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Phone: +1 212-362-5221
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–7PM
  • Thursday:7AM–7PM
  • Friday:7AM–7PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–7PM
  • Sunday:8:30AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

50 Reviews for Playground Pups 2023:

Review №1


I can’t say enough good things about this place. My dog (Oscar) and I just moved here from Minnesota in January. I visited several potential boarding places in Manhattan and researched many more online before taking the anxiety-ridden plunge of leaving Oscar at Playground Pups for eight nights over this past week. It was the longest I’ve ever left him anywhere (which most certainly bothered me more than him … haha), and it was a new place in a new city, etc. Yikes! So here’s the thing — About two days into his stay, Oscar had an unexpected medical issue come up. But instead of that shooting my anxiety through the roof, I was immediately put at ease by how wonderfully they handled the issue and handled him. Normally one doesn’t have (because they shouldn’t need) contact multiple times a day with the place they are boarding their pets. In this case, I got phone calls, emails, and photos constantly that reassured me that he was not only safe and doing just fine, but that also showed just how professional the entire staff is and how much they care about the animals in their care. While it’s never fun for your dog to have a medical issue when you aren’t around, in a way I’m almost glad it happened, because it answered the unspoken fear we all have about whether or not everything is going to be okay if something goes wrong for your pet while you are away. In the case of Playground Pets, the answer is that your dog is absolutely in good hands. Plus, it seemed obvious from the photos they sent that Oscar had a good time while he was there. I have already booked his next stay when I’m gone for a week again in June. These people are great.

Review №2


We love the people...Sam and Michelle.Kugel on his way to Playground Pups.He is so happy there and well adjusted. The best care,service, love and prices in the UWS.

Review №3


If you have a new pup and live in NYC, I cannot recommend Playground Pups enough! Their Saturday play groups helped my dog immensely -- she came in as an unsure, shy puppy and after a few meetings, became the most playful, confident, and happy dog when she meets other pups. She was nervous at first but Lea, who oversaw the playgroup, was incredibly observant and patient with my dog and all the other dogs too. You get the sense that she and the others here just enjoy all types of dogs and working with their respective strengths and weaknesses. As an example, on my pup Josies first time here, Lea made sure to give my dog one-on-one time after the group play with another dog at her level/size to ease her into things. I also saw other very shy dogs get much more comfortable and social after Lea worked with them. So, lots of personalized attention-- and, at least at the time, it was FREE! And the group varied by size so it was perfect for my large dog. I also loved their grooming -- my dog HATES baths yet she always comes back looking great and the groomers, despite knowing how difficult my dog can be, never gave me attitude about it and always are super positive. And the price was not any more money than equivalent groomers-- I thought it was very fair. If I hadnt moved out of the area, Id be coming back here all the time -- the people here literally made my dog wonderful!

Review №4


So grateful for this place. We had to run from Florida to get away from hurricane Irma. I have a 10yr old min pin who ous also blind. Taking him to or hotel was not an option so we found this place. They were very accommodating to us, weve been gong back to check on him and take him for his walks. He seems very happy there. Great place, very reasonable.

Review №5


We started taking our 9 week old pup here for the Weekend puppy socialization meetings and it truly helped!!! The place could be cleaner because pups just pee everywhere and they use a sloppy mop that stinks but ..... the group play-dates makeup for it. A lot of puppy owners show up so it is great chance for the news pups to play and have fun!

Review №6


My dog has been here 3 times for grooming. I kept coming back thinking it might take a couple of times for them to get the grooming like I want it to but it didn’t. They don’t follow owners instructions, they seem unorganized and it is also one of the most expensive grooming services in the area. I just don’t think it’s worth what you pay for. Not coming back anymore.

Review №7


My dog loves them and is excited to go every day. Flexible and extended hours, great people and you can tell they love the dogs!

Review №8


Playground Pups is amazing! Lea, who leads all the puppy groups, is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer who deeply understands dogs and knows how to coach dogs and humans to bring out the best in everyone.We highly recommend the Saturday puppy playgroups (which Lea carefully groups to make sure dogs of similar size/age are together) - it is a great way to start socializing your puppy with other dogs and learning about how dogs play together.She also does a great puppy kindergarten and we have even worked with her 1-on-1 with our family in our apartment to help work on some specific behavior challenges we were having with our dog. She had great advice and trained all of us on how to handle not only the behavior quirk we were seeing, but also finishing up potty training, handling separation anxiety and how to get out ahead of puppy boredom.If you have a new puppy you MUST take them to Playground Pups - you AND your dog will be better for it!

Review №9


I took my puppy to Playground Pups for the free playgroup and we had an awesome experience. He wasn’t vibing with the dogs in his group so the trainer told us to leave and come back for the next group. The next group was perfect for him and he had such a fun time! Got out a ton of energy and got to socialize with the other dogs. They took our temperatures and were very careful with social distancing. All of the staff members were very kind and friendly and the facility was clean and organized. We are going back next week!

Review №10


Great service I absolutely fell in love with this place. I took my dog for a grooming and he looks amazing. They did a spectacular job. The guy at the front desk was very friendly and very helpful. As soon as youwalk-in you feel welcomed and I knew my dog was in good hands.