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Phone: +1 631-264-1600
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5PM
  • Friday:8AM–5PM
  • Saturday:8AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.2

18 Reviews for Steves Marine Services W 2023:

Review №1


Steve is an old time professional that tries his best to please everybody. The boating Industry in New York is so seasonal and is subject to rush after rush which is frustrating for everyone. I give him a lot of credit for doing the best job I can and Terry is his staff genius shes great to.

Review №2


Excellent Volvo repair and customer service. great people to work with

Review №3


Hired Steve a few times. Once to do a 360 inspection on a boat that I wanted to purchase and Twice to do the maintenance of my boat.During the winterization of my boat, he expressed that he normally reads the hours during the spring when he checks the engine.When I called him back to schedule the appt. to summerize the boat I reminded him that I needed the hours to be read and he said he will do it. On the day of the appt. I had to call/text him to check if he was still coming.When he got here, I reminded him again about the hrs. He said that he didn’t carry his equipment and that he will come back for sure. Anyways, I paid him in full and never heard of him again despite of calls and text messages. He’s a good guy and knows his stuff. I hate to stop using him but if he’s not able to perform the job 100%, especially on a small job such as reading the hours of an engine then I definitely would not take the risk of giving more business.

Review №4


Steves marine has been servicing my boat for 8 years. they always honorable and go above and beyond . Family owned Business very trust worthyJust met steve the owner! Wow great guy. Help me out of jam and was just easy to deal with. He put one of his best certified volvo guys on my boat and within 30 min diagnosed my issue !Working with pro is cheaper then working with part swap guy out of cregslist ! They just keep changing parts till they get lucky! You keep paying each time. Get it done right the first time!

Review №5


I found Steves Marine as a referral from another Marina in the east end. Steve the owner is extremely knowledgeable and reasonable. His work is stellar and I would not bring my boat to anyplace else for service except for Steves. My experience has been very pleasant !

Review №6


My grandfather and I have always had great experiences with Steve and Terry— highly recommend. Marcel and Chris are their best mechanics (besides Steve lol), so I would recommend asking for one of them. Best place to take care of your boat.-Andrew C

Review №7


I cruised my boat 72 miles and paid for a transient slip near their shop to get away from their ridiculous travel fees , only to still be hit with big $$$ for them to travel 10 minutes away from their own shop... they wasted a minimum of 12 hours of my time with being consistently late to the dock with out any calls to say that we would be late. Very inconsiderate. I would even start calling when after the third day of being late, one hour after they were suppose to start my job.. they said the tech was out on another call. When I spoke with the late tech, he said he was in the yard the whole day ad didnt know why the office just didnt call him to tell him to get to my job... Steves knew I was paying transient fees and was on a strict time schedule. This all happened in July. I started arranging the work in May since I knew I was looking at the July 4th week... they were suppose to start my job on the first Monday before the 4th... but didnt start the job until the 3rd... creating all types of issues with getting parts...of course plenty of high priced next day shipping charges were racked up at my expense as well.Boat was showing excessive smoke when I brought it to them... but was running strong at top rpm. They pressure tested injectors and saw a possible leak in one turbo...replaced 1/2 injectors with new ones and then put other half old ones ,that they saw were questionable , back in. Boat wouldnt plane, so of coarse they had to do other 1/2 of injectors with new ones.. even though all my original injectors ran strong prior to them touching the boat and got me 70 miles through the Atlantic open ocean with no issues..just smoke..Turbo was another issue.. they wouldnt let me supply my own ,from another certified dealer , for $2500.00 but rather said they would walk off the job if I didnt use their supplied one at $4000.00 .... stating you dont bring your own eggs to a diner. Well for a $1500.00 savings, I sure would bring my own eggs! They both carried the same Volvo warranty plan as well...To top it off, they had a guy in training in which I paid their full by the hour rate to train their new worker as well.. he basically carried materials back and forth , started and stopped engines, and replaced my fuel filters... thats all great, but they shouldnt charger the full hourly wage for someone thats just running materials and pressing buttons...this rang up hundreds of dollars..Oh.. so when I ran back to home port, the boat was still covered in diesel soot... what the#^**#!I called and emailed photos with no response for weeks...The manifold also now has a crack where they mounted the turbo, but they said it was there prior to their work... I never noticed it... but who knows.. they dont seem concerned about it possibly being their fault... over torquing?After all was done, we ran the boat, with no computer for final run after servicing, but she seamed to get on plan well and got up to top rpm... I was told not to cruise here at the full 2650, but 2300 rpm... I did this for the rest of the season... 2300 rpm..then in late Aug I needed to punch the boat and it did not get full rpm anymore or full speed...Im not sure what is happening, but do know that my boat ran much better with my old injectors, old turbo, and before SteveS touched it... I called several times just to be told it could be anything...very frustrating..Oh, in August I was told about a fuel additive to take the smoke away... and low and behold... no soot on my transom!So all in total I am out about $20,000.00 for Steves services and parts... that I really can not afford..I dont like to write negative reviews, but how would you guys feel... when the solution to my soot issue was a $20 fuel additive???? I am very frustrated that I didnt look at their reviews online prior... I am obviously not the first to be taken by these guys...The only plus for them is that their second in charge tech, was very nice... but not the one in charge. If anyone wants the $20 k bill broken down, contact me and Ill share it with them...

Review №8


Helped me with a fuel issue at the last minute. Mechanic was friendly and experienced, worked with me to find the issue and we had a nice chat throughout the troubleshooting. One star off because their time and parts are very expensive, otherwise was a good experience. Thank you!

Review №9


Most untrustworthy company ever.They said they changed my oil and filters but did not.I put a gouge on the backside of all 3 oil filters both engines that they did not know was there. When i got boat back same gouges were on all filters. They wanted almost $500 for work they absolutely never did.STAY AWAY

Review №10


Terri answers the phone and says Steve will call back. Went on for two weeks with daily calls. Not reliable and not worth the aggravation or time. Would absolutely not recommend.

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