Star Toyota Service Center in Flushing

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Phone: +1 718-353-5666
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–5PM
  • Thursday:7AM–5PM
  • Friday:7AM–5PM
  • Saturday:7AM–2:30PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.1

199 Reviews for Star Toyota Service Center 2023:

Review №1


Made an appointment online and went in for a new rim and set of tires. Waited for 4 hours only to be told that they didn’t have the parts and had to order them for 5 days later. Was completely overcharged for parts and they tried to upsell me for $300 extra work. They scheduled an appointment for when they opened (7:15am) and then didn’t work on the car for almost 4 hours. When they finally worked on the car they tried to upsell me on an additional $600 dollars worth of unnecessary work. Could almost accept being overcharged if the customer service was good, but the customer service was completely awful. Will not return here for work except mandated recall free repairs.Update: Two days after we took the car home, we came out to 2 flat tires because the seals were done incorrectly. Had to take it somewhere else. Now, we won’t even go back for mandated recalls. If I could give this review 0 stars, I would.

Review №2


I had three cars from star Toyota! This is my third car’s second time regular maintenance. In the beginning the front line person is very nice said that need to wait about 1.5 hour. I sit in the waiting room for 2.5 hours and no body call me. I go to ask him. He checked, oh, your car has done just go to pick up your car. I said why you do not call me. He said that another person has called you. I showed them my phone that no call has received from them. And another person just do not care said I called you and then just ignore me. The phone number on the paper is wrong number. They did not say sorry and blame me why you yell? I said I have been waiting for 2.5 hours. He said oh, everybody here need to wait longtime not only you. And the first reception said your car has just done 5 minutes ago, why you still stand here? Go ! Pick up your car!! That is so so so rude. I go to check and the girl told me that my car has been done 1 hour ago. I hold the paper and ask the first reception why he said 5 minutes ago? he has nothing to say and just laugh and say ok, sorry, sorry, and then say something to his another co-worker and starting laughing so loud with his co-worker behind of me that make me feel so bad. What a bad service it is!!! What quality persons work for “Star Toyota” service. They think they can treat their customers whatever they want because they bought car from them and they have no choice and have to go to get service?!!! They have never think that their reputation will be going down down and down. At least my next car will not be from them and my recommendation will not be “Star Toyota “.

Review №3


Came there for the first time to have to have a recall done and wanted my check engine light looked at they quoted me $1600 to have it fixed so I Authorized the work to be done brought it back three times after that within two months cause they never fixed the problem originally clearly it was missed diagnosed and now there telling me I need a new engine that my head gasket is bad and this job would cost another 4 to $6000. I am very upset and disappointed And would not recommend this service dept to anyone there techs are not skilled and have no idea what there talking about complete rip-off

Review №4


Absolutely terrible customer service. They will mislead customers into thinking a problem is ‘easy to fix’ and provide false completion dates. In my case they continued to say my car would be ready soon and then I get a call and they say that suddenly the problem is so large and when I go pick up the car IT IS NO LONGER OPERABLE. The manager Alex is incredibly unprofessional and thinks it’s ok for employees to mislead customers and then expect the customer to pay a much greater bill. Alex himself admitted that the repair people ‘fried’ the system, yet I’m footing the bill for their error? Nothing about the key fob issue I had initially arrived with would lead me to think that in over a month the repair would leave me with a car that no longer functions. Yet this makes sense to the service team. I’ve since opened a claim with headquarters and would advise others take this approach if in a similar position.

Review №5


Guy on the desk delt me like I am a begger. Poor customer service skill. My mistake to enter in this building. I will never come again.For management, if they want to improve customer service please train them and if they have discrimination virus in their brain, please dont allow them to deal with people.

Review №6


Came in for an oil change, ask me to change my brake pads again after I got it changed last year, when I said “I just got it changed last year”, then he realized it and look awkward because they didn’t look at the record or it’s a routine they ask each customer to change parts when it’s in good condition!!! Never will come back!!

Review №7


Not honest, went for a simple inspection when my car was only 30,000 miles, making up problems of your car and quote $1000+, else will fail your inspection, went somewhere else and got it pass with no issue! Stay away!!!!!!!

Review №8


Andy is a gentlemen who helped me as much as he could to resolve the expensive issues with my car as well as explain every options at my disposal. He is direct with the issues and easy to work with and understand. Through Andy, I was able to get my car repaired and paid a lower upfront amount which did not hurt my account, made me happy, and leave with a piece a mind knowing my car was accurately repaired and safe to drive.

Review №9


They provided me quite good service, their wait time is reasonable and will not take your whole day, my wait was about 1hr 30 min which is a reasonable time for a full clearance and the staff if friendly over there would recommend.

Review №10


I went for a regular maintenance checkup today.All appeared to be good, until I got home and noticed this by my front driver wheel. This can happen at any service center, but mine happened here. Do yourself a favor and dont put yourself in my shoes; always, always, ALWAYS check your car before you drive off the lot.I would consider going to other Toyota service centers if possible.