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Total reviews rating 3.5

61 Reviews for PODS Moving & Storage 2023:

Review №1


AVOID AT ALL COSTS! THEY ARE HOLDING OUR BELONGINGS HOSTAGE! We had a pickup scheduled for last Friday morning, and when we arrived the first thing a PODS employee said to me was what can we not do for you?. I was then kept waiting by the manager, who had his feet up on the desk as he joked around on the phone with a friend. When he finally hung up he informed me that their forklift was broken and there was no way to access our container. I was given no number to call, offered no further recourse, just told to leave and try again later. Its been over a week that Ive been calling PODS and every day Im told the forklift will be repaired tomorrow. Then today they called me to inform me that it still wasnt fixed, and that the earliest I would be able to get to my container was in a week and a half, which would be twenty days after my original pick-up date. On top of this they charged me for an extra months storage, even though the only reason the container is still in storage is their own ineptitude. When I contact customer service my calls arent returned. When I requested a contact number for the storage facility I was given a fake number to call. Dont be fooled by the friendly service when youre signing up: ONCE THEYVE GOT YOUR STUFF IT BECOMES A SCAM YOU CANT ESCAPE.

Review №2


I have my moving schedule for over 3 weeks. One week before the deliver I find that instead my address for delivery of the pod there is some commercial address in Queens. When I look at it, it seems to be the storage Pods company in Brooklyn, I have called twice to change the address and they cant do it. They opened 2 tickets that nobody is answering, I will get charge for the pod tomorrow and I still dont know if I will have the pod delivered to my address this Friday. The order was done on the phone and I gave my full address to the person who did the order, I dont know why this happened but the company is not doing anything to solve it fast enough or even providing a number of the warehouse so I can call and be sure they deliver it to me. Instead making my life easier there are adding stress to an already stressed situation which is moving to the other side of the country.

Review №3


Avoid this company at all costs. As soon as you pay you will struggle to get anyone at the company to respond to you. This would be OK except the website is also down regularly so you cant do things like sign the agreements necessary for containers to be shipped. They delivered my shipment (I was moving states) a week late and made no suggestion that this was out of the norm. I would never use this company again for moving or storage and would suggest you avoid them as well.

Review №4


My experience with PODS was terrible. After a number of issues on the drop off end in California, the NY PODS corporate phone service booked a pick up date for my unit in Queens at 8am on May 28th. In reliance, I booked a moving company to help get the items to my apartment. At 8pm on May 27th, a mere 12 hours before my appointment, the PODS corporate representative called to tell me I would not be able to access my unit in the morning. They had no explanation as to why my pick up was cancelled. I was forced to wait five more days to access my belongings. I had to pay a fee to the moving company for a late cancellation. Naturally, I submitted this expense to PODS for reimbursement. I have called PODS three times since to settle my incident for the late fee. As of yet, a month and a half later, I have received no response from the dispute resolution team.I am greatly disappointed in my experience and will never recommend any PODS service.

Review №5


I was scheduled to have my pod picked up 6/25 between 2:30-5:30 pm. However, I was left waiting and was lied to about the driver being “on the way” from the assistant manager at the Jamaica, NY location. This information was relayed through the customer service rep. Additionally, this is my last day in the apt I currently live in and am the only person who can open the gate to let the PODS driver in to retrieve the POD. Now i have to find a hotel and stay at least 2 extra days out of pocket because of this whole ordeal. This is unsatisfactory and horrible service. Now I must wait until Monday without even knowing if it will be picked up on Monday. What kind of service is this ? I am losing time from work and moving in order to get from NY to CO. Nightmare of an experience.

Review №6


Worst experience ever!!! Avoid at all costs! My Girlfriend and I booked for a pod to be delivered to our apartment. We explained everything with PODS. Day of we are all packed up and ready and have to be out that day. We get a call from the PODS driver he informs up that he is not delivering our pod and continues to argue and yell at us over the phone. We plee explaining that we have to be out that day... His response... Not my problem!! After that we are on the phone for 4 hours with people that cannot and will not help us. And to get a hold of anyone from PODS is impossible at a location. We are still possibly seeking legal action. We payed for a service that was not provided and was verbally abused and left to scramble to find a solution on our own. Stay away from PODS at all costs!!!

Review №7


Overall I found the communication from POD self-delivery to shipment to redelivery a little wonky with the online portal. When I did finally pick up my belongings in Albuquerque where my POD was delivered, I was happy to have the help of a POD team member open my jammed POD door. She also helped us expedite our loading, as it was me, my mother and my sister unloading an 8x8 fully packed container. I live in remote area where the POD driver wouldnt be able to access the house due to size. So we had to self-pick up. The facility in ABQ was orderly.

Review №8


PODS is the way to move long distance!All your things move in a container. Load container (use local movers), PODS ship the container, container can then be in storage until move-in possible, and then use local movers to unload the container and move your stuff into your new home. Very cost-effective.

Review №9


Pods made my move so stressful. Figuring out where the container was after pickup at my house brought me into contact with rude and ignorant customer service reps who blamed me for not directing the progress of the container online even though the website provided no information I could find. It took forever to get to my new location, resulting in an additional months storage being charged to my credit card. Never again.

Review №10


They damaged a tree while delivering my Pod and never notified me..i discovered it when it fell in my driveway. It was a huge branch and it was captured on video.The company is taking their time and its hard to contact a supervisor

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