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Phone: +1 929-388-4999
Opening hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:5–10PM
  • Wednesday:5–10PM
  • Thursday:5–10PM
  • Friday:5–10PM
  • Saturday:5–10PM
  • Sunday:5–10PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for North Miznon 2023:

Review №1


Service was great and the outdoor upstairs patio is a wonderful atmosphere. Mixed reviews on the food. Really liked the focaccia and the okra dish. The rest were just ok. For many of the dishes I would get big pieces of coarse sea salt which threw me off. It was either too salty or it felt like the salt wasn’t fully incorporated into the flavors of the dishes.

Review №2


Been there a number of times, and can say that North Miznon is one of the best Israeli restaurants in the city!Food is fresh, authentic with an Israeli twist, staff is absolutely incredible- and the overall experience is just awesome!!We just keep coming back there !!Shout out to the Chef and restaurant manager Nadav Greenberg, for making such great food, creating such a great environment and who’s always making sure we’re having the best time!Thank you guys at North Miznon 🤙🏼

Review №3


Good food, nice atmosphere and super friendly staff. All plates are supposed to be shared but honestly they were too small and a bit expansive. Branzino fish and eggplant were super tasty!

Review №4


A perfect location if you have an opera or ballet to catch at Lincoln Center, since restaurants are always fully booked. I can understand the negative reviews of this place and vice versa. I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner, but it was very expensive for the portion size of the dishes. We ordered our meal tapas style. I love sharing dishes because you get to taste a variety of foods, but all of us were very hungry, and it felt we weren’t really full from our dinner. I have figured it out delicious dinner without breaking your budget.A meal for four diners: Fresh golden Focaccia, envelope burning leeks, mushroom pasta, the best branzino, lamb shawarma ( a special that night), lamb ragu pasta and a piece of cabbage cake melting into veg stock. We all shared this and you would think it’s a lot of food, but it wasn’t really.My advice is not order tapas style. I would definitely get the cabbage cake and you can share the branzino if there are two diners. The lamb and roots is something I would have ordered, but they didn’t have the portion for 4 people. If it is available, I would get that and just the cabbage. Trust me, the cabbage is out of this world. The mushroom pasta and envelope leeks are too expensive for what it is. The leeks are delicious, but the portion was small. The cocktails are delicious. I ordered the Malka Whiskey. We had room for dessert, so we each ordered our own. My BF had the chocolate mousse and I had the lebanese nights. I loved the lebanese nights, and pair it with coffee because I needed a little pick me up for the ballet after dinner.

Review №5


My husband and I have enjoyed many meals here now and our meal last night was no exception.We sat at the bar and had such a wonderful time, and the food was just perfect!Some of our favorites are the beetroot carpaccio, the branzino (of course), and our absolute number one, the melting cabbage. All of this and a nice glass of wine or a cocktail makes for a perfect date night.We also love the music and atmosphere, it is playful and fun, a perfect mix for a night out.

Review №6


Cozy Upper West side restaurant serving modern riffs on Israeli and Middle Eastern food. Sat at bar.Staff is warm, friendly and most importantly very competent.The food is excellent. They take a very elevated approach on many communal and peasant food. The results arent a mind-blowing sensation but instead makes you feel the dishes were done right, with lots of love.Also the amount of food you get is hardy and leaves you very satisfied.Perfect place to go with a small group so lots of dishes can be ordered and shared.

Review №7


For the food they serve and the price they charge, I wish this resto would match the service and atmosphere. For an Israeli restaurant, its off putting to be hearing backstreet boys and Shakira all night. For the prices they charge for tiny portions of food, I expect a lot more sophistication than cardboard plates and clumsy servers.The servers kept coming back to our table all throughout the night asking did you order the 7 clouds? did you order the branzino? did you order the lamb? The dishes came out one at a time, spaced out so far in between each other that one person would be done eating by the time the next dish arrives. It would have been great to eat together. Tables and chairs were cheap too.Dont get me wrong - food was AMAZING. Everything was cooked well. Just expect to pay high end prices with a fast food restaurant experience.

Review №8


I don’t have enough good things to say about this place. After trying their location at Chelsea market and being blown away me and my husband decided to book dinner reservations at this location. Although many things were sold out by the time we were there that didn’t stop us from trying all the other options and everyone was to. Die. For. Five stars cool dishes and every one was delicious!

Review №9


I think the food here is always very strong. The spices and freshness of the food is what makes this a staple for me. My only complaints are that sometimes the menu changes or they don’t have certain dishes i want on the menu. Other than that, the service is great, the vibe is cute, and YOU MUST get the zatar chicken!!!

Review №10


This restaurant should be embarrassed. The servings are insultingly small at prices that are eye popping. A salad they charge $21 for - literally, 3 spoonfuls of cut up radishes and cucumbers - that they claim can be shared. Service is gruff and abrupt.Total came to $320 for food that is served on cardboard, over salted and poor portion sizes. This was for a few “salads” and 2 glasses of wine (total amongst 3 people)We eat out a lot - don’t eat here - it’s pretty shameful and best to avoid.