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Phone: +1 212-243-4940
Opening hours
  • Monday:7–11:30PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:7PM–12AM
  • Thursday:7PM–2AM
  • Friday:7PM–4AM
  • Saturday:7PM–4AM
  • Sunday:8PM–2AM
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Total reviews rating 3.8

199 Reviews for Sound Of Brazil 2023:

Review №1


I went to the Bollywood New Years Eve (Desi Saturdays) & very disappointed. One, I wasnt able to get a refund on a ticket that my friend couldnt use because she was exposed to Covid (that should be a clear-cut refund)!!Two, they had a lot of old Indian music and too much of non Indian music, not what I paid for!!SOBs is a great place other than this event. Ive been there over the years many times & this Desi party was not one that was organized as advertised.

Review №2


I’m laughing at some of the lower rated reviews from the Bollywood party. One person actually complained about her preference of # of Bollywood songs vs today’s hits and they are the type to complain about how much sand there is at a beach.I like SOB’s because they actually follow the health and safety protocols properly and feel safe to party there. They aren’t a hole in the wall and also not a mega club, nice size in between. They are also relaxed on dress code as long as you don’t look like a slob. The drinks are normal club prices and not a suburb local pub, welcome to nyc. Promoters do their best for everyone to be safe and have a good time.The SOB staff does a great job keeping everyone safe.

Review №3


Went there mostly on Saturday nights since there is Bollywood party, the space is a bit small and you will find a lot of Indians if thats what you looking for, and also 100% Hindi, Bollywood music. The place gets pretty crowded, the dj’s are really good, you will definitely have fun there. The music is a bit loud loud. And drinks are expensive 😅 but i guess thats the case with all clubs so!!In short you will enjoy if u like Bollywood music. ;)Location: it is located near Christopher street, path is 9mins walk and metro is also close. So there is easy transportation access.

Review №4


Service has always been poor, and so was it last weekend. Waiters are not properly trained. It does feel like they dont value or pay attention to their customers. Music can be great, but the club should not get a free ride thanks to the band and not make an effort on customer service.

Review №5


If you are looking for a amazing Bollywood night then this is the place. I havent been on other days but this Saturday night, oh man!!! It was amazing. Perfect lights, perfect music, perfect crowd. I will be here again and again.

Review №6


My memories of SOBs were pretty good. I’ve attended many concerts and the samba brunch they used to host. This visit (4/15/22) was very disappointing. I went to see one of my favorite bands “Los Hacheros”, who are fantastic. However, SOBs falsely advertised the entrance fee as $15 at the door; they then charged $20 and the host claimed to know nothing about the $15 advertised ticket. Also, I called several times and e-mailed them to get the show time; but no one ever responded. When we got a table, the waiter brought us a food menu, which was ok. We also asked for a cocktail menu, which was not available. She seemed confused, asked for a minute, and came back to read off her tablet the names of random cocktails. When we asked what was in them, she said she did not know. Played it safe and got a Prosecco and a beer; waiter came back to inform us the Prosecco was not cold yet; got a Pinot Grigio. It’s a shame, place used to be good; doubt I’ll be coming back anytime soon.*Response to owner:Based on my experience last night, I was not surprised by your response to my factual and constructive critique. To be clear, like others, I did have a great time.. because the band is great , and in spite of your venue.

Review №7


Came to the Desi party this past Saturday and dozens of times in the past at other venues over the years. It is A MUST if you enjoy Bollywood music and dancing, you will not be disappointed.Ps. Buy tickets in advance to save some money.

Review №8


Music- not good. The DJ’s did NOT do well. Overpriced drinks. Went on bollywood night. Wouldn’t go again. Ticket prices were high so I expected a lot better.

Review №9


Wish I could give ZERO stars.The bollywood night is trash. Its a conjusted place with cheap lightings. Also, dont bother to buy tickets as they will still make you stand for about an hour in the line to enter.On top of that, if you need a STAG entry, dont worry just be ready to loosen you pockets, pay them extra bucks and they will allow you.Selling the tickets in BLACK, as a saying in India.

Review №10


Perfect, intimate venue. Got to see Joey Badass live here, and the place was bumpin. Cant wait to be back for another dope performance.