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Phone: +1 888-777-2123
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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for RoadRunner Auto Transport 2023:

Review №1


I have used this company on two different moves. First move was fine. Second move was not. Our brand new Range Rover Sport was delivered damaged and appeared to be moved from the trailer to a gravel and mud pit. SUV tires and driver area covered in mud - not dirt or dust but MUD. Tires had mud and rocks embedded in treads. Front driver area had mud caked into carpeting, foot pedals etc. Our SUV was scratched in every wheel fender - rear passenger side being the worst of them. Plus, one of the drivers left the key on the center console cover and that caused major damage. The SUV was literally brand new. Cars were delivered late. Now, RoadRunner is dragging feet on honoring the insurance claim to repair the paint and refuses to cover interior damage. Do not use this company.UPDATE: 6/9/22 - Note in the company’s response - they do not address the damage to my vehicle. Our Audi was delivered dirty - that’s fine. We washed it (and had to have the alignment fixed bc it was a mess when we received it). This is not an issue about a dirty car. Road Runner damaged our SUV. They take ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY for damages as shown in photos. It will cost over $2k to fix scratches to paint and interior console. I purchased insurance just in case and now dragging their feet and keep asking for “documents” which have been provided twice. No communication from them for 10 days.

Review №2


Overall amazing, great customer service. Kristian helped coordinate the transportation with ease he was friendly and personable as well as going above and beyond to ensure we got the best experience using Road Runner. Our driver Ernesto had dropped off the car in perfect condition and the communication went smooth. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a reliable transportation service. Im in my new place with all my items and vehicle, hassle free!

Review №3


Fast and friendly communication. Tracking capability. Great care taken during pickup, transport, and delivery of vehicle. Will definitely use their service again in the future. PS - Diego was amazing!

Review №4


This was the worst experience and anxiety ever! I I hired road runner auto transport to transport my car from Florida to NYC Road runner had no idea the company they hired UKR elite handed off my car to another transport company Without road runners knowledge of this. When my CAR was brought here I already had the money order made out to you UKR , this lumen car transport wouldn’t take it and told me that I had to give him $750 cash or Howe is leaving he had no name on the side of his Truck. He damaged my car The Front was stocked with with all groceries on the front seats and the floor. he damage my emergency brake. Plus he was leaving with my car Because I had I didn’t have $750 cash on me at night which was late. when I called Road Runner they had no knowledge of this occurrence and no knowledge of who had my car they didnt know this company. so I called 911 it was a very scary situation and I was fearful of what would happen to me. The police came and he finally gave me my car a police report was filed. The next day I brought my car to the auto repair shop because he damaged it. Roadrunner auto Transport did nothing about it and I was never compensated for the damage. All I got was I’m so sorry this happened to you. Do not hire roadrunner auto transport no matter what they tell you. The WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

Review №5


The best company if you are looking to ship your car! I talked to Kevin and in less than half an hour he finalized shipping my car to another state. Additionally, I received my car ahead of schedule, which was amazing. RoadRunner is a highly organized and efficient company. They respect your time and your business. Moreover, they communicate clearly and effectively. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to ship a car. Thank you RoadRunner.

Review №6


Truck was picked up in a timely fashion. Good people at Road Runner.Driver who brought pickup in was great to deal with as well and had a very nice pickup and trailer.Very reasonable rate. Will use them again

Review №7


Overall my experience requesting to ship my car from one state to another was VERY GOOD! First time I request this type of service.When I requested the quote, I received a very quick response back having a follow up call and email. The representative explained details but he was bit rude, still he addressed my concerns.Regarding the person that transported the car, she was AWESOME! She called me the day before to arrange details on when and where to pick up my car. During the trip, I received updates on where my car was.My car made it home safe :)

Review №8


I highly recommend RoadRunner Auto Transport! I called them after my original company could not find me a driver to ship my car from Maryland to Florida. Road Runner provided exceptional customer service and was able to pick up my car the same day I contacted them. I was so happy with the quick turnout and my car arrived within five days, which was earlier than expected for a cross country drive. Overall, please contact them for shipping your car. You wont be disappointed!

Review №9


Pick up of the vehicle was quick and easy. they came to the house and had it loaded in about 15 minutes. My truck was delivered 2 days earlier than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The pick up and delivery drivers were courteous and professional. The delivery driver called when he was around 30 minutes out so I could meet him. The apartment that I moved to is tight quarters, so the driver picked a drop off spot that was within walking distance of my apartment for my convenience. The condition of truck was as good as when it left my house in Texas.

Review №10


I asked for a quote on Sat and got one for $675 for a Ford Explorer from Casa Grande AZ to Las Vegas NV and a carrier found on Monday a.m. at 8 am. The quote went to $818, which is NOT the definition of a quote. The dispatch reps were efficient and reasonably courteous. When I asked why the quote went up, they said it is computer generated...okay, so change your program to generate an accurate quote. I needed the truck so booked it. The auto carrier Bryan of Parks Auto Express called me that day after he had my truck...very well-spoken and friendly and professional demeanor. He estimated 10 am the next morning since he didnt have enough drive hours to deliver that nite. He called the next morning and said he would be there and gave me a time estimate and showed up as he said. He called after he was parked outside the resort I was staying in and unloaded the truck and 2 other cars to get to mine. He seemed knowledgeable and careful with the vehicles. He was grateful when I gave him a small tip for lunch. He chatted a few minutes and left. I was extremely grateful that I got him. Roadrunner called me this morning and asked how it went and if they could send me a link for a Google review. When I mentioned the definition of a quote and that it should not go up, she did NOT send the link. I have my truck and so far all okay. For my situation, twice the cost of going to get it myself was best for me. I hope this helps Roadrunner in quoting and acknowledges a good transporter Bryan of Parks Auto Express.