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199 Reviews for New World Hotel 2023:

Review №1


Disgraceful, The staff are beyond prejudice, The owner name is Steven & his family runs this terrible Hotel. They have bedbugs Plus broken windows. Never again, I recommend no one goes there for vacation getaway.It’s cheap all right, you won’t be satisfied. Anyone that gives this place a four star, are cheap and dirty.

Review №2


I stay there for 3 night, 1 night and another 2 night were few days later. I stay two different rooms, one has tv anothers hasnt, the only common is they are extremely small and dirty. Im 58 and need to bending my legs to sleep.

Review №3


I love this place so much do not care about the 1 star reviews cuz they all tripping on deez nutz. I had the most comfortable experiences of my whole entire life there, i went to hotels that cost more than a thousand dollars and this $40 hotel rocks it out.

Review №4


Our experience was horrible.There‘s was as good as no space in our room, which isn‘t too bad. But everything else was awful. We didn‘t have a proper sleep because it was very loud the whole night, eighter from the traffic outside or because the people in the hotel (including the staff!) would talk really loud in the middle of the night.Also, this place was really dirty. The bed sheets were clearly not washed (which we could tell from strangers hair and stains on ALL the bedsheets), you can see mold everywhere, including the bathroom, and the floor wasn‘t clean. The hallway smelled like marijuana the whole time.I give 1 star because the guy on the reception was nice, but we had a really awful experience.

Review №5


Let me tell you , I had an opportunity to stay at other hostels in NYC while I was in between apartments and this was a rush decision to book room in this place. You dont get the basics of what you pay for. From the experience speaking, it is not true that if you need better you need to pay more. For same price you can get way better conditions and it is true. In my room there were cockroaches, smell was horrible, loud noises, dirty bad sheets, dirty clogged bathrooms and it reminded me a place from some horror movie! Please do yourself a favor and never book anything there. No illusions, this place is a disaster. Business owners : If you are unable to maintain the basic standards such as cleaning in your Hotel then close the business! This is a good example of owners who are ignorant and irresponsible to allow for this to happen!

Review №6


This is an awful hotel. As another person on here commented it shouldn’t even be called a hotel. It’s super dirty. I’ve been to hotels in developing countries that were much cleaner. The sheets and pillow cases had blood stains on them, the bathroom floor was always wet and dirty, the shower looked really gross and there are gaping holes all throughout the building. One part of the ceiling in my room was sealed with a pillow. There’s no elevators and the rooms are really tiny. I was on the fifth floor with a large suitcase, so as you can imagine that was a nightmare. The only good things about this hotel are the location and the staff seem friendly and can be helpful when they’re not busy listening to music or watching YouTube videos on the job. DON’T GO TO THIS HOTEL! It’s not even that cheap. Pay a little more for a decent place. You won’t regret it.

Review №7


Very good value for money if you dont mind some of the rooms not having windows. The staff put up with my complaints and were mainly very helpful in terms of getting me more bedding and asking people to be quiet after ten p.m. It was an interesting experience to stay there on the edge of Chinatown for the first time apart from one night in the past on a previous visit to the US. The hotel is excellently located for Chinatown and Little Italy and Soho, the Lower East Side and the Seward Park area. I had thought I would miss the food further uptown where I had been staying but I found some excellent cheap places to eat and buy snacks to take back to the hotel. A couple of times the bathrooms hadnt been cleaned but I put this down to outsiders and most of the time they were very clean. The room was small but mine was pretty. The room was warm enough and the emissions not too bad, worse in the reception area.

Review №8


Worst hotel I have ever experienced. I often travel in the 2nd and 3rd world. I believe the water here is safe, but the place is filthy. Significant amounts of human hair on the bed and towels. Both were stained with what I assume to be bodily fluids. Walls and floors are caked in... something. Mildew and dust covering everything. The place smells like a public restroom. Noises carry very well through the building and it is very noisy from both visitors and equipment. Will not return. Good location.

Review №9


This place was absolutely filthy. There were bugs on the pillow and bed bugs coming out behind the headboard. The pillow cases and sheets still had hair and sweat stains from the previous people who booked the room. The shower was clogged due to the hair on the drain. A bunch of hair was throughout the room and in the sink. After complaining they offered to give me sheets for me to replace. Those were dirty as well. They refused to refund me for the room. The BBB is notified and investigating. I highly recommend that you never book a room here.

Review №10


WORST hotel stay I have ever experienced. UNSANITARY!! The first room they gave me had wet stains on the sheets which I assume was bodily fluids, the walls and floor were dirty, and the floor bathroom was covered with pee all over the floor. Then after insisting for a refund after deciding that sleeping in my car would be a better experience, the second room they gave me ALSO had dirt spots on the sheets. Never stay here.