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Phone: +1 718-353-3211
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Friday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6:30PM
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Total reviews rating 3.2

38 Reviews for Nu Eyes Vision Center 2023:

Review №1


We have been coming to Nu Eyes for years and have always had great experience with Dr. Ma. With remote learning and staying home all day, my sons eyes are getting worse and worse at a alarmingly fast pace, so Dr. Ma recommended us to get miSight contacts to slow his myopia.I was concerned to go during Covid, but they assured me every precaution is taken to ensure safety of their staffs and customers.We showed up at the appointment time and were promptly allowed in with 1 other group of customer that we were able to keep apart from. They took everyones temperatures, had everyone sanitized their hands and masked properly. There are glass dividers set up at every station with air purifiers running.When we went in the testing office, every surface was wiped clean and sanitized. Dr. Ma was very helpful and took the time to explain and answered our questions. She patiently taught us how to handle the contacts and put them in and out, checking to ensure it was proper fit. My son was frustrated because it isnt easy for a kid to put in contacts, but he managed to do it with Dr. Mas guidance.Overall this has been a great and safe experience given the current global pandemic.

Review №2


Bought a pair of glasses recently. Been to lots of different vision centers and none of them charged me examination fee; however, this place charges $75 if you dont decide to buy their glasses and $30 even if you do. They trick you into the examination because they make you do the exam first even before you look at the glasses and they did this without telling you the cost. When I finally picked a pair of glasses - mind you they werent one of those popular luxury brands - they told me if I get the extra thin lenses with warranty plus the exam plus the AR film they apply it would come close to $750 which is ridiculously priced. When they saw I was about to leave, they gave me the whole thing for $500 which just says how overpriced their glasses are. A week later, I went to go pick up the glasses. They only had 2 people working so I had to stand outside waiting for about 20 minutes before someone was able to let us in. They didnt even take our temperatures. The guy that helps tighten your glasses then tells us that we need to be careful when selecting glasses that nose piece like the ones I chose arent able to be adjusted. So why didnt anyone tell us this when we were picking glasses? He also wasnt very professional. He didnt even clean/sanitize the glasses after he touched them which many other vision centers did for me. Definitely do not recommend.

Review №3


I would second guess coming here if you dont want to be insulted. A staff member of optician by the name of George (the name what they told me) said in Mandarin (not knowing that I understood Mandarin) that I could not afford to get transitional lenses in a very cocky and condescending way. How does a business in a community that understands both languages have an employee that outright insults its customers based on assumptions. I can afford them but I wanted to try an initial pair of reading glasses. He assumed I was broke and could not pay. How rude and to say it in another language makes me realize what a coward he had to try to humiliate me so that others understood and he did not think I would. I think this guy should be fired! Rude!

Review №4


I went there a week ago. I have been their customers for many years. The staff was super helpful and nice. I really appreciate their organized steps to ensure each customer is social distancing, masking up, and offering free hand sanitizer to ensure the safety of everyone. Their place is cleaned constantly. I feel safe in there. Their advises are also professional and the frame is cheap. In the Flushing community, its hard to find a store with courtesy and respect, and this is the one!

Review №5


They don’t pick up phone calls. Very poor customer service. They should improve their service. Don’t go to this place. I heard they don’t make promise and appointment time. You don’t want to wait so long outside in cold weather without staff answering the phone calls. Instead, you just watch them servicing other customer inside. There are many eye glass stores around the area. I don’t see this store stands out in terms of price, service and quality of eye glass.They are not so unique and quality of their glass is not good. Screw will come out in an year. For glass issues, other places are much better and could just make appointment same day or next day to have it fixed rather than waiting for weeks.

Review №6


Terrible service. My wife and I would NEVER go to this place again. I recommend people not to go. Keep waiting in cold weather outside for so long. This is really the worst eye glass company in my entire life. Staff looks down on you and don’t show any respect. So arrogant. People please don’t go to this place. They have you waited outside for long and staff came to say you were late for appointment. I am late and the previous customer was still there. They also broke their own rules to bring in 2 customers at the same time. What a terrible customer service. If they are so cool, why can’t they cancel my appointment and why can’t they call you to inform you rather than having people travel all the way in a snow day and find parking. When you call them, you need to call them at least 10 times without getting to unanswered voicemail and when the person picks up, they don’t talk to you and they speak so far away and you cannot even hear what they said. Terrible.

Review №7


I never get that worst customer experience at Flushing area. I called 1 day before to fixed my glasses and they asked me to come 10am. I wait ahead about 10 minutes because they not open yet. At 10:02 am I ring the phone and asked them I am outside coz my appointment time is already pass. Then I got the worst the customer experience of what the lady said, there is plenty of way to say they can’t fix my glasses because my glasses is broken that the reason I explain and make appointment over the phone. But she is very rude, she said how can we fix broken glasses and I asked why you guy said over the phone can fixed it. She is Really Rude. Doctors is nice my experience. Well bad day what I had my bad customer experience at morning.

Review №8


This facility is located in a fairly busy intersection in Flushing. I have been here multiple times, usually for a new pair of glasses or the regular annual eye exam. I have to say I am very impressed and satisfied every time I walk out the door.Having lived here for such a long time, I have learned that being part of the customer service workforce in Flushing is an absolute nightmare. Being bi/multilingual is a necessity, and sometimes even that is not enough.I see a lot of people complaining about the lack of customer service at this location. For me, I have never had this issue. They could be a little robotic and emotionless at times, but that is something to be expected. After all, with such high customer volume and each customer having their own demands, it is very draining. As long as I get what I want in a reasonable time frame, I have nothing to complain about.Additionally, the ophthalmologists are extremely friendly and helpful. I feel completely at ease when I speak with them and they addressed every question I had. Recently, I tried on my first pair of contacts. Moving from glasses to contacts is monumental for me, because I have been wearing glasses for almost 12 years. The staff were very patient and offered a lot of encouragement and advice for putting them in and taking them out (surprisingly, my biggest issue seems to be the latter).My parents use this facility also for their eye wear and regular eye exams and they love this place. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a decent pair of glasses or for some professional service to try this place out.

Review №9


They are always reliable and trustworthy when it comes to the health of my eyes. They are kind and patient. Whenever I go, I always learn a new way to keep my eyes in a healthy state. Dr. Ma especially is a very patient when explaining something. She is great at teaching me new things about my eyes and what to do!

Review №10


Old contacts were okay but dr yip introduced me to a new contact that were better for my eyes. After trying them for a week, the new contacts were much more comfortable. I’m glad I gave them a try since my previous doctor never told me my old contacts were not breathable.