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Total reviews rating 4.2

67 Reviews for Parsons School of Design The New School 2023:

Review №1


Just graduated from this school after dealing with a huge workload and being pushed to my limits! In my opinion the first year was a waste, but the last three years were challenging in terms of creativity and intellectualism. There were some bad professors, but that didnt stop me or deter me from reaching my goals. Parsons proved to be an aggressive animal to deal with, but it was totally worth it in the end!

Review №2


Admission team from the beginning they just show me clearly all they care about you register with them! Nothing else! Shiny name for college but ugly factsHow can a student register if he does not ask and check?The book comes from the title! I am trying to find something else less risk for my financial situation!

Review №3


I have seen a lot of cases where students with poor skills are admitted to this school. Compared to the students admitted to the European Fashion School, I was surprised to find that the skills and creativity of the students at this school were ridiculously low. Even if you don’t have any skills and creativity, I think that it is a school that you can easily enter with your lots of parents money.

Review №4


Who the hell gives 1 ☆ to a New York Design School? I am a Parsons alumni and can confidently say this school provided many opportunities and has opened doors for me in the past. The school pushes your abilities to do your best, and will weed you out if youre not cut out for it. Its no picnic, and expect sleepless nights, preparing projects and presentations. Very much like what is expected in you in the real world/business.

Review №5


I got accepted into this school with the Deans Scholarship in 2015, after transferring from the Academy of Art College. Long story short, after becoming homeless and financially crippled, this school had the audacity to bill me $9000 for classes that I NEVER attended AND they blacklisted me after I complained about it. Make your own decisions; just be wise and avoid making bad decisions.

Review №6


The way they abandoned those who graduated during pandemic is unconscionable. They had the wherewithal to negotiate internships to 2021 grads but 2020 grads had to fend for themselves.

Review №7


Lovely place with very captivating cityscapes around the vicinity of the school.Literally a city campus.

Review №8


This world famed school may not be the best design school when measured by design itself. But theyre the best when it comes to being the best at helping design, designers and anyone else be their best. Theyre are focused on moving the agenda and conversation forward into the future. On making connections and creating great things.

Review №9


2001 alumni. Studied illustration and animation. The beginning of a great career that allowed me to explore all my creativity and really branch out and love everything I do today. Excellent school and community. Susan Stillman - best teacher ever.

Review №10


As a student at Parsons, I have been immensely disappointed by the school.I was tempted by Parsons reputation and history of producing designers such as Donna Karan and Michael Kors.In reality, the school is disorganised leading to an impossible workload for students.The quality of the teaching is poor. Since the instructors come from industry, they are not professional teachers and the quality of the teaching is just random. Most of my teachers were not able to inspire me or help me advance in my learning.Most of my friends are depressed at the school. Apart from the fees, we feel the school does not not care about our well being or our education.The school does not encourage high quality creative work but only quantity of low quality work.

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