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Phone: +1 631-238-3065
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

122 Reviews for Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care 2023:

Review №1


Went to this Go Health in East Northport for the basic COVID 15 minute test required by Northwell for a routine medical exam.This urgent care receptionist told me it was $195 but if I had insurance they would summit it to them and I may pay less or nothing depending my plan.After 2 months I got a bill from Go Health for $547 for the visit, so if I had no insurance was $195 but with insurance for whatever reason or deal they make with insurance companies I ended up with the hefty bill and they don’t want to adjust it to $195.They are a bunch of thieves and rip off con artists.Avoid these urgent care or any urgent care places at all costs and if you have to go to one, ask in advance the cost if your insurance denies their claim or you will be taken by a ride by these awful Go Health clinics, that they even have no doctors, they have nurses.

Review №2


You are the only Urgent Care i use for my son. And although I do not want to go there as often, he loves going there. Hes only 3yrs but I believe he feels welcome, and that you care about him and that is very important to me. Thank you for always being so warm and sweet to us.

Review №3


Booked an appointment for 7.45pm today May9th, 2022 and arrived 10 min earlier. I booked everytning online 6 hours in advance for “Covid related” visit, filled out repetitive questions - drove all the way sick to be told that they are closing in very soon and have no time to do Rapid PCR test, the employees are going home. The front desk “manager” had an attitude, clearly annoyed that I am upset for my complete waist of time. She couldn’t make an effort and resolve the issue until a nurse came out of the room and offered me to come again next morning. So now I have to go twice, but the cherry on the cake was when the front desk told me she did a FAVOR to me booking me for tomorrow. REALLY? Isn’t it’s just your job that by the way paid by my visits? She was obnoxious even more when I was leaving.Will go there tomorrow and then switch to other clinic.

Review №4


The doctor was very nice. She helped my 9 months baby and hes doing great now. He is relieved and we are happy.

Review №5


This place is absolutely the most unprofessional doctors office I’ve ever been too. Will never return. Brought my daughter in when she wasn’t feeling well…disgusted by there cold and disgusting manor…. I have never had a problem at any Northwell health facilities….just this one.

Review №6


Went for a Covid test. Signed up online. Super easy and self explanatory. Uploaded insurance info and short health history. Text when I arrived, I was called. Francisco verified my information over the phone and let me know when I could come in. They cleaned my exam room prior to entry. Brandon the PA assured me that all equipment, even the blood pressure cuff was wiped clean with Clorox before I entered the room; which has a sliding door. Contactless. The swab in the nose was unusual and unpleasant but not as bad as intramuscular needles for 9 days straight as an IVF PATIENT. It was a breeze compared to that. It goes deep in the nostril. I was advised to breathe through the nose to reduce discomfort and it helped. Everyone wore masks and I only lowered my mask to have the swab done. They are efficient, friendly and very clean. Great job guys, thanks for all you do!

Review №7


Joe, our awesome paramedic, and Dr. Gerberg (not sure if I am remembering her name correctly?) were both kind, friendly and wonderful. The woman who checked us in at the front desk was also kind, efficient and helpful. Thank you for making “sickness” as pleasant as it can be!

Review №8


If I could give this place no stars I would! Terrible service! I was Covid positive on a home test but wanted to confirm. The gentleman at the door said it would be a 3-5 hour wait. After 5 hours I went back and they said I had 13 people ahead of me so I waited 2 more hours and went back in the girl said you’re getting very close there are only 13 people ahead of me! I said that’s what they told me 2 hours ago and she said well we had some emergencies! If you need urgent care DO NOT GO HERE!!! They are anything but urgent! CityMD has a much better system and way more organized!

Review №9


After testing positive two days earlier and having no symptoms I wanted to have my daughter retested prior to the holidays to confirm the diagnosis. Upon entering there was a security guard not wearing a mask. After waiting a few minutes the staff began to eat Carvel ice cream Sundays in front of patients. Then after waiting and being brought into the examining room the female physicians assistant stated she would not retest my daughter. After questioning this she left the room, spoke to someone and returned stating they would only do the PCR test which takes approximately three days to get the results. Why do the PCR test and not a rapid test when I was just looking to confirm prior to the holidays in case this was a false positive. as of this date my daughter still has no symptoms and I do understand that it is possible to be positive with no symptoms. This place needs to be reviewed by the management for minimum its mask policy and eating policies. This is a branch of northwell health, the so-called experts, give me a break.

Review №10


Like others if I could give zero stars I would. I saved my spot in line my appointment time was 712 pm. I arrived at 715pm with an your late.. blew it off.. what are you here for? Keep in mind I am the only patient in the place. I said a rapid test. Wwell, we dont have any more of those, you want a PCR? Yes or no? Long story short, they TOLD me where to go ,what room.gave me the test. On a side note the PN was so very nice and did a great job checking me out. I ask the nurse if she could also give me a rapid, she told me only if you come back on the morning, they only give them then and you need to be the 1st 30 people. Got my Pcr on Tuesday and my results on SATURDAY... after calling and calling and checking the portal,.. I only got a phone call back after I requested one on Saturday..find somewhere else to go..

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