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Phone: +1 315-283-7113
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–4PM
  • Thursday:10AM–4PM
  • Friday:10AM–4PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4

63 Reviews for SimpleTech 2023:

Review №1


What a great Business, you get your phone fixed at a fraction the cost of a new phone.Try Simple Tech before spending hundreds on a new phone. They had me all fixed up in about an hour.

Review №2


Horrible place, had to go in 3 times in order to get my phone fixed, each time they gave me a faulty or buggy screen. Do not go here waste of time and horribly run. Employees do notknow how to fix a phone and is unbelievably frustrating

Review №3


They ordered a screen for my phone and said I could drop it off anytime (no appointments)for a span of 3 hours.. When I got there at 9:30 Friday they told me I could come back Monday to pick it up..The kid behind the counter had absolutely no customer savvy and wasnt willing to help at all..

Review №4


Very helpful and friendly staff. My phone works totally fine but the battery was old and I was able to get it replaced. They took care of it and replaced the battery.

Review №5


Took phone in for battery. They said they had battery in stock and they would call in about an hour to pick up. 3 hours later I called them, they said screen broke and they had to keep overnight to order new screen would have done by next day. So they got that done, went to pick up. Only charged me for battery. Was happy. Put phone back in my case and didnt think anything of it until I took out of my case next day to put new screen protector on it and noticed a few scratch marks around the edge, figured thats how the had to fix it, then noticed by the two marks my back was cracked. Then I went to use the stylist that came in the phone and that doesnt work on the new screen. Then when I went to apply the protector I noticed the top corner of the screen pushes in and out of the case. and every time I charge the phone it gets really hot and the back cracks more and more. Now I need a whole new phone. Should just dealt with the bad battery at least everything else was good. Wont take anything else there again.

Review №6


A few months ago my Dog chewed my phone took it to them for an emergency repair they got it right in and did a great job very friendly, helpful will definitely use them again

Review №7


Been there twice. First time they fixed my screen after I dropped it in the water. Worked great, super affordable and fast service, 5/5 stars.Brought my phone in to have the charging port replaced. They had it for about a week and had a hard time getting the old one unsoldered (gold soldered units are really unusual and take a wicked high heat). They ended up replacing the old one but melted part of my phone and delaminating the screen (which had just been replaced).When I went to pick it up they showed me the damage, and tried to charge it but it wouldnt work and ended up paying me the difference for a refurbished a refurbished phone.When I got home I plugged it in, fiddled with the charger and it worked!So yeah they broke my phone but they also a) fixed the charging issue, b) fixed my screen and c) paid me $65. 3/5 stars.Great small store. Honest employees.would recommend to any of my friends and family. They wont screw you over and will help you in any way they can

Review №8


I have to say they are awesome, my phone was fixed within an hour and a half maybe sooner. They were very nice about everything, and helped with all questions. I do notice on the side a slight dead pixel but that isnt even a big deal compared to how the phone looked when it went in for repair. I dont understand why there is so many negative reviews and comments. They at least go above and beyond to fix your products.

Review №9


I have had several different devices repaired here. The staff has always been pleasant and knowledgeable. I have referred friends and family members here due to their excellent customer first approach, always with wonderful results. They use quality parts and are honest with their work. I would recommend them for anyone that needs a device repair completed at a fair price from honest people.

Review №10


SimpleTech was amazing! Their customer service was incredible, their knowledge is unlimited, and their skill is unmatched. My phone screen smashed to the point where I couldnt even see the screen and they had my phone like new in under an hour for an amazing price. These guys really know their technology and have been helping me for years with not only damage issues but product knowledge. Overall, SimpleTech went above and beyond for me and I wish them the best of luck with their growing business.