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Phone: +1 718-229-0138
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8AM–9PM
  • Friday:8AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

160 Reviews for Staples 2023:

Review №1


Jessica is the reason Im giving a 5 star review. Called the store to inquire about printing services as I needed a foam board poster done. She was very helpful over the phone and explained everything I needed to know along with all my options. Once I got to the store she was very friendly and gave me the timeline for the project she was assisting me with. She put me at ease every step of the way and I was able to get my project done exactly how I needed it.

Review №2


I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with Chris from the Print & Marketing Department at this store. He was very attentive and helped me with fixing the design and alignment of my business card with a lot of patience, knowledge and graciousness. Thank you Chris! A true leading example of customer service.

Review №3


The staff at the printing department are generally friendly and wait times vary widely depending on whos working on a given day. I usually have booklets printed here and the quality control can be iffy at times with page alignments being noticeably off or bindings not completely attached.

Review №4


Always courteous and helpful locating items. Anyone can have a bad day, but I go there a lot and have always found the service to be excellent

Review №5


After I was done printing on the machine, I accidentally left my ID and left. I came back 2 days later and they didnt have it on the lost and found. Now I just received this in the mail, thank you Staples!

Review №6


Very rude. Cashier didn’t bag all my items, and I didn’t notice until I got home. I called to ask if it was still at the counter to which the woman who picked up said, “yep, it’ll be here tomorrow, just come back to get it.” As if it’s not an inconvenience for me to do so. The least she could’ve done was APOLOGIZE. I was waiting for something, yet she just said “okay” and hung up on me.

Review №7


The young lady who takes the TSA fingerprints is pretty unprofessional. She does not prepare for her shift. The equipment was not set up when I arrived. As a result, I had to wait. Also, I came twice to this location because she didn’t inform me of the required documents. Waste of time and money! Try another location.

Review №8


The people here have no knowledge of their own services offered! My boyfriend tried to drop off a FedEx package to them and then he put some young man on the phone with me who asked me questions about the package that I had no clue about. I explained to him that it was clothes that I was returning back and that the package had a prepaid label that came with it and that was all I know about it. Then he says oh we dont deal with fedex. I said just give my boyfriend back the package then. Now I go on the clothing sites website and they say that I can drop it off at staples and even have a special q&a that answers about dropping it off at a staples drop box. If you dont know the answer to something, then call a manager over or someone who knows. Start training your employees better if you want to do shipping or else just leave it up to the specialty shipping places to handle it.

Review №9


I been there today October 15 2021 around 4:30-5 pm the employee ( Thomas ) was very cool, helped me a lot, overall experience was very great loved the attitude that was given thank you 🙏

Review №10


Large variety of office supplies at reasonable prices. Customer service is great and they go out of their way to make shopping easier. The checkout is super fast and efficient. Very organized.

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