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Total reviews rating 3.3

120 Reviews for Paisanos Pizza Villa 2023:

Review №1


Unfortunately village pizza was closed and I didn’t want to drive to pizza gram plus so I took my chances. I took a fat L. I ordered buffalo chicken pizza and what I got was the worst buffalo chicken pizza I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it’s a different style you use when making it or what but I would much rather prefer Stewart’s buffalo chicken pizza. Walk across the street and take notes. Other than that the pizza was okay. I think I’m just gonna stick to the basics and get cheese when I order from you guys from now on.

Review №2


I love the pizza they have for lunch. It seems to be a little thicker than ordering a whole pie. Always fresh and delicious. There whole pies are very tasty as well.

Review №3


Paisanos Pizza used to be our favorite place to get pizza but lately the customer service has taken a sharp decline. Tonight we ordered pizza on our way home, about 5 pm told 30 minutes. Arrive 25 mins later, and my partner was inside for 30 mins waiting for our order. We left at 5:50 pm. If its going to be longer, communication is the key to success. Also, didn’t realize there was a garlic shortage. You should inform people you’ve changed the recipe on garlic knots and your facility has decided to use garlic powder instead of real garlic, not good. I understand every business is busy and cost of goods has doubled, but I don’t feel like we were communicated that our ordered had been screwed up while we were waiting. Bad communication and juvenile customer service skills lol

Review №4


To the lady that runs this store…She is the most foul human being I have met. Reading the other reviews, you constantly paint yourself as the victim in every situation and never take responsibility for the problems you cause. Not to mention the shop is completely run down and filled with dirt, debris, and old food on the floor. The horrible condition explains the dead mouse that I saw around the back of your so called “pizzeria”

Review №5


This is the second year we have been ordering. Normally no problems , we dont expect delivery to be quick in the location with the price of everything now a days , a normal order bi weekly, even weekly costs 70- 100$ for us. We work hard for that, this evening it took over an hour to state out for delivery, thats ok. But ... then it was another hour to deliver, ok we kind of get that, we arent difficult, but over 70$ later and two hours the food was not even Luke warm. It was just cold. When we called the manager she was so rude and disrespectful and suggested we send it back and they will reheat. .... ok. Now we will move on to the many other choices

Review №6


Foods pretty good, could be a little better sometimes, but they are the only ones who will deliver up to Berne, (the one down the road wont) and they always fix any issues if there is any, cant complain. Will keep buying from them!

Review №7


Menu did not indicate multiple locations and both are on Main Street but 45 minutes from each other. Staff did not say there were multiple locations when we were confused as to why they didnt have our order. Antipasto had onions even though I asked for none and was jist a garden salad with meat/cheese tossed on top.

Review №8


Pizza is great if you walk in and order a slice or call for pick up. Delivery is terrible. They tell you a 30-35 minute delivery time and 80 minutes it shows up. This has happened to us twice, and it’s always the same old excuse - they don’t have enough drivers. Don’t quote someone 30-35 minutes and then show up almost an hour late. Next time we will go elsewhere.

Review №9


I placed a large order last nightIt took an hour to get here thats perfectly ok I get the fact busy Saturday night. The food was all cold , mozzarella sticks were like rocks ,mushrooms were mushy the small pizza ..cheese had all slid off it. The 12 cut was cold but delicious! We were missing our garlic knots I called and they said oh they are right here ill send him back.....were the only warm part of the meal. Was disappointed.Thank you for responding i didnt mention any of that at that time because we were just starting to open everything and didnt know.i am changing my rating because you were quick to respond and seem to care and we do love your pizza and will try again

Review №10


Honestly, been getting food from here for years. Their pizza isn’t always made the same and they tell you “ 45 minutes to an hr “ lately they always say “ we’re waiting on delivery drivers “ or “ we’re not delivering today “ if you don’t need delivery go to Pasta & grill or Wolfe’s pizza. Their pizza tastes better than Paisano’s. Your company’s name may have changed but so has your quality, quantity and service.

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