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Total reviews rating 4.3

99 Reviews for Pier 1 2023:

Review №1


The best store for your apartment or home all sale here

Review №2


You know... I always appreciate a store who makes your shopping experiences personable. I love how pleasant the workers are. The place is always clean. The set up and displays are always on point. Check out is fast. Even the security guard greets you well. I just love this store!

Review №3


Nice store with beautiful merchandise. I was enthralled with all the gorgeous pieces of home decor. But upon further inspection, I noticed several of the items on sale have chipped paint, scratches, scrapes, etc. If Im paying my money, I need my items to be in pristine condition when I walk out the store with it. Again, this is not ALL the items. The person working the register was friendly and did her job well.

Review №4


Staff are always very pleasent and knowledgeable, especially Michael he is always friendly and goes the extra mile for service, always happy, Phyllis is another one very knowledgeable and can come up with so many desirable looks. Management is also awesome, even the security is helpful and knowledgeable. I ALWAYS leave smiling and wanting more. My only grip is the quality of some of the items but that is overshadowed by their generous return policy and overall customer service. Highly recommended!

Review №5


Totally impressed with the colorful festive items. Everything for adding a little touch of beauty is at Pier!. There are large & small pillows, rugs, curtains. decorations, lamps for decorating. The store is on the pricey side. but its goods are irresistible. The items are good quality and fun !I decorated a few rooms with their lamps and rugs. One day I will get the wicker chair!

Review №6


I went here on Sunday and I couldnt believe the beautiful stuff. The place was neat and clean. The employees were very helpful. I found a lamp I am going to buy once I change my living room around. I also saw a few Halloween decorations that I will be buying from Pier 1 Imports.

Review №7


I had never been to a Pier 1 before and I was sure impressed.Very large and very packed of all sorts of home decorating goods that will fit most decors. It was during xmas season and they also had some very nice decoration for the season. I could have wonders around this place for hours. Some items were a bit pricey and I am not sure the quality demanded the price they were asking, like items can be found at Target just around the corner.

Review №8


My mother went to the Gateway Center branch today. When my mom got to the counter another customer barked at her accusingly claiming the pillows were hers and how she had left them near the register to go get something else. All of this was being said while my mother who, by nature, is a quiet woman who likes no trouble just quietly listened to the woman ragging and the staff member who had been putting them away ALSO just quietly listening! My mother being a nice woman, gave the other lady the pillows, but the gross disrespect in the entire situation and the lack of communication between everyone was appalling. I don’t think anyone would appreciate their mother being treated this way and I hope the staff works on owning up to their mistakes and clearing up situations.

Review №9


Pier 1 offers style and beauty in home decor, from artsy to something classic. Pier 1 carries items that can help you jazzy up and spice up any room in your home. The staff enjoys sharing their expertise and knowledge on how to make your home picture perfect!!!!

Review №10


Gorgeous stuff... their customer service is a “nightmare” you get run-around and maybe after a week and 8 hours of disastrous phone calls to them .... you hit your luck and get a decent manager. I spoke with a “lead manager” named “EBONY” she couldn’t have been more rude, unprofessional and down right nasty if she tried. Pier one get -your -act .... Together please!!!

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