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Phone: +1 212-664-1110
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:10AM–8PM
  • Sunday:10AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4.7

199 Reviews for Rough Trade NYC 2023:

Review №1


A decent sized record shop with a selection of vinyls that have been carefully curated. You can tell that a lot of thought was put behind selecting which records to include in Rough Trades inventory.In addition, the shops aesthetic is 👌🔥! The floor itself is fun to check out as you walk around the store, just dont bump into anyone 😁.Oh and theres also a fun photo booth that you can use for only $5.Pro-tip: My favorite section is the Essentials area. Carefully selected records that may or may not be familiar to some BUT worth checking out.

Review №2


One very good music store, with good collections of vinyls, books, cassettes, and other merchandises. The staffs have good knowledge about their products too. Five stars!

Review №3


Im one of those people that really mourned the old Brooklyn Rough Trade, and had vowed not to support the new sell out location, lol... However, Im not that dogged in my convictions and have since been to the Manhattan location several times.. Its not as cool and doesnt feel nearly as warm and homey, but it is not bad. If I want a new release that is not too obscure, I know Im pretty much guaranteed to find it here. The store has a fun look and a good amount of variety in their selection.Glad to see a record store thriving in this economy.

Review №4


Staff were all kind people. I was super happy they host meet and greets with artists and had the chance to meet Aurora here. Of all of the places I visited in Manhattan this record store is the place ill remember most.

Review №5


Cool record shop in Rockefeller Plaza with an entrance off 6th Ave. Pleasant atmosphere with normal prices and a well-curated but large selection of merch, records, shirts, record players and accessories, posters, cassettes, CD’s, and more. It isn’t as expansive as their old Brooklyn store but that’s not the worst thing, it was a more manageable shopping experience without lacking for plenty of choices for all types of music lovers. The store was popular but not crowded and I’m glad to see they’re still holding it down with this new iteration of the classic record store.

Review №6


Huge shout out to Lauren for putting “After Dark 3” on her staff picks. I was unsure about buying it, but thought if someone put it on her staff picks, it must be good. The music and artwork are both gorgeous and coloured vinyl to boot. Thanks Lauren!

Review №7


This is everything you want in a record shop! Its got a sort of buzz about it and everyone seems excited to be there. The staff are helpful for finding specific things out for talking.... Though theyre clearly busy. You wouldnt think this location could be anything other than a tourist trap, but its not---its a bit more real!

Review №8


I go here very often and most of the times the staff is very rude. They seem very annoyed and barley help people. I personally hate how they organize their records. A lot of their stuff is overpriced. They do have good records if you like modern artists but their classic rock section isn’t the best and has very basic artists

Review №9


Went there for an album signing and really liked it. Will go back to buy more albums.

Review №10


Very nice record store, with a good selection of vinyls sell for a standard market price, except for some exclusive releases that they have.They also have cds, dvds, book, shirts and some audio gear. For me its kind of a miniature Amoeba, but with a bigger stage and smaller store.They also have Ping Pong tables, which is pretty cool.