Papi Grandes Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Buffalo

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Phone: +1 716-836-7274
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:11AM–10:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10:30PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8:30PM
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Total reviews rating 3.5

199 Reviews for Papi Grandes Mexican Restaurant and Cantina 2023:

Review №1


Once we checked in we got a free offer for queso and chips. However, the waiter already hooked us up before hand because we were going to a movie next door. I loved how conversational our waiter was. He showed genuine interest in the movie we were going to see and built rapport with us. He was very attentive to our needs and on top of refills. I got the chimichanga with chicken and my husband got tres tacos. The chimichanga was huge and packed with deliciously flavored chicken and it had a generous amount of queso on it. Yummy. My husband said the tres tacos were okay. There was also a live music playing when we went which I found enjoyable. The atmosphere was lovely, fun, and I would recommend coming here.

Review №2


My fiance and I have been here about 5-6 times in the last year, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. It is a very chill atmosphere. The service has always been great, but its even improved more recently, the food is well seasoned and delicious with ginormous servings (we always have lunch the next day), the margaritas are awesome, and everything is reasonably priced! Well worth it. Plus, whoever was running the music playlist tonight had good taste!

Review №3


I do not recommend this place. We thought this place would be a nice place to go after a nice movie, but we were soon proven wrong. First of all, we payed for every step we took in there. The Margaritas were 13 and a half dollars, for a glass barely bigger than a shot glass. We then ordered Chips and Salsa. First of all, the chips and salsa were 100% bought at a store. Literally tasted like something Id find at a Dollar Tree. Next of all, we grabbed food. Horrible mistake! The portion sizes were small enough that not even an ant would be full from it. The Enchiladas were so dry, and the sauce was actually tomato paste. The beef tasted foul, not to mention the rice. The rice tasted like you poured 100 salt shakers on it, we were coughing because the salt was so overwhelming. Another person at our table got Fajitas, which were 25 dollars for some horrible stuff that was probably 5 bites. The meat tasted like a McDonalds patty. The other person got some kind of Taco Mac and Cheese, it was drier than the Sahara Desert. It was also extremely small. Once we got our bill, we only expected it to be around 50 dollars. WRONG! It was about 110 dollars, for nothing. We left that place extremely unsatisfied and hungry. Lord knows what an inspector would find in that kitchen.

Review №4


Ive been to many, many Mexican restaurants in my life. Unfortunately and disappointingly, I cant count this as one of them. The margaritas were so sugary and limey that they were barely drinkable, and IF they had tequila in them you couldnt remotely taste it. As for the as if the chef who made the menu only ever looked at pictures of Mexican food without ever actually tasting it. We ordered the shrimp and steak fajitas and the steak was way overcooked, the veggies undercooked, and were pretty sure the shrimp (all four of them) were precooked and previously frozen. They didnt even look or taste grilled. We might try this place again for a drink (not a margarita) and music, but we wont be ordering food. We only gave it two stars because our server was very attentive and friendly.

Review №5


$10 for a Margarita that tasted purely of mixer. Very sparse menu. Not many choices of Mexican Food at all. They are into tacos at $5 each and up.If you want Mexican American food, this is the place. They should be renamed Little Papis Tacos.

Review №6


One of the worst tasting resultants I’ve been too, the chips were so cheap and and obv from a bag, the salsa was so sweet, the food was very bland. The meat was a weird grey color inside, and smelled so weird. I am vomiting profusely the next day after eating it. *** I have confirmed food poisoning, tried calling the restaurant to let them know, and they kept sending me to an automated message. My next step is to call the health department/CDC no one else should have to feel like this. My fiancé got chicken instead of beef, seemed to be a way better choice. This place could be on bar rescue…. I wouldn’t eat here if someone payed me to.

Review №7


Come for a drink and light bite. Fun atmosphere - kid-friendly and dog-friendly too! Sam is the best!

Review №8


Went on 3/21/2022. Would NOT recommend anyone go there for food. Waitress was very nice. Food was pitiful. Refried beans were dry and tasted like taco seasoning was mixed in. Rice as well. Chimichangas were barely warm and eating half of it was painful. I feel as if I someone literally stole 35 dollars from me. This restaurant used to be good. They should be disappointed and embarrassed with the product they put on their plates and serve to paying customers. I apologize for the harsh words but it was actually that bad.

Review №9


This is the worst restaurant I have ever gone to. I spent $100.00 in 4 plates of $13.99. They charged us even the oxygen we shared in that place. I was going to leave when I sat down but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Worse decision ever. We ate 3 Taco meal. 1. The meat was without flavor. The shrimp taco had 2 shrimp without anything. 2. The rice is literally rice from the Goya box sprinkled with sazon 🤮. The refried beans my god... They are from the can again mask with sazon. 3. The lemonade and sweet ice tea is literally water with color. American people can be fooled but a Hispanic never will. Also, the utensils given to me were dirty. I will never do business here again.

Review №10


Well first off I must say the waitress or bartender was great. Very nice and attentive. But omg they charge for chips and salsa now which most places serve for free. The salsa was so thick it tasted like tomato paste. Then the margarita was just ok but it wasnt even served in a margarita glass. Hello your a Mexican restaurant. Wow. Very dissappointed. Will never go back.

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