conditions are downright neglectful (per his account and likely due to the fact that relatives cannot be present to advocate for admitted patients who are COVID-pos). Hospital doctor wanted to discharge my dad 2 days ago and PCP found untreated pneumonia in his scans- we had to ask them NOT to discharge him and to treat the pneumonia, per PCP. The doctors couldnt agree on whether he had pneumonia or not (seems like a thing doctors should be able to figure out?) and hospital was administering no meaningful treatment for COVID for an elderly patient with co-morbidities. Further, the polarity of ratings for this place needs to be reviewed- a lot may be revealed by analyzing such a profound difference in patient experience.

Review №10


The Nurses and Physicians in the ER are neglectful of their patients. On 2 occasions I have sought services at their ER, I had to acquire a patient advocate to get much needed care and medication administered. When addressing patients, who are POC or speak another language, the language is not only plain obnoxious, but also quite aggressive; no real care in their tone or appropriate bedside manner. Horrible patient care