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Phone: +1 718-463-7896
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Total reviews rating 4.3

38 Reviews for Nastas Auto Repair Shop 2023:

Review №1


These guys are top notch. They fix all cars...foreign or domestic...big problems or small and reliable service.

Review №2


If you read some of the other negative reviews, you’ll notice their experience is identical to mine. Went to get an inspection knowing there was nothing wrong with car. I am an Aircraft Engineer and know that if there were any issues with my car, I would have fixed it prior to going to this shop for an inspection.They raise the car and remove the passenger rear tire. The guy tells me he can’t pass me due to rust on my rotors. I explained that the car sat for 2 weeks where its “completely normal” for rust to form where as you brake, the pads clear off the rust so don’t tell me that I need new rotors. He then proceeds to tell me I have the original shocks and they need to be replaced. How can you tell me the shocks are no good if you’ve never driven the car? There were no obvious leaks so to tell me he won’t pass me for the shocks and rotors indicates he’s after more then just the money for the inspection. Was quoted $300 to replace 1 rotor and then he would pass me. So what he was trying to tell me was that the driver side rotor was bad due to rust but the other 3 rotors were acceptable for the car to pass inspection? I don’t think so buddy.You made it abundantly clear that your an untrustworthy mechanic shop. One that I would steer clear from.

Review №3


I went to this mechanic to get my inspection done and one of the mechanics told me I couldnt pass inspection because one of my brake rotors had mild rust on it. I was totally fine with that until they told me I had to change out the entire rotor and quoted me $300. I left immediately because it was way more than I expected. I barely had 15k miles on the car!I gave them the two star because they didnt charge me for the failed inspection but they were telling me that I should come back to get it done soon because if I didnt it would lead to replacing all of my brakes.I went to another shop where they recommended they resurfaced the rotor and I only had to pay $30! Passed inspection that same day!

Review №4


I have been coming here for close to 20 years. They are honest and fair. They tell you everything that needs to be done. I even stop by for any questions that need to be answered. Please note that they are not part of the gas station. I have never been disappointed.

Review №5


Be careful while pumping the gas.⛽ specially when using credit card and tally with your transaction. They charged $100 for $20 gas. When asked the cashier said he doesnt know anything on how the machine works. 🙄 Pay cash

Review №6


We tried to go to here for a NYS inspection. He said he had 3 cars to do first so come back in 3 hours. We went back in 3 hours and then he said he was tired and didn’t feel like doing it, he was going home early, come back tomorrow. We most definitely will NOT go back tomorrow and will NEVER go to this shop for any future needs. Very unprofessional and disrespectful of other people’s time. That’s not how you run a business.

Review №7


My wife and I have been using Nastas Auto Repair for many years. They are competitively priced, friendly, thorough, and honest. I have recommended this shop to friends, family, and colleagues numerous times. Speak with the owners, Larry and Paul. They will take good care of your car.

Review №8


Very rude mechanics, do not come here. Identical personalities to the workers at a pizzeria.

Review №9


Ive been taking my cars to Kevin for over 15 years! They are honest, do great work and are comparatively priced to other shops in the City. Joe is super nice too!

Review №10


Been taking my car here for the last couple of years, theyve always done good work. Ive always trusted them to give me a fair assessment of what my car needs.