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Phone: +1 718-886-1234
Opening hours
  • Monday:5AM–1AM
  • Tuesday:5AM–1AM
  • Wednesday:5AM–1AM
  • Thursday:5AM–1AM
  • Friday:5AM–1AM
  • Saturday:5AM–1AM
  • Sunday:5AM–1AM
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Total reviews rating 3.2

199 Reviews for Northern Boulevard Car Wash 2023:

Review №1


Went in for a simple car wash and they left paint inside my car and a blob of it on the outside of my car, insist that’s it was there to begin with yet I don’t work near or with paint, it looks fresh like it was just done, even checked my shoes to make sure nor have I stepped on any paint. They are so full of sh. It’s clear white paint. You would be able to tell that right away and they didn’t even try to fix the issue. Never coming back again

Review №2


I paid $30 for a platinum wash and they only washed the outside without cleaning the inside. Two very aggressive workers in the environment one with a French beard and trucker cap and the other was tall with a blue jumper. When I approached both they used the I cant speak English card when they could understand me. With employees like these it will only bring the business down

Review №3


This car wash was amazing and cleaned my car so throughly. I would like to commend the staff on doing such a great job. My car was shining all the way home. For the price its worth it. Came here on a friends reccomendation.The tunnel looks awesome and hope it gets updated with Simoniz signs and new products. The original equipment seems like it is in good shape mechanically but should be checked daily.Hope this adds stars and keeps this place open forever.

Review №4


Worst service ever i had in my entire life the guy he didn’t give me slip and when i asked about slip The guy who cleaned my car he have no sence how to talk with customer using bad words and even didn’t clean my car properly.. I asked one of other guy about his name but they didn’t share his name everybody have bad behavior will never come back and will tell all of my friends who use to come here everyday

Review №5


I wish i could give this car wash 0* but i can only as low as 1*!!Completely unprofessional stuff and they won’t clean it perfectly! 20$ for a regular car wash but it’s not even worth 10$ washing service! big scam for our beautiful neighborhood!be aware of this scam!!!

Review №6


Affordable car wash near home. Prices are reasonable.

Review №7


Could have done it my self. Was still cleaning it after man... 3 stars because it actually looked good. But Ive had better.

Review №8


To be honest…I’m really surprised this is how my car look like after cleaning today.

Review №9


Went to have my truck washed, paid extra because it was a pickup truck which is crazy to me because its actually less area to clean since I dont have a back seat. When the guys go to dry it, one of them call me outside and say theres a problem, apparently one of the brushed fell on the truck as it was going under and put 4 gashes in my driver door, I go tell the receptionist girl who has to be like 17 what just happened, she called the manager who wasnt there and then ignored my questions why something like this would happen. Then processed to tell me I dont even work here as shes swiping the next customers credit card.... I get it, if mommy got you a summer job with your uncle or some other family member you still got to represent the company as an employee. Anyway the manager finally showed up, he was trying to be accommodating and said he would pay for the damages, we go inside to write up something saying he would pay for it and they receptionist girl starts saying I was being rude before, when all I was doing was asking legit questions on how that could happen to my truck. Thats when things really got weird, the managers 16 year old son starts threatening me and saying oh you just want us to pay for it because you cant afford to fix it yourself and your truck just cant take a hit which both statements are ridiculous, who takes their vehicle somewhere for it to get hit? The manager then goes with me outside and writes up something saying he would pay for the damages and I leave. When I come back with estimates. To fix the door he says its too expensive and refuses to pay, now I have to go thru my insurance, pay a deductible and hope that my insurance is able to recover that from the businesses insurance (assuming they have insurance). It was one of the oddest experiences iv had with a business, iv been going for 15 years and it has been on a steady decline, no one cares for their job there. VERY unprofessional, from the snobby cashier girl who doesnt care about how she portrays the business because mommy got her the job, to the manager who lied about paying to fix my truck, to the guys who do a half ass job of drying your vehicle, alot of whom have watches & jewelery on their wrists and leave scratches. HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED, DO NOT GO THERE

Review №10


The website says this is open 24 hours when you view their hours of operations from 5 AM to 1 AM. It’s 11:32 PM on a Wednesday night and they’re closed