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Phone: +1 347-845-9760
Site: https://onecuptea-cateringfoodan...
Opening hours
  • Monday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Friday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11:30AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11:30AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

73 Reviews for One Cup Tea 2023:

Review №1


Been coming here since I was in middle school. Great place food is pretty cheap although it has gotten more pricy due to inflation. Their “advertisements” that say it’s like 2.25 for fries actually mean if you order a drink and fries the fries would only cost $2.25 but the drink would still be full price regardless. I saw a review about their false advertisement it’s not that confusing actually. I always get the popcorn chicken with a drink. Love their popcorn chicken probably my favorite item on their menu and it’s pairs really good w the sweet chili sauce that they give w it. Definitely give them a try! (Don’t have a lot of pictures of this place 😭)

Review №2


Had the Taro milk tea with lychee jelly (8/5/22: Excellent taro flavor and the lychee jelly was a great alternative to boba/bubbles which are ok but I dont love). Next time will try the Fresh Watermelon Yakuit with Strawberry Popping Boba or the Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly.

Review №3


Loved the watermelon juice with yakult, paired well with the popcorn chicken. Most if not all of the ingredients are fresh here, and they certainly dont use powder to flavor those fruit drinks.

Review №4


I ordered black tea with milk in hope that it would be Hong Kong style Dong Nai Tza. Sadly it was just ordinary tea with milk. It was ok though. Thats my bad. Next time Ill try something else on there big menu.

Review №5


Really good bubble tea! Better than other popular chains in the city, their boba is flavorful and the milk tea has incredible depth! Highly recommend

Review №6


I can only speak for the Jasmine green tea with bubbles. The green tea flavor came through strongly and the bubbles were cooked well, with proper chewy texture.I came back a few times and also tried the black tea and oolong tea. Unfortunately, those werent as good and had a powdery taste.The popcorn chicken was great, not too salty and had a good crunchy to chewy ratio. They sell snacks like this for $3.25 if you get a drink.Theyre now open everyday until 9pm and have limited indoor seating. Apparently, the place used to be known as Anda Café.The owners are super friendly, too. I would support this small business over the Kung Fu Tea across the street every time. (The tea and boba there taste kinda sus, anyway.)

Review №7


One of the regular bubble tea houses we go to, decently priced and nice service, never tried any of their cooked foods.

Review №8


Just got the basic milk green tea. Great on a hot day and they didnt add too much sugar like a lot of places. $7 minimum for cards, otherwise cash only.

Review №9


Just went here a few days ago. This place is full of false advertisements. So I try to order the Crispy chicken with a drink for $2.25 that they advertise heavily, But thats not the case. $2.25 is the price of the drink. There is not even a picture of the drink in that poster lol it was so confusing. So then I tell them how much is the drink alone and she said $3 something. None of the prices are correct. Everything they advertise is not what it really is. Then there is a sign saying that the prices have been fine tuned. If it has then the advertisements havent been changed and its all over. My order that shouldve been $2.25 according to there advertisement was almost $9! Lol I wouldnt go back there again. A friend had the bubble tea and said it was great. I had sweet potatoes fries and the fried crispy chicken and it was good. The chicken fingers were very strange looking and the texture was mushy. But my issue was all the false advertisements and making customers confused. Like if u just advertise the things for what they are then people wouldnt complain or be confused.

Review №10


Delicious, the watermelon slushy crunched my thirst ❤️.

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