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Total reviews rating 4.1

7 Reviews for Northeast College of Health Sciences 2023:

Review №1


I didnt attend NYCC, I work with them as a vendor. I want to say how impressed I was with their leadership team in our kickoff meeting back in November. It was so evident how dedicated they are to the long term sustainability of the school and the success of their students. Afterwards, two students took us on a tour of the campus. They were super engaged and I could tell they had a lot of passion for the profession and the college. Its awesome to see a leading institution like this right in my own backyard.

Review №2


Please read: Truly a solid education, great professors & experience. HOWEVER speaking on behalf of myself (a graduate) and other peers in my class I would STRONGLY recommend not perusing chiropractic college. You will end up with crippling student loan debt that you will forever live with and never pay off. You will have tremendous difficulty finding a job, you will either not get paid enough to survive or end up suffering while practicing along with a DC that practices bizarrely or unethically (although this is not prompted by the college). Owning a business is extremely difficult with chiros on every corner and declining reimbursement rates nationwide. On top of the already difficult circumstances noted above you will need to navigate finding affordable health insurance for yourself and family which is nearly impossible considering the debt to low income ratio you will have. I thankfully after 5 years post grad and a lot of tears, fear, and praying I found an unrelated chiropractic career that I love. I feel blessed considering the potential circumstances. However I will be working until the day I die likely being unable to ever retire after having attended this school. Ive sometimes hoped that I dont make it to my 25 year IBR debt forgiveness, because then I will be hit with a IRS tax bill so large and it will reawaken this nightmare all over again and anything Ive gained I will likely lose because of it (as if Im not reminded monthly already). Whats even more concerning is what the beginning of my last sentence suggested. This is the reality. There are people who are fortunately enough to have thriving profitable businesses in chiropractic but they are far and few as Ive spoken with most of my peers who are in the same boat as me rather than the latter half. I pray collegiate institutions are someday scrutinized and possibly even held accountable for offering any degrees that have a poor return on investment for the general population of graduates. This includes all colleges. With all that said and considered, if you are going to pursue post grad in chiropractic this truly is the only one you should attend and it is the best out there and has a great education. Just consider all the other factors and make the decision logically as I wish I had followed my gut.

Review №3


Save yourself from a dying profession and avoid chiropractic altogether, not just this school.What profession saddles you with crippling lifelong debt, provides a negligible return on investment, garners no respect from the medical community, and even struggles to agree on its own identity? Chiropractic.If you doubt this professions stability, simply read all the other reviews (here and elsewhere). Many of these positive reviews arent even from students or chiropractors.DEBT: Without assistance, you are guaranteed to graduate with AT LEAST $160k of debt. Many students will excitedly begin their careers with $200k+ of debt, a

Review №4


Super campus that provides the tranquility and focus students need to be successful in this intense program. Teachers are approachable and provide tremendous support to contribute towards the success of the students. Cater well to students who are Canadian.

Review №5


Nice campus, friendly staff and beautiful area!

Review №6


A very large campus that appears to be well kept and maintained

Review №7


Excellent people and place to be

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