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Phone: +1 866-950-3278
Site: https://www.optimum.com/stores/n...
Opening hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:9AM–6PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.7

199 Reviews for Optimum 2023:

Review №1


Optimum needs to really work on there customer service. I was offered 1 year free service after installing a new provider and calling to disconnect. I took the offer, 3 months down I’m getting a bill saying I’m in default & I must make the payment. I call 4 to 5 times to speak to the retention office who gave me this promotion can never get hold of her because it’s call centers around the country. Finally got a call from her telling me this is a technical issue & she assured me it will be fix. Which was never done 7 days later I called & a supervisor from other retention department told me she apologized for that representative lying to me! Like wow! I can’t believe my ears! But this is stressful. Optimum get it together!! Stop doing this to your valued customers!! I didn’t ask for free service you offered it to me!!

Review №2


I was returning one cable box out of 5 that I have. There were very few customers in the store and there was just 2 people ahead of me but it took about 30mins. To get service. The service agent who did take care of me was great, professional and got me out the door. Thank you

Review №3


The system of checking in at the door keeps the customers organized and to be taken care of in turn. We needed to purchase a new phone. Supply there was very limited and Linda worked very hard to find a phone that would meet our needs. Unfortunately we left without a purchase but thin inventory was to blame. If you go, make sure you ask for Linda 😁

Review №4


I had a horrible experience at optimum this morning I am being over charged by the billing department and they will not get it right they stopped taking my calls so I had to go to the business office with my walker in the rain . I explained to him I am a disabled veteran and this is truly a hardship coming there since they wont let me speak to a live person over the phone. I informed him that I no longer want to deal with optimum as I gave him back the boxes he actually had the nerve to offer me cell phone service. I looked at him as if he had 3 heads and said you just dont get this. I am mad as heck and you are trying to sell me another service while doing me wrong with this one. I just walked away.😡

Review №5


There are no appointments and its first come first serve. There is a wait, I waited about 20 minutes at around 12:30 pm. You can wait in your car and you will get a text when its your turn. Service was great, Pierre was wonderful and very helpful.

Review №6


Been here over 35 minutes you give your name and wait and wait while reps wander off to the back to do nothing. 3 or 4 reps for 1 client this place is not run effectively this is not science or brain surgery people i was there to return something on a Wednesday mid day ridiculous rep was nice but system should be more efficient

Review №7


Much better layout than previous store. Queu system eliminates standing on line. Some decent accessories and phones for sale for good prices. Friendly customer service reps.

Review №8


Dont get optimum cable if you can help it. Their staff are not helpful when you try to cancel your service. When they ask you why are you canceling they expect an answer to get you to stay. This is not a hate review or being vindictive, this is a former customer who just dont want to be hassled let alone hustled.

Review №9


You have to register for the que when you arrive. My wait was about 25 minutes in the car, watching the line move one at a time on line.The young man that assisted me was very helpful and friendly. I needed to exchange my router that was constantly dropping wifi for the last 2 weeks. When I installed it at home, the new one didnt even work.I called tech support which wasnt able to help so I got an appointment for today between 2-5 pm. Naturally the tech was running late and showed up at 5:36 pm.He changed some cables and splitters, and replaced the router with another one which seemed to work. I had to reset it once to get it to connect to my devices.Optimum is discontinuing their 200 mps speed, so I upgraded to the 300 mps speed which seems to be better so far.They lost a star for the bad router and lateness of the technician.

Review №10


Im not from this area -- now I live here and I have optimum. Its honestly the worst Internet service provider Ive ever had in my life. My service cuts out every few minutes (Im not being dramatic), and theyve come multiple times and cannot fix the problem. Just now its gone down 5 or 6 times within the last 30 minutes.Miserable company.

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