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Phone: +1 718-381-1000
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5PM
  • Friday:8AM–5PM
  • Saturday:8AM–3PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2

35 Reviews for PnP Automotive 2023:

Review №1


Got engine from them 05/05/2022. . 2007 honda accord . in description was 70k mil. the engine was bad I see looks like a older and ignition coils melted in side. waste off time after when I install i see engine was overheated, after first sturt whole coolant blowing out compression goes from head gasket to coolant system .Call them they promes to get other engine after 4 days I got other wich was water flood . call them that time they promise to send me other . every day when I call them for two weeks they saying the engine is on my whey today .I still didnt receive nothing. today is 05/24/2022 .They lying always .My recommendation just stay away from PnP .

Review №2


We have been dealing with this company for years and never had a problem with their engines or transmissions. OJ is the man to talk to.

Review №3


Came in today ready and willing to buy an engine but was told they do not take credit cards, which was okay. However, after discussing some details and leaving, I took to Google and saw 23 out of the 30 total reviews in the last year are negative and they only posted 3 good reviews on their website. Transparency is vital for a business to have trust with the client and be successful which was not being provided, so I called to cancel the delivery of an engine and he said “I already knew you were gonna cancel, I just knew, so I didn’t order it” with an attitude in his voice. Mind you, this means that they would’ve left me out to dry without an engine and I would’ve suffered the same fate as the unfortunate individuals who’ve done business with this appalling and ethically-unsound establishment, without a working engine and being robbed of a couple thousand dollars. It’s apparent that this individual rather than provide value to the customer would rather take advantage of and reap the benefits of avoiding credit cards all together, so they can sell (mostly) faulty parts and have it be paid through a third party app system (PayPal, Zelle, Cashapp), so they don’t have to deal with any legal issues and all the blame, if something were to go wrong with a purchase, would point to the customer. A good business is honest in their mess ups and will work hard to help the customer, which according to word of mouth, they do not.Very unprofessional and misleading business, save yourself time, energy and money by taking your business elsewhere in the area.

Review №4


Got a transmission for a 2014 ford fusion .... as soon as it was loaded i said it looked repaired but if any issues come about it would be replaced. Their prices are really cheap compare to other junk yards on As soon as i installed Transmission, issues. I contacted right away and u was told i would answer soon to replace. 3 weeks past no call backs... then i requested store credit or refund they didnt get back to right away. Then spoke to oj and he said ok what else you need, i then asked for an engine.i was told he was out of stock and he would call back. That was a month ago. Be very cautious... this place has alot of bad reviews and i still gave it a shot and it didnt work out. Cheaper aint always good. I would gave 1 star but they answered my calls. So basically out 1,000 dollars. Lesson learned.

Review №5


Traved from Virginia to Queens New York, Very great people and honestHighly recommend this place if you need motor...... Go see OJ very honest gentleman

Review №6


Waited more than a month for the engine to arrive. Multiple phone calls saying its on its way then nothing. Engine finally arrived and they wanted a bank check . Driver took check and we preformed a visual inspection of engine only to find out it was blown. We paid 2500 for a blown engine. Called them immediately they said they couldnt turn the driver around to give us the check back. Literally 5 mins after the driver left. Oj said they would mail us the check back. They cashed the check and sold us a blown engine. Called multiple times. Always put on hold. Never called back. They scammed us. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. DO NOT PAY WITH A BANK CHECK SUPPOSIDLY A 6 MONTH WARRANTY. OJ your a liar and a thief.

Review №7


These organization is the biggest con artist you could find in this business…..Sold me a bad engine … supposedly low mileageA mile away you could tell it had high mileageTo add to the situation promised me a motor the next day….NEVER CAMETHEN I WAS PROMISED EARLY MORNING NEXT DAY….ANOTHER LIE !!!!!!Didn’t come in till 11amNOT RELIABLE AT ALL!!!!!Look for another place….

Review №8


Customer service is terrible, they have no care in the world. Don’t buy an engine from them or anything at that. They will rip you off. Not worth the trouble. Going on a month and I still haven’t received a replacement engine. They will drag out the situation until your warranty is up or you give up calling. Just steer clear of this place.

Review №9


Just to let you know They deserve no stars but Google automatically give one star to write a review . Anyway I order an engine I received a wrong engine so I Called many timesThey always put me and hold and hang up with no answer on when Im getting the engine, Finally they send me The right blown engine so I lost time and money .

Review №10


The place is terrible no managments they never call you back , i order an engine f0r 2012 dodge ram .they never send it and after i called to check they said they dont have it. no one called to let me know that they couldn,t find the engine. the guys name is franky. terrible place.