Queens Public Library at Flushing in Flushing

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Phone: +1 718-661-1200
Site: http://www.queenslibrary.org/
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
  • Sunday:12–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for Queens Public Library at Flushing 2023:

Review №1


The place was huge. When I went here, there was a decent amount of people but you couldn’t notice right away because there was so much space and everyone was spread across the whole building. Very kind staff. A lot of the reviews mention it being noisy but it was very quiet my whole 3 hours there.

Review №2


Nice library there is ton of space where you can comfortably study or do your work. The only thing that bothers me is the annoying security guards

Review №3


I recently learned that the library card expires every 5years.... I went from the old school blue and white card, to the orange one, and now this purple card. They have turned everything into this very self service process, which I dont mind. But for those that are tech challenged, this might be very daunting.The biggest pro for me at this location is their late hours and how big this place is. Ive seen how this building, this library has transformed through out the years and they have more services to offer now which is great. Workforce1 is now on the top floor to help people job hunt, and you can get your NYC ID done here too.Con: some of the staff clearly hates customer service or just their jobs but the guy on the second floor is much friendlier than the cranky old asian lady in the first floor lobby near the stairs.FYI: you can only print 20pages a day

Review №4


Big location but main problem is they always have kids playing games on computers which suck when you need to use them for actual work.

Review №5


The best library in NY. Very good working environment. All administration personnel extremelly respectful and helpful. Sometimes it s difficult to find a free place, but nobody will blame you even if you sit on the floor...

Review №6


Thank you Amanda for your professional help!

Review №7


Great place for reading materials. Now for more in depth review, okay, this library is huge, when compared to your local typical New York city libraries; not including the handful big midtown libraries in Manhattan. This queens flushing library has many foreign reading materials to accommodate many korean and Chinese readers.

Review №8


It deserves more stars, but the library is quite noisy. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Book collections are great. However, there is a WorkForce 1 workplace on the third floor. Why are they taking up the library space? Their people just talk very loudly in the open area as if there’s nobody else around them. Come on! If the government really have to put them in the library, at least build a glass wall for the quietness. This is just basic mutual respect. The most basic function for a library is for people to read books and do research in peace. With this major function interrupted, its value is greatly discounted. I hope someone in charge can see my comment, and take my suggestion into consideration. It’s a good library, but it’s just too noisy.

Review №9


I love this library, it looks fancier than the other Queens libraries. It’s in the middle of the commercial Flushing area, where the streets are always crowded day and night. There are many librarians and staff on deck to provide assistance. The bathrooms are clean and on the second floor and basement. There are plenty of lounge areas here and there, with a laid back feel. The architecture itself is sleek and modern with high ceilings and large glass windows. There are computers all over the 3 levels to use. The auditorium is in the basement and always has programs. I like the usefulness of this library: it’s serving a lot of people of all ages and needs. I wish all the libraries became like this.

Review №10


More than a library, this is an important resource center for the surrounding area. It is a large, busy place with many on site programs/lectures, etc, for adults and for children. It is well run and maintained. In general most people are very respectful of each other. Exceptions float in and out throughout the day. The staff is courteous with a professional demeanor for the most part, but I did encounter an exception. Sitting at the main entrance, at the information desk was a worker. So I walked over, as I had a question and started to ask. However she quickly pointed to a sign out to lunch to 12pm - oh I said, realizing she was not about to help, and walked away. A better response would have been to have a sign or state where to go for help during this time.