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140 Reviews for Moving Right Along 2023:

Review №1


Moving is just incredibly stressful however I feel so fortunate that I contacted Moving Right Along to help me with my move. I was lucky enough to have Hal, Edison and Juan on the day of my move who did an amazing job and we’re incredibly understanding and patient. I was extremely concerned about an antique table that was my grandmothers from the 1930’s and shared with Hal, Juan and Edison that the table had two legs that needed to be repaired. Hal assured me they would take great care of everything and be immediately put me at ease. The move was from Long Island to Queens and when we got to the building in Queens there was an issue with getting the elevator in service despite having put in a request. The guys were so patient, understanding and helpful as I was internally panicking for inconveniencing them. At the end of the move we learned that my couch would not fit in the elevator or up the stairs and Hal suggested calling the office. I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Garcia who helped me find a company that disassembles and reassembles couches (which I did not know was something that could be done). Tim helped to coordinate everything and arranged to help me store the couch and set up company to take a part the couch at the storage facility the following day. The next day movers brought the couch in 2 pieces and it was put back together in about 20 min by the company that was recommended. Tim even reached out to check in and make sure everything as expected, which thankfully it did. Whenever I move next I will absolutely be using Moving right Along again. I can’t say enough about how great everyone was, from the movers to the office, to the quick response via email or phone.

Review №2


Google doesnt give the option to do zero stars, which is unfortunate because one star is too many for this scam of a place. Consider yourself warned: Moving Right Along will charge a fortune. They will call themselves a high-end mover, but will break your dishes and, much worse, may lose your valuables- like my hand painted centerpiece vase and two art pieces. When that happens, they will deny all responsibility, refusing to reimburse you and making it appear that it could have been your fault. Perhaps a family member walked off with a 2 foot vase??We recently had a flood and hired Moving Right Along to pack up all of our belongings, put them in storage and bring them back when repairs were completed. For the most part, everything was fine. Some boxes came back with broken dishes, which while disappointing wasnt unexpected with a job of our scale. What wasnt fine was the missing pieces. Again, Im pragmatic and could have moved on, but for the fact the moving company denied all responsibility. To add insult to injury, they implied the fault was mine - I signed the papers (having 300 boxes to unpack and not realizing that pieces were missing), could it have been someone I knew he walked away with the goods, etc.I actually saved all of the correspondence with Moving Right Along and would be happy to forward it to anyone who is considering this company. Ill consider it my good deed done!

Review №3


I engaged the services of Moving Right Along to remove the entire contents of an apartment in NYC. Some items needed to be discarded, some were donated, and some needed to be moved to a private home in NJ. The move took two days due to the number of items that needed to be packed and the locations of the delivery points.The crew arrived on time both days and followed the instructions completely. They were very professional and conscientious. The on-site supervisor, Mo, did a great job directing the other crew members. All fragile items were packed and handled with care. Everything arrived at the correct location in good condition. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs the services of a moving company.

Review №4


Sorry this post took years later but we just found out the Company name after filing some papers. They did an excellent job packing our stuff from Brooklyn to NJ. We moved another time in NJ since having our baby and the other place was horrible! Plus now we have a comparison. These guys were very efficient and worked quickly and efficiently. They are professionals compared to the other horrible experience we have had in Jersey--they ruined stuff, lost stuff, took forever and didnt know what they were doing unlike the movers at Moving Right Along. These were our only 2 experiences and I wish could use these guys again. If you go with this company, they are professionals and you will not be disappointed! Sorry for the delayed review as we moved before the pandemic and were married and pregnant at the time and had a lot going on. I wish I remembered your names but thank you again! --Diana

Review №5


Moving right along provided an excellent moving experience! Great pricing, timely response times and delivery, all of my furniture was properly taken care of and I couldn’t be happier with how everything went. Very highly recommended, I will absolutely use them again in the future!

Review №6


Moving Right Along made my experience of moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut as easy and pleasant an experience as any move could be. Making the arrangements before the move was accomplished in a pleasant and efficient manner. I had a few questions and each time I called, the response was immediate and my needs were accommodated. The crew who showed up for the move were all pleasant to be with, wore masks, and took care with my belongings. I had told them where to park when we reached our destination, however, as it turned out, someone else was moving into my complex on the same day. I worried that this would complicate matters, but the Moving Right Along crew took it in stride and the two moving teams cooperated so that both could manage their moves at the same time. The Moving Right Along folks were pleasant and efficient from beginning to end. If there is another move in my future, I would call them again to move my precious belongings without hesitation.

Review №7


December 24th, 2021The Mighty Men of Moving Right Along and the relocation consultant who organized the transition of my life from Queens to Eastern Long Island are hereby acknowledged by this very satisfied customer.The team was on time, courteous, professional and great problem solvers. They were organized and thorough. Patiently they repacked boxes that I had mis-packed without a grumble. They worked swiftly and united as a trio to complete the job within the estimated time frame.The Might Men didnt mind too much when they surprisingly found out they had to move a couch and kitchen table with four chairs out of the destination house before they could begin offloading.Thank you all again for the wonderful work ethic you present. I would most certainly recommend Moving Right Along to other people who need your service.What Ive seen the Might Men do is truly an art and a profession that few people recognize as one.Thank you again and Merry Christmas. All the best of the New Year to you and Your Families.Sincerely,Marina Torre

Review №8


They were extremely careful with all my belongings while packing them for storage and took extreme precaution with labelling and wrapping many fragile sculptures. Timothy and Ravi were responsive and always available for a call during moving times and booking times. I also had my furniture and personal belongings stored with them for over a year and a half. I received everything in good condition. The movers to the new location were fast and made sure everything was in good condition before leaving the new apartment. Thank you!

Review №9


Quality and professional movers. Moe and his helper got the job done efficiently and with perfection. I called up on Friday and the guys were ready to go by Monday morning! Cant really ask for much more. Thank you.

Review №10


Your company is the best. Soo accommodating & pleasant to work with. This is my 3rd move using your services & the employees have always made the stress a little more bearable.Moe & his crew of guys were great, even made me laugh a few times when I wanted to just give up & cry.

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