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Total reviews rating 2.1

94 Reviews for Pilot Freight Services 2023:

Review №1


Driver was polite & respectful, but my product was damaged. Reached out to them multiple times, but unresponsive. If I had my choice, I would pay double the shipping to avoid this company.

Review №2


We have been using Pilot to ship our line of childrens furniture from our warehouse in NJ to stores and consumers throughout the US for almost year. It has been a constant struggle. To put it into perspective, we have over 13% damage rates on our dressers.The trust weve put into Pilot has not only cost us over $50,000 in actual damaged freight, the countless hours dealing with upset customers and Pilots customer service, the cost of replacement merchandise and its associated freight, but, more importantly, the damage to our brands reputation exacerbated by social media.Although its not my nature to take to social media (this is my very first review) my utter frustration has lead me here. As it stands, 36% of our claims have been denied and the remaining 64% are unresolved.Ive included a few images from recent days to help illustrate the our experience.Incidentally, as I was writing this, a new claim came in from a retailer that we drop-ship for - the email chain with the photos and it describes the beginning of our process. It goes like this:1) retailer informs us of a problem2) retailer asks customer to send photos3) photos get forwarded to us4) our customer service person contacts the end-user for more details5) once we have all the details, we arrange to have our warehouse ship replacements.6) the items are prepared to be shipped, a BOL is created, wait for pick up7) hope for the bestAnyone reading this may be asking, why do we continue to use these guy. Because from my experience, all the national providers weve tried suck. So, Pilot, youre not alone.Meanwhile, we continue to search for reliable, local, independent delivery companies in major markets who can serve us.

Review №3


Got yelled at and disrespected by the dispatcher. The drivers called me and i told them to ring my door bell and someone would sign for the package. They rang no bell and the person who was home didn’t sign for anything. When i called about the package they said someone came down and signed it. COMPLETE LIE! When i call the dispatcher and explain what happened she told me, “you shouldn’t have said someone would sign for it, it’s your word against my drivers and i will believe my drivers over you, we are done here go figure it out with the merchant it’s your problem now.” As i got home thinking my package was gone, i noticed they have left it outside of the lobby door, not even inside the building, they left it outside without getting a signature or anything. Disgusting service, and that dispatcher was a horrible person i wish i got her name.

Review №4


Pilot Domestic Pickup Services, JFK and nationwide: you absolutely need to notify customers in advance if the person(s) picking up inside of an urban apartment building will not be wearing any sort of mask whatsoever, since your most recent pandemic update, dated September, 2020, indicates that all such employees will continue to wear masks, even if customers do not. Because I have lung cancer and prior to that, already had autoimmune diagnoses, my brother, staying with me full time since 2020 to help, since my condition has progressively deteriorated, had been ready to put on his new N95 just before the exchange with your employees. However, we are both horrified that the employee entering building after building had no mask at all. Forget whatever mandates are lifted, especially in NYC: you should know better. I am now wearing a mask inside my own apartment, even though my brother was masked, since this is the first not-masked worker we’ve seen inside a non-commercial space, and I literally have fought off infection after infection for the last year plus from whatever residual microbes my brother has brought back into my small apartment after far safer, fully-masked interactions. It’s the already sick people that are STILL at HIGH RISK, and as a global freight and logistics company, you should know already know that the very recent lifting of mandates has far less to do with there being less risk for EVERYONE than with restoring economies. Your customer-facing employees need to STILL be masked for you to make any absurd claims about having “a trusted network of global partners.” Updating your stupid website, or verbally warning consumers at the very least, would be far cheaper, since it’s already clear that as a business entity, you are among the most shameless. How dare you. Pilot Freight JFK wants sick people exterminated/out of their bottom line

Review №5


This company is HORRIBLE. When you finally do get a hold of them, they’re extremely rude. Customer service is NOT their priority and apparently neither is delivery. Not only did they break my tv bringing it here but cancelled my pick appt 3 times. They called me 10 minutes before the first appt window closed saying their truck “broke down”. I wish I could post the video of them bringing in the house. Call Walmart and ask to switch shipping companies or don’t order large things online from them.

Review №6


One of the worst delivery services I’ve ever had. Had a scheduled, SCHEDULED, Amazon couch delivery cancelled and rescheduled by Pilot with no warning or heads up. I was out of town when they decided it was convenient for them to deliver.I then had to sit on the phone for hours trying to reschedule and understand how a scheduled delivery gets rescheduled with no notice. Had the phone slammed down on me at least once by the rudest “customer service” agents I’ve ever spoken to. Be extremely wary if Pilot is delivering your Amazon items.

Review №7


I had a delivery scheduled for 4/29 with a window of 9a-2p and. 30 minute heads up call. Well at 1:40p I called the office to ask about it and was told its on the truck, driver must be running late. Fast forward to almost 4:00 and I call again only to be told it would arrive in 20-30 minutes. I asked about the 30 minute call-ahead and she said yeah, theyre supposed to but I cant speak for the driver. Well the driver NEVER called and the package didnt arrive until after 5:00p.

Review №8


Were supposed to deliver a cabinet. They lost it / it never came. Took a month to figure out. They lied about delivery status in the mean time (will come tomorrow for two weeks). Impossible to reach (no one picks up the phone), never honored their own delivery commitments, absolutely worst shipper I have ever had bar none in 30 years, avoid at all cost.

Review №9


Had a delivery appointment set for yesterday, waited for 4 hours , did not receive anything or any info about the delivery. Could not track using the tracking number and had to spend 1 hour over the phone trying to find out what’ was going on. After the 4th call finally was able to find out that they have no idea of when I will receive my shipment. Very disappointed!

Review №10


I ordered a treadmill from Walmart this company delivered it. The first treadmill was left at my door. It was damaged. Walmart replaced it. Second treadmill I had a window of hours between 9-1. That never happened. Someone finally showed about 5:00 PM. Both treadmills arrived damaged. They were picked up by this company. The worst experience ever. If I order anything in the future and this company will be delivering. I wont order.

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