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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Moxy NYC East Village 2023:

Review №1


This hotel blew me away in terms of service. Im an avid traveler both for personal and business trips and I have yet to encounter a staff as awesome as this one! This is a great, central location on the lower east side, with amazing restaurant options nearby. The hotel itself has a rooftop bar that is a must visit. The rooms are very well and efficiently designed, they have thought of everything! They are small but comfortable and beautiful. The beds were very comfortable and the water pressure was great! But my favorite thing about this property is the people, from Mac to his entire staff team they were so friendly, always willing to help and just the best people. I wish I could give them 100 stars!

Review №2


Overall great property, location and team. Had a 5 night stay. Nikki on the front desk is fantastic! She really made our stay. Amenities are pretty good overall. We were visiting to see the city, not just hang around the hotel. Rooms are small but efficient.Negative that cost a 5th star: Alphabet Bar staff is not very friendly or hospitable. They seem to have forgotten they are there for the guests, not the other way around. One of the bartenders with a dark beard and ponytail is particularly rude. We took our bar business elsewhere as a result. Lots of great establishments in the area that welcome your business. Moxy needs to really take a close look at the team in this part of their business.Didnt let it ruin our trip though. Would definitely stay here again for convenience and can still enjoy other establishments in the neighborhood that really appreciate your business!

Review №3


Edit: They ended up moving us due to a cancellation. Not sure if that was because of this review, but we appreciate it.Honestly, just terrible customer service. We got put in a room thats strangely disjointed from the rest of the rooms in the hallway, and its next to the public bathroom for a restaurant.Guess what, its loud! And the door here sounds like its opening every single time anyone walks by. We asked for a room change after a busy morning.You shouldve called earlier was the response we got from the front desk. Not even an apology at first. After that, they put me on hold in the middle of a sentence.They said that they would love to change our room, but cant because theyre all booked up.Dude, this is a straight up lie!We went on their website and theres two exact rooms, Queen, 2 Guests, available for tonight. Im pretty sure everything they told me--the managers out, the hotels booked up--was a lie.If you book here, just know you have a chance to get a terrible room, with terrible service. The citys cool though.

Review №4


The good: service & staff were excellent, kind, warm, and helpful. We made some special requests and they were cheerfully accommodated.The bad: Strange things were awry - our bed was missing a top sheet, the room wasn’t super clean, the shower sprayed water far outside the shower area, the bathroom light wouldn’t turn on unless all the lights in the room were on, we had two room service visits after requesting no visits to our room. It all felt a bit chaotic, probably due to understaffing.Location and staff helped a lot, but I wouldn’t stay here again considering how many places there are to choose from in the city.

Review №5


Great service! I took a red eye and arrived really early. They got a room ready for me way before the check-in time. Really appreciate that!The room is clean and nice. Not enough work surface for me to really work from the room. Otherwise it is great!

Review №6


I have never stayed here before & today they went above and beyond to make valentines special for me and my gf as I’m not with her. They decorated the room amazingly they took care of both the flower and edible arrangements i got for her and made us both cry tears of happiness! Thank you thank you so much to whoever went above and beyond in her room! I love this hotel and can’t wait to stay there some day to personally thank the whole staff!

Review №7


We had a terrible experience at this hotel and actually chose to leave the hotel early to stay somewhere else.Here are the highlights:1. The elevator makes a rattling noise about every 10-15 seconds and you can hear in the rooms.2. There is one ice and water machine and it’s broken3. The front desk were rude in general. I called them once to check in and once to get a key to my room. Both times I was told me all requests should be direct to the Marriot app and not to call them. They also refused to give me a physical key to our room. When i explained that I needed a key they finally gave me one and explained that it was going to expire after an hour if I wanted to keep using it I would need to come down every hour to have it renewed.It was all very disappointing.

Review №8


Nice rooms, great amenities. Alphabet bar with free skeeball, Cathedrale and the Ready rooftop bar were all awesome. My only complaint would probably be the way they have the bed against the wall... The person sleeping near the window has to get up and over their partner to get out of bed.

Review №9


Cool spot but would have been way cooler had they let us know the rooftop bar AND the main bar were closed for private parties. Its understandable to seek outside business, but some notice would be nice if you were staying at a hotel and planning on attending either of the featured amenities. The lack of transparency around it was disappointing and unprofessional.

Review №10


Hotel itself was nice, although watch your bill after you leave… I got double charged for the waters drank from the room & dealing with customer service was not pleasant. I understand it’s NYC so paying $5 a water is whatever… but to get charged $22 rather than $11 and then given some attitude about my refund left a bad taste in my mouth. Do better Moxy