Sag Harbor Variety Store in Sag Harbor

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Phone: +1 631-725-9706
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–4PM
  • Thursday:9AM–4PM
  • Friday:9AM–4PM
  • Saturday:9AM–5PM
  • Sunday:10AM–2PM
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Total reviews rating 4.6

27 Reviews for Sag Harbor Variety Store 2023:

Review №1


Tried and true, not much has changed here in the 25 years of my stopping in. Theyve got a wide selection of pretty much everything you could need. Lots of vintage toys, puzzles, cool crafts, and the type of toys kids these days dont know exist.I had to buy a store t-shirt! Theyre simple and not in-your-face.

Review №2


Best variety store in area, a classic 5 & dime, in 2017 dollars.

Review №3


Love to go in and look around. The last of the 5 and 10s...just not the prices.

Review №4


The Funniest everthing store. I love everthing about it .. the service. The care. The smiles

Review №5


A legend. You can find needle, thread, ice cream, bric and brac with the daily newspaper and nicknack

Review №6


The Sag Harbor Variety Store has basically everything you could be looking for, candy, lampshades, an extensive sewing/knitting department, crafting supplies, toys, games... No cigarettes, and no stamps these days, but if you’re looking for anything else stop there first. They’re also locally owned, so buying there helps keep what has been a Main Street Staple for decades in business.

Review №7


Fantastic service and a huge Variety of merchandise. Mary and Lisa were so helpful. Great to be in this store.

Review №8


You can find most anything here and affordable for downtown Sag Harbor. From a sewing kit to pool toys, yard games, almost anything!!!

Review №9


Its kind of like a Family Dollar but WAY Better!People are helpful and friendly, the inventory is diverse, and the prices are low!Also, if you like being crafty, this is the best spot Ive found to pick up supplies!

Review №10


A very well stocked store!The aisles are a bit tight, but they have anything you could possibly need.And the prices are quite reasonable!