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Phone: +1 212-832-1390
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–7PM
  • Thursday:9AM–7PM
  • Friday:9AM–7PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.7

66 Reviews for The UPS Store 2023:

Review №1


FIRST, I want to mention my remarks have merit as I am a former business owner thus having a full understanding and insight of good vs bad management. I have been to this store since it opened decades ago. In the beginning the owner himself was the manager and as should be the store was run properly. Years passed and the owner replaced himself with a new manager, a young woman by the name of Dyno who is unbelievably efficient. Shes been with the firm for about 15 years operating the business as a deeply caring concerned employee as though it were her own. I swear if I wasnt retired and was still in business I would hire her in a second and pay her accordingly. Never did I personally have an employee so dedicated to making sure everything is perfect, and when obstacles beyond her control are making waves, she actually gets upset while robotic workers wouldnt care as the problem is out of their control. Not Dino! She cares. Eg. quite often the UPS Store packages are wrongly delivered to my lobby. Packages in my building are frequently stolen. For this reason I personally deliver the UPS packages to Dino. She lights up like a Christmas Tree when I walk in stating I was looking for that package, thank you so much... When shes not there the appreciation is non existent. This makes an amazing employee. A person who truly cares. That loyalty and dedication is pricesless.

Review №2


This is the worst UPS store ever!!!!!! I come here every morning for the past 4 years the manager Dy-no always has an attitude or yelling at someone unless your a man ( coming from a man ) or your offering her something to eat/coffee but I got use to this because this was pretty typical here. In late January I tried bringing my packages around 9:30am and the store was closed I just thought maybe the workers were running late I came back on my lunch break around 2 and the store was still closed so I thought maybe the store was closed for the day I went on vacation from Feb till March and everyday since Ive been back the store opens at 2 sometimes even at 3! this is such a big inconvenience because Im on 60th and 2nd avenue and the next store is on 65th street and 1st avenue and there ALWAY so packed because this store is never opened I feel so bad for the people that work in the 65th street ups store, the people are always rude and taking it out on them because of how incompetent the UPS store is on 62nd. The store owner should either just close the store down or fire her because shes the one I always deal with in the mornings and this is ridiculous.

Review №3


Dino is always positive, beyond efficient, smiling and going the extra mile. Always. Happy to have her at my neighborhood UPS location and UPS should be proud she is on their team.

Review №4


The woman who was running the shop on 4/12 at ~5pm is a saint. whatever shes getting paid, its not enough. she anticipated my needs and told me what to do before i myself realized id set up my amazon return incorrectly. she knew exactly what buttons to press and was advising me on how to adjust my amazon return on my phone while helping another customer. doing both expediently. god damn if youre reading this, give her a raise. ms ups lady if youre reading this, youre my favorite and i wish you all the best

Review №5


They are supposed to open at 10am however, there is a line outside of their store and it is already 10:15am. Had to make it before work and was unable to return my package on time.

Review №6


I cannot overstate how much Diomaris and Morgan helped me in a very stressful situation! I came in on the day before Thanksgiving with 84 packages going to all different locations (that photo isn’t even all of them), many of them international. Someone from my office called ahead of time to warn them and so Diomaris had the foresight to get another person—Morgan— to come in that day so there would always be someone to help the other customers who came in. Diomaris is FAST, and even so she was double checking my work and even caught a couple of mistakes I made in addresses that would’ve been very expensive. I was there from 9am to 2pm and they were kind, professional and patient the entire time. I also saw throughout the day how much their neighborhood regulars adore them. I’m not surprised; they are VERY good at what they do. Anyone reading the bad reviews: I would caution you not to conflate shortcomings in the UPS store location’s equipment/services/capabilities with the workers’ performance. For example, not every UPS location offers notary services. If the website told a different story, I can guarantee you the employees don’t have control over what it says there, so you would be misplacing your frustration by being rude to the people in the store. They were civil to everyone that I saw come in, no matter what. I don’t know how much they are paying these ladies but I promise you it is not enough. Diomaris was born to be a manager. Give her her own store and it will be the most tightly run ship in the country.

Review №7


Went in mid-May this year to send multiple packages. I think the employees name was Diomaris. Great service! Very personable. She spoke of thinking about opening a store in FL at some point. Shed be great at it. She was very responsive, nice chatting, and real quick with her knowledge of how everything works.

Review №8


Notary Public advertised, but unavailable. This has been a very convenient and helpful store...until now. I need a notary public for a closing. This store even offered online appointments. When I showed up for the appointment, I was told the notary had quit the week before and the staff person was going to take the test. Call the store directly and verify that there will be a notary available before you schedule an appointment.

Review №9


WORST PLACE EVER! I lost my packages 2 times in a row. I shipped 24 hour express and they lost my packages. Reviews dont lie. I should have paid more attention them. Please go somewhere else because this place is bad. Even the guy that works there said I dont care about your package, why dont you go to FedEx. USPS is a much safer bet than this UPS store.

Review №10


Have been to many UPS stores but this location is the best! The manager, Dyno Oyola, goes out of her way to give exemplary service! She is super knowledgeable of all products and services the store offers. She greets customers with a smile and is fast and efficient. She keeps her cool even when under pressure. I shipped packages around the holiday and the line went quickly directed by Dyno. She deserves a raise!!

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